The Words of this Poem


United States

I am.

I am actions.

I am desires.

I am dreams.

I am thoughts.


I am a fear of stairs.

I am the sting of bitter dark chocolate.

I am the stooped form over textbooks.

I am the folded hands and bowed head.

I am the fingers that leave marks on living plants.

I am the scream that fell from the airplane so high.

I am the kiss on the lips of a man that will never be mine.

I am the strong embrace and tear stained face as we said goodbye.

I am the realms of fantasy held only in my mind.

I am the scent of hot coffee and unread pages.

I am weakness wrapped within the sheets.

I am the hummed tune on drifting breeze.

I am laughter between lasting friends.

I am the voyager with no end.

I am the smile with no care.


I am.

I am the words of this poem.

And so much more.

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