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What can i do when i have nothing to lose
There's a quote in the book and movie
Alright that was tight but homie keep the mic on,
They all want my autograph but they don't know how I write it   The things I read behind closed doors made me who I am- but how can I be what I have read if I cannot speak out loud?  
Inertia is a lie   Somewhere along the way our feet lost touch with the bare earth and now our roots have shriveled up and now our roots are homeless  
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
why are all these girls actin rachet,back in the day we were actin classy,but know its all about who got the biggest ass,you know .......... i liked the people in the past
Tomorrow is an interesting concept Tomorrow I could go out and meet the love of my life Or I could end up getting a promotion   Tomorrow could be the worse day ever
Hurtful words Angry looks
Your phone is so old, so last year, not cool anymore. That dress you are wearing is so last season. You haven't post anything on Facebook yet. The video you tweeted is so old I already seen it, not funny anymore.
  Sometimes i Press an ear to the ceiling and listen for a voice; the voice. No one speaks. Nothing changes. I remain un-phased. solitary in a room of one's own,
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