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Like smoke, we were dispersed after the poison of our fun Went in and out, left cancer's promise on a pair of lungs Atrophy at your heavenly side is worth all the waste
  Don't you See them? Can't you hear them? Craven things The voices that wont let you be All ways there allways watching, allways chating the voiceless words  confined  
I walked out onto my verandah one day,It was at a place I’d gone to stay.You wouldn’t believe what blocked my way,It was a bloody big Funnel-web Spider.
I walked out onto my verandah one day,It was at a place I’d gone to stay.You wouldn’t believe what blocked my way,It was a bloody big Funnel-web Spider.
Rain pours, the dogs sleep, and Pandora shuffles my music. From a mason jar I drink my tea. Weather reflects one's mood. Loneliness, longing, insatiable "hunger" and depression burn within; my heart roasting.
The drums sound off their continuous beating heart,  the anger buzzes in the void between us.  The glass tears fall down my stone face, shattering in the space between our feet. 
Outside your window  lies the hand that feeds you poison  now would be the reason  to bite the hand that feeds you  but you can’t know what you don’t know   angel exterior  but a monster inside 
Her lips were red like she had been drinking all the poisonousness of this world or the blood of dead roses. Her eyes had a color of regret maybe because she had been thinking and wondering the deepest rooms of her soul,
The darkness in his eyes. The fear in hers. Her whimpering. His threatening. The clasp of a hand on her throat. Poison slithering up her thighs. The darkness engulfing her.
A young beautiful girl, Who fell in love with a poison, It stripped her of everything she loved, And kept her all to his greedy self, Yet she continued to sip up all the lies,
The first time I had my heart was shredded, The first time I was left by my "special one", I realized love is a poison, A poison that courses through the veins. People, spiders just waiting for their opportunity
Is it bitter Is it sweet Is it tasty Is it savory What is the word To describe something You use to dull pain Everyone has atleast one Mine is alcohol Seemed so exciting
And my heart pulsed- hard and fast against my unmarred chest because your love was the drug to end all drugs And that is why- it's so poisonous.
The world is kind to let you pick your own poison Misery holds you underwater like an anchor Courage seeps through our skin, burning us alive Truth is a deadly pillow with a silver lining  
I give my mom a hug and feel nothing. No happiness, no love, no comfort. I want to repel away. She looks at my face with worry as she sees the absence of care on my face. She sees my dark eyes and straight smile.
Humming Birds Such A Beautiful Blur Of Colors, As They Skip From Flower To Flower In Search Of Nectar... Humming Birds A Harmonious Ochestra Of Chirps; Most Fitting Soundtrack To The Dawning Of A New Day...
Yes I've figured it out, Yes I've worked hard, But it would seem that only I am proud, Of my ability to say RAWR!!!!! I scream from the pits, The emotions in my heart. I scream so I won't fall apart.
How do you like the taste of it? The posion in your tea I put it there with shaking hands There's no way you'll be the end of me  How do you like the sound of it? The weeping when you died Your mother came with me at night Then we closed your eyes
I am Exhausted. Sleepy to my Very core. Worn out. Hollow. Point or pointless? Friends: Pros and cons? Love, comfort, joy. Worry, pain, lies. Escape is easy,
"Listen, listen  Do you hear The peircing scream Through the atmostphere  Listen, listen  Do you hear Those long, long screams Of pain and fear Listen, listen Do you hear
Give me one more poison kiss, the damge is already done Surely one more posion kiss, won't rend your life undone once again a poison kiss,
I live in constant fatigue Each day draws ever more energy  from the depleting reserve in my body.   How I want things to change Aching yearnings and crushed feelings discomfort and anxiety
Blood drips from murderous assaults Onto the rich soil of the earth Its crimson essence cries to all That Life will no longer give birth
If you do not trust me, as you should Forever I’ll delightedly leave. Sitting in silence is not the way;  For what would you hope to achieve? I’d rather always succumb to nothing
It’s been a while now. Your horns of fire and blood
Have you ever looked at someone and felt completely warm? In the coldest of winters they filled the holes in your heart with patches of summer. You couldn't look at them without smiling or urging to share a laugh.
She stares  out the window pane with the flowers in her cold hands.  Slowly the petals drop and with them  her face disappears down into the dark.    He poisoned her. It was too late now
Guess what? I'm doing well for once. It seems surreal That my heart and mind agree Things are alright But something itches I thought, a laugh, a word.
His face was like looking at time itself Everything moving froze in his wake A chilling daze spread throughout his cheek As if one had now crossed over his own cemetery His nose was curved up into a vicious beak
I tie the
It's like I'm addcited You're a poison I know you'll kill me I don't seem to care though   I can feel it Death Running through my veins Spreading through my body  
A chance at love
I had a dream last night A dream that it all went right From day one, there you were Out of the blue you cared about me Where the hell did that come from?   I always thought I needed you
You poisoned our love With sweet lies Made it impossible For our love to survive Please keep your distance From me.    Do not come to me I do not see you, Do not speak of me
In the blackest of the night, It glides through the overgrown grassand threw the sewers under the city streets.It swallows the minds of innocents.It rips into the lost souls.
hope   Is it the only thing able to change everything for the better? Is it the only thing that is able to change people? Is it what drives people to keep going despite the odds againt them?
I neither spoke nor looked at anyoneBewildered by the multitude of miseriesAgonies of remorse poisonLet the day therefore be fixedLet us only cling closer to what remainsRegard the threatened fate as unavoidable
Heart thrumming Blood pulsing Mind racing Thoughts raging Demons pounding At my door Becoming one of them Once more.
Two hearts together hath been sworn, But by a father's words so harsh hath been torn. Banished away for an act so just, leaving behind his true love and true lust. Running so fast with blood stained hands,
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