My Little Piece of Heaven

As I put my clarinet together
Blowing air through my horn to fill my instrument
I start to feel the vibrations on my finger tips
Putting my heart and soul into each note

As I turn on my keyboard
Permitting my fingers to dance along the keys
I lean forward and back again
Letting each chord flow in harmony

As I pick up my mallets
Allowing the keys on the marimba to be struck by them
I feel the echoes come out from beneath me
As well as see the keys move when I step on the pedal

As I sing the emotion is raw in my still small voice
I show others how I'm feeling in the moment
Not just with the lyrics
But with the sound of my voice

Though when I put in my headphones
Allowing my music to flow through my body
Coursing through my veins each word, note, and sound
It is when I truly feel at home

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