Ice cold like the Buffalo

Ice cold like the Buffalo lake breeze, my heart was born with no such ease. Growing up being alone, not having a family to call my own; So much hate and envy spread amongst us all. The poison that flows through my veins will never let me successfully complete my gains. Family… What is family? The floor is worth more to me than family; I cry, as they drown in their own lies.

Ice cold like the tears flowing down my cheeks, when will this pain end? My heart has over bled. Coldhearted like a man murdering his wife, I never asked to live in this dark ass life. I am the strong woman I am today thanks to the man above, it is he who deserves all of my love. Never take anything for granted; Oh thank you Lord for lifting me up and cherishing the willpower I have planted. It’s just me, myself, and my thoughts all wrapped up in a black hole filled with knots.

Ice cold like a Canadian winter morning, my heart has cracked; I should have sensed the warnings. “Mija ignora y vive tu vida” my mom used to say, but it’s not easy in any damn way. Filling the voids has been my number one mission, damn how I miss our yearly family traditions.

Ice cold like the artic, I promise you this misery isn’t genetic. For I will change the generation to come and humble them to love; Jesus please hear my cries from up above. I’m only 23 and clearly fed up with life, but I refuse to give up and so I will continue to fight!

Ice cold like the snowflake in my hand; Trust me when I preach I am my number one fan. Still here I stand putting my own pieces back together… I am numb, as light as a feather.

I am… a living prophet of how so much evil has destroyed a family.

I am… as hard as a brick wall.

I am… ice cold.


This poem is about: 
My family


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