stream of consciousness

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when my mother sprained her wrist,she told me, “it’s like lying on the bathroom floor while the world goes black. all you can do is cry. all you can do is
Citizens arrest a seizureexploding out of her chestDetest the demise of optimism- look aT that crumpled facebereft.Raging carnival trying to stay straight‘Nature welcomes me’ Though not blinded by an attempt on her savage drinking spree.Moments ow
ask me again why the wounds hold me here like clots & bruises of another ruined sky with its sharp edges & its palette of blackbirds its long reach
writing, seeing behind teary eyes: lies in disguise; love and hate, war, we paint
Gaping holes in your earnest ramblings you Wait for me to fill them like a floral puzzle piece discovered under the couch
Do you ever think about timeAnd realize that nothing makes senseI mean, really, really, REALLY think about timeAnd tell me you don’t come up a little bit confused
and i have anxiety terrors, you know, the ones that have you shooting upright at two in the morning because   oh shit, you said something that maybe your friend thought was rude?  
The sidewalk that lies Underneath my feet says, "some words last longer than the breath that carries them" And I find myself distracted As we walk downtown. I sip my drink and think
Can I escape the ubiquitous, omnipotent lull of remiss negligence Can I prove to myself that I should live on The rope tightens ever so   I  
What do I need? What do I want? What is a need?   Something important? Something vital? Something?   I need food I need shelter I need...   Friends?
What do I need? What do I want? What is a need?   Something important? Something vital? Something?   I need food I need shelter I need...   Friends?
I am a runaway, Scared to run, but enough strength to leave the place I called home, I can’t remember home. I am a nomad,
Silence The Pressure Builds Silence is Present in Silent Space The Pressure Builds Silence Echoes through the Unknown The Pressure Builds Silence Reverberates across the Expanse
I bought a nice new pair of cotton sheets this week to replace my old pilled polyester sheets.
I slouch too much For my own good Tell me to stand straight I know I should I have nothing to be ashamed of Yet I act like I do I should listen more Try and stand true.  
lens locked upon the sockets that stop slipping up.  that cease to trip up because comfort is achievable and has been granted
I would like to be alone
In a world of grey,  The dull charcoal of a city sidewalk,  Life bursts through.  Small and insignificant.  And from the cracks,  Color seeps.  A million shades,  And one of them, I. 
The blackest internal vogue with A beater as inviting as the darkest of holes Love hides in the shadows killing you to feel your warmth Hate is strutting in the diurnal course of fluorescence
I feel so happy In this moment, satisfied The future is so uncertain But know, that no matter where we end up, you have a permanent spot amongst my fondest memories.
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