Think About It

Your phone is so old, so last year, not cool anymore.

That dress you are wearing is so last season.

You haven't post anything on Facebook yet.

The video you tweeted is so old I already seen it, not funny anymore.

Justin and Selena are back together. Yeah, you didn't know that was last week news.


OMG they just release the a new phone this week.  I need to get a new phone,

even though I just upgraded my phone last month.

I need to buy a new dress because the ones I brought yesterday aren't in style anymore.

I haven't post anything on Facebook or tweeted since one hour ago, better fix that.

Have you seen that new viral video on YouTube? Have you heard what Justin just did right now?


Wait, what? Slow down for a moment. I don't understand.

Why have our lives come to this? Us worrying about the lastest technology,

what's trending, reading what other people are doing.

How was that "news" worhty? What do you think about us, or me?

Am I made out of money?


At least my phone works and I got clothes on my back.

Facebook, twitter, I mean, do you need to know everything I'm doing

every single day, night, hour, minute, every detail around the clock.

So what if I haven't seen the lastest YouTube video or follow celebrity gossip?

Should I care? Should it even matter? I have a lot more better things to do.


I can do anything I want, I am not a puppet of society. 

Just because it all over the internet, on every cover of every magazines, on every TV screen,

it doesn't mean I have to go out and get it right now at this very second.

So what if people in school look at me and wonder where's my new phone or what I am wearing

I'm not going to be a puppet of society. And really guys; do you really need that and that?


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