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What do I find awesome? Education and the fact that it helps me blossom Everything from reading to color coding notes Reading lets me discover new worlds and teaches me cool new words
What do I find awesome? Education and the fact that it helps me blossom Everything from reading to color coding notes Reading lets me discover new worlds and teaches me cool new words
Forget how many ti
They call it depress
Nothing is awesome these days That's for sure When we can do nothing in this during this wild, busy time  When we can just sit, watch people pass by Walking their dogs and running off to the store
Connected, corrected We spend all of our time connected Attached to the screens, gleaning The meaning, an article directed Affected, and deflected Engrossed by status, misaffected  
I'm livin the life I mean I'm lovin myself from within I love the ones around me For helping me become who I am They shaped me to stand big and tall So I can't withstand any fall
I Am.... I AM happy when everything isn't awesome I AM healed of my medical sensitivities I AM grateful although everything isn't awesome I AM consistent through life's inconsistencies
Everything's awesome, Everything's cool from pencils, to blankets, to Prince George's drool movies, and books, and your grandmother's pool Also what's awesome are scholarships  
War Famine Hunger Be quiet Religion Political parties The Government Be quiet Everything is gonna be alright As a warm feeling embraces me
I also forget who said this quote, Fall down 7, stand up 8 or 9 or 10 But you get the picture Or how I always remember being told you have a back up plan And plan A through Z
The definition of Awesome is an Inspiring/over whelming feeling or admiration For someone or something.
As I look into the mirror I see an image... and with this image presents the flaws, the blemishes, the incoming and outgoing imperfections. And even the uneven complexion.  Im staring at this image
 If you looked in his eyes what would you see?
As your life tosses and turns  And there is no way to run You look up at the sun , and anxiously wait Your future is so bright And your life is full of light
A Day unto which a child was born A child who held in his hand
Why are we so hateful? Why is our society so hateful? Why are we so quick to judge, But we don’t offer help to those who need it most? We tell everyone to be expressive of themselves,
No means no. Yes means go. they say it's your fault. I was so young and confused.  I wouldn't talk or eat. I cried myself to sleep. It's not my fault.
Life without you is hard, the space in my heart is void. You were my hero and guard, you were the one I enjoyed!   You gave me meaning and life, always giving me great advice.
  Florescent lights outline the shadows A flicker from the window gives a hint to the secrets Behind the eyes there is movement
Imagine a lost man, He needs to succeed to provide for his fam, His daughters hungry,  His wife grouchy, He didnt know what to do: ask for a raise look for another job? Where is the money? NO,
I see, eveything has a purpose No two things can funtion without the other We get lost in ourselves, That we forget how things smell, Taste Sound Feel. Eveerything is truely aesome...
College and Highschool are different. It's a very scary thought. But I know you can get through it. Just study, but make new friends. Pass the tests, and take deep breaths.
My days aren't always great, but when they are, it's very sunny. Sometimes I may run late and have to hop to it like a bunny. But boy you should know that my life is crazy awesome
To be individual Live with residuals  'cuz after all only you can get into you can't be predictable got to be original
I rarely watch the news because of the content it shows, it's ironic because we say "stop the violence" but constantly it grows,
As I put my clarinet together Blowing air through my horn to fill my instrument I start to feel the vibrations on my finger tips Putting my heart and soul into each note
A pop of color, A shimmer of light, That is all you need To feel a little less trite. A hint of pink, A bit of blue, Paint your canvas, oh sky, This is your venue. I see that dragon,
Smiles that hug your mind You feel included, all right Green light, good to go  
Everyone has a purpose to fulfill, a passion to unleash on the world. If you didn't have a purpose, you wouldn't be here.
Video Games are AWESOM3 Power On Worn Controller Charged? Full batteries Awesome   Continue, Load, or Start a New Game New Game Clean Slate Rebirth Awesome  
My love is perfect forever more, And this is why, you see. There's always something great in store, And I am loved for being me. I never have to worry, And I never have to fear.
Awesome things are everywhere Even when you are in despair. Though you may not see How others care, Positivity is in the air. Just look around and you will see The world and all its beauty.
I write to release my mind, heart, and soul When I write, everything feels magical. Writing makes me feel good, it never makes me dull The swaying of the words spill from my pen, all so natural.
