A silly image of humanity

If two men love ''This it’s bad''

If a girl loves to another is

When i think of you

They say it is fatal

I dont need of their mentality

People is like that

I am a immense soul In a body

Very well trapped

Very well chosen to be born by God

Very well concentrated in love

In wanting to love always

A purpose I have in the world

Maybe so much more

I Didn’t come here to please anyone


I come to be just me

To contemplate the beautiful and bad

Because the lava of the volcano

Also forms part of the beautiful landscape



Why not

Why not be a sunrise

a beautiful green tree that gives much

gives so much life

much oxygen

much peace in the soul

That happens when you're human

It's just a matter of seeing

want to see

how beautiful you are

When you're simple human



Why not

Why not love humans

if you will have one soul

as cheerful

as fresh

as pure

Why not

hard life is but a moment

a moment is life

a moment that is purified in being

When you are perfect

Because you're human

Because the soul lives forever

Why not

Why not be perfect

why not live forever

That's why I chose to be human

thats why I love being me

therefore I am perfect

because no

no material of universe

know how to love as the human

Therefore I am perfect

Because I'm human.

-Jonatan Vega

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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