Vision in faith...

The blackest internal vogue with
A beater as inviting as the darkest of holes
Love hides in the shadows killing you to feel your warmth
Hate is strutting in the diurnal course of fluorescence
A congregation bathing in deception
My dear what's the need for the calumniation?

I'll take up cross the with conviction
I'll take the lashes with no intermission
I'll bleed in agony
They'll bleed hypocrisy
I'll die eternally
But love will remember me!

The faithful own your pneuma
But they do not hold your amour
Oh my love
Burn them down and raise the stakes
Let the flames devour them as they'd have the flames
Devour us in the days of old
Oh my dear with cherished gods and prophets
They say their messiah was crucified
As they nail into your hands
I guess I am the personification of blackness
(Am I so damned)

In the name of love
In the name of heart
I will be villainized for the pursuit of art
Let the art take away the false notion of discriminatory benevolence today

Oh my dear we don't go up or down
So if I die there is no reason to frown
I loved you in our lives (even though you've made me cry)
I have not been sacrificed
For my flesh has killed their lies
Jesus Christ was remarkably similar to I
Just a man with vision in his eyes

There'll be no resurrection here tonight
There is no cause to fight
Take up this "mark of the beast"
Kill their insincerity
Make them read their own book
I was just fortunate enough to read the book


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