10.23.13 stream of consciousness

lens locked upon the sockets that stop slipping up. 

that cease to trip up because comfort is achievable and has been granted

accessible to the embered comfort within my soul. 


i am whole.

i am holy, and i breathe the air of the prairie 

the air of the long road taking us back home.

with thick skin of the trees and exoskeletons of the 

bleach my fucking hair and make me stare into the eyes of the deer




i sware

i'm becoming something new

i sware

not in love with you.


lindsey, you are my guardian

you are lover

jake, you are the eye of the deer

m. you are the soiled temptation that is rectified only by my imagination

and obligations, 

you have raped me.


you have tarnished my. 

shelly, you were worthy.


fuck me.

brutally. delicately. 



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