As life passes by, our sight slips away, Unable to see what's incredible. This world is changed with each passing day. What seems meaningless is most wonderful. Water falls from the eyes during heartache,
Awesome is made within As you can see Awesome starts with me   Embrace yourself Because there is no one like you You're one of a kind, that's true   You determine how people see you
The birds, The trees, The wildlife scurrying by. They’re pretty awesome.   The cars that drive down your street, The house you live in, The friends you have. They’re pretty awesome.
Just to wake up every morning My expectation are so clear I see the world ahead of me my joy abiding near   As I watch each hour Approach, even if It's with A tear I know I have
Morning breaks and mourning begins, this is a day we dread. Dragging ourselves from place to place, wishing were still in bed.
that day emotions grew   a pretty face frowned   at the thought of loss  
I remember back when our cares were so worry free,  And when any fear or sadness would just float past, You and I would hurry by, And make it to our favorite place,
Carbon molecules in line notation stream Into my eager ears, and their names form Straight tree branches that tip and teem  With hydrogens. Substituents adorn 
Step 1: Forgiveness Forgive but don't forget I say to myself as if the knives of your words hadn't silenced me earlier, as if in between each letter of forgiveness
I remember when it was safe to play in the middle of the street, Fighting over who had next in double dutch, never missed a beat. Had to be in before the streetlights came on,
Having a bad day? Feeling down? Are the skies gray? Just smile and turn your life around You know why? Because you are wonderful Don't let your happiness die Life isn't awful
There are over 7.1 billion people in this world and I wouldnt have anyone else by my side I remember Someone told me once That we should travel in the direction of our fear Well... I was fearful when I met you 
I was told to appreciate. But never did I recognize, the potential before my eyes I have the ability to learn of the past: History I have the ability to learn of poetry: Literature I have the ability to learn
It’s truly awesome the reality our generation is growing to realize.   No longer is the original majority mumbling “we are all equal.” instead our generation is standing up and saying
We are connected from the same bloodline The veins from which they came intertwine Throughout each and every child they call "mine" As long as we have each other, we will be fine  
"Children are a gift from God you hear?" "Children are a blessing" they said. 97 was the year Graduation was on the mind of all her peers, I was born February 17th,
How awesome to breath the fresh air? How awesome that you can grow hair? How awesome that you can read?
There are big and little things that make life great. The little things are what I live for, like sunshine on a clear blue day or clean white daisies blooming in May or a dog's wagging tail.  
Yeah the skys are gray so what if the oceans not clear I don't care about pollution I don't care no one holds me dear It doesn't matter that I'm sad or that liars and cheats abound
Overwhelming. Consuming. Darkness. Depression. Chaos swirling. I am winning over you. Your mind is mine. I have a grip, I will not let you slip. You will not leave my hold.
The Clocks all tick on london bay. Tick.Tick. Tick. It creeps so softly, can you hear it? A red balloon floats heavenward upon a silver breeze. And parchment stretches on the rack. The quill pens
Self demarcation Is self deprivation After all it takes a dream To build up a nation Hesitation and contemplation It’s great to analyze but why are you waiting
Smile My smile Is cover art For the bigger picture beneath & I pray you don’t discover the true me My lips are silhouettes of pain A cabalistic crevice that stifles
There are dogs whistling outside of the Monastery Mountains. Water crashing into rocks, like the wind yelling at the sun during winter— pushing it further and further away from reality— your reality.  
It started off with the alarm, alerting that my day had just begun. The iPhone yelled into my ear causing my dreams to be undone. I got dressed and brushed my teeth, curled my hair and went down to eat.
How is it the mind works? Truly, how is thought expressed? Because my mind makes synapses; They filter deep within and fester.   That is, until they leave or cannot exist.
The beauty in what we see ,started before there was a "you" and "me" Before society burned fuels and cut away our trees. Before the air we breathed was filled with air of pollution and debris.
It's what you grow up hearingEverything is just so awesomeEspecially when you get olderCause then it just gets better
Life is such a hectic ride Full of surprises and awesomeness Awesome was the moment my eyes first opened And I was greeted by sunshine’s bliss I made it again through the darkness of the night
It's pretty greatWe're on a sphereTraveling around a ball of helium and hydrogenAt about 67,108 miles per hour  
Sometimes happiness hides. I can't seem to find him anywhere. I look under the table.. not there. I look into my friend eyes, not there either.  Life doesn't seem to be fair. All I want is to find happiness.
Some kids have no food but still find the energy to play Some kids show a colorful spirit even though their life is gray Some people break down and others still find the will to pray
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