Anyone or Nobody ?

Who are we? Who are they? Who is she? Who is he?  But most importantly who am I?

Everybody yearns to be somebody, to be remembered, but why?

What is so important about being somebody? 

I am nobody. 

I have no face, while others try to convey or create their own. 

They say no two people are alike, but we all try to give our lives meaning, we all try to define who we are and i guess that is what brings us all together, to give one another the feeling of self worth.

You could say that is the meaning of life, to find who we really are, so we can feel like we are worth everything.

But i do not believe that, I am still young, i might change my mind on many things , but then again I may not.

Like many others I grew up being bullied, my selfesteem plummeted at that time of my life.

For a very long time i thought discouraging thought about whom i was, but even so, i still imagined myself as the person who I wanted to be, the smart girl who was adore or at least not hated by everyone. 

Once high school began everything changed, the bullying stop and i made new friends and i even met a great guy. 

But life is cruel.Life will continue to be cruel

My mom lost her baby and i lost my baby brother. It changed my aspect of the world.

We all will die someday.

There is no point in defining who you are, when centuries from now no one will remember who we said we were.

There is no point when you will vanish into the unknown.

I am nobody .

Being nobody does not mean having no aspiration or life goals.

Being nobody just mean you are not constantly searching for a meaning of life. 

 I know what i want to accomplish. I know what makes me happy.

I just do not think I need a label to define who i am 

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