disgust, golden sky

Sun, 04/02/2017 - 10:14 -- wkwc

Gaping holes in your earnest ramblings you

Wait for me to fill them like a floral puzzle piece discovered under the couch

but there are windows to stare out of and sunshine to feel, if I reach my head out into the fleeting day, I can hear

A mountain solitude the wind conspires of

the echo of my mispronounced name jutting from your lips-what if I just opened the car door

as we barrel through a glowing midwest-

and just leaped out into the forever fields?

fingers grace my legs, I should be feeling more as they tense into a grip

The last desperate jest of an adolescent boy to win some purpose

is This what we are created For?

I'll turn my body away from the window and look at you if that is the vapid truth

When will God win his silly little game?

I long to sleep under a tree, while the sun warms my face and welcomes a ballet breeze

An infantile gurgling of a young brook not too far from here

peace at Last



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