Alive and Aspired

I am Monica

Of utmost subtlety in the heart

And complexity in the mind

I am not just a name

I am not just a cavity...

I am alive

My willing words don’t wilt

Like an ephemeral flower who cries to be heard

My eyes do see



I am very much intact

I will bleed red

I will cry salted tears

I will bubble with joy

Don’t expect me to be dry

Or drained

Or numbed

Feelings are meant to be felt

And I feel-

I feel very much

I hurt very much

I love very much

Because I am alive

My spirit is well kept

I feel it always charged inside of me

It makes my world kaleidoscopic

Splashes my world in color!

My eyes are the painters of life

Without them I wouldn’t know lifes’ effervescence

But I am alive

And well

With a heart filled to the brim with compassion

I let my smiling heart sit out in the open

It helps construct lives

And in the process it shall weep sorrow

All for a chance to experience and help

Because that’s what it means to be alive

My mind has no limitations

No things I dare to dream of

My mind is as vast as the sky and ocean

My dreams are as diverse as the stars that kiss the night sky

Only the brave dare crave such rich things!

Only the brave dare live life to its fullest

My thoughts are stars

That cannot be fathomed into constellations

But they burn bright-

I assure you-

They burn as bright as the brilliant sun

Day by day

Night by night

I am ever-growing

I am ever-transforming

Like the drops of water running down faces

Splashing the curb

I am an art form never to be distinguished

My hands create melodies in their purest form

With their fragile touch

And curvaceous manner

I have the power to resonate such vibrancy

Such exuberance

These tools I have-

Born into my heart and soul-

Born into my senses and actions-

Create the cunning creation I am today

I am alive

I am Monica

Of utmost radiance in the heart

And brilliance in the mind

I am not three syllables

I am not six letters

I am not just a cavity with functions…

I have wise words

And energetic eyes

I have determined dreams

And poetic palms…


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