Wild Flower


Terah Acevedo
60218 cielito drive, Joshua tree, CA 92277
United States
34° 11' 52.4472" N, 116° 20' 57.6348" W

I never imagined my life would bloom so fast in such a short period of time. Life has been so quiet and peaceful, freeing my mind. My heart feels so strongly in capability of accomplishing each dream that seemed to collect dust throughout these years, I am not longer held back by my fears. When you start to loosen the negative strings that have kept you tangled and finally cut out all the knots, something magical happens; freedom. For many years I have always kept to myself when expressing my thoughts or feelings and for once in my life I feel alive.  This personal story of finding true love and finding my self feels as though it literally happened over night. I am still trying to comprehend that this is reality and I’m a lucky star. 

  When a flower blooms, a solid foundation is usually prepared before. The right soil, sun shine and water helps create a magnificent flower so beautiful for the world to see. Then there are unexpected flowers that bloom without notice. These flowers are called wild flowers and sprout usually after a heavy rainstorm. Wild flowers are bright in color and grow anyplace they want. My life when I met him was a rainstorm full of heavy emotions and a suffocating mindset at that time. I would describe my encounter with this man as a wildflower moment because after that day my life exploded into a marvelous garden. I have always tried to live by the rules and prepare for anything that is to happen in my life like a planted flower and this time I was in for complete change.

  One Sunday evening he asked me out on a date and I went for it. The sun was setting outside and the glow of yellow sunshine bled through the window surrounding our smiles. He sat there gazing into my eyes and declared I was the most beautiful girl in the world. After many dates and time spent together I truly believed it. I believed in every encouraging word he told me because it was true and my trust bloomed into love. He became my best friend and I became his and we orbited each other in everything. We held each other’s vulnerability and tossed it to the wind because we knew that all we wanted were each other. It is amazing how love can inspire the heart to believe in self-worth and in exchange dismiss fear.

  Wildflowers will always be my favorite flowers because they resemble freedom and they also blend in with the feeling of hope. Life can be absolutely unexpected and hard to accept with different challenges and transitions, but let yourself believe in flowers that continue to bloom and sprout without a warning. Live with an overwhelming love for others and continue to have an open mind to new changes. Dust can only be collected in the corners we don’t touch or become active in and learning to understand your self-worth can be a rewarding journey full of magic and happiness. Let the unexpected happen and cherish each season while blooming.

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