Don't Ask


To try and define an entire existence, an entire personality in one experience, one block of text, is ridiculous. I am not one day I am not one moment I am many. I am every time I saw a professional musician happy. I am every concert where a parent cried tears of pride in their child's performance. I am every broken reed I am every cold mouth piece, I am the ripped pad that made that rehearsal awful. I am every perfect run through. I am that one moment of success after thousands of mistakes. I am the best performance after rehearsals of mistakes. I cannot be stopped for I am passion I am life I am the universal language. I am the girl who grew up on classic rock but now turns to classical as a refuge as a way out as an outlet. I am a soul who would be shattered if it were not for the saving grace of a simple melody. I am a wrong note, but I am a perfect trill. I am the one who refused to give up because you never know what life will bring, what small victory each day can achieve. I am the one who was literally saved by the music. I am the one who sinks into depression after days of no practice because I was sick. I am the endorphins released every time a favorite song comes on. I am the one who loves a challenge. I am the hardest piece that eventually will be conquered because I refuse to quit. I am the darkest low note that resolves to the most hopeful high note. I am a thousand moments. I am not going to let one moment out shine the rest. I am not going to lose any of the many things I have learned with each day and each passing moment. I am not going to stop learning from my present and my past.  
So don't ask me something that cannot be put into words


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