Dream Come True

Self demarcation

Is self deprivation

After all it takes a dream

To build up a nation

Hesitation and contemplation

It’s great to analyze

but why are you waiting

When you already have the fire burning within the cage of your body

Don’t let fear hold you back

However cliché it sounds it’s just that

For goals don’t belong stuck on your facebook status

And dreams don’t belong solely while laying on your mattress

I mean

Dr. King had a dream and he wasn’t sleeping

World peace was a dream and it got Ghandi preaching

 and thinking

That maybe their voice could make a change

And it has

But not thorugh rumours of a highschool hallway

Not through small talk while chatting in line at Smartway

But by taking that step, to step inbetween the lines of justice and unpopular opinions

Between Nay sayers and Fire breathers

Between Bigots and Haters and antimotivators

And shout

"I Am HERE!"

But the most important asset to face

Is oneself

To dig down into the fire within the cage of your body

Within your heart and to let it grow

so that your passion

and your voice

and the good intentions you have for this world

This perfectly imperfect world

Can Be Heard.

Can Be Practiced

Can Become


A Dream come true..

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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