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Jonathan wears red. Jonathan was good. He was smart and handsome. Jonathan had bottle, He called it a bottle of fun. He drank it at night He drank in the sun. Jonathan wears red,
drive with me five myth flea take that key bake in the drivers seat temptation and pure refresher cremation and peer pressure party all night sleep all day
It's the cocked eyebrow you give me--Quizzical Hold that, its the cocked eyebrow and the quizzical look you give everyone It drives me bonkers It drives me head over heels
I said, “I only had one, just one beer.”They trusted me to drive them home that night.I said, “I’m fine; there is nothing to fear.”  
Happiness Anger Love Hate   Presence Absence Prompt Late   Pride Embarrassment Confidence Worry   Ignore Obsess Delay
Oh what would I possibly do and who on earth would I be, if for just one tiny moment
And some were expected to show, But their love was unsure. We crossed over the river, And there was no tension; It was a day in the life. The absence was a dividing wall,
  I am steaming tamales and stirring two cans of refried beans on the stove with a metal spoon I probably shouldn’t be using, this is a nonstick saucepan after all, but you are in the hospital right now
A boy, innocent and afraid, lost in the dark of his own room, no one coming to his aid, planning out his own doom.   You only write once before it becomes real
Darkness surrounds me. Imprisoning. Pulling. Strangling. My conscience just barely there. The images still around me. Floating.
  Slumber, sleeping softly Dreams of lazy summer days soon to come A door bursts open and a robed woman shouts at me IT’S YOUR BROTHER, GET UP Panic It’s 5 a.m. 
I see your tears everyday and just want to hold you tight,I hear you when you cry in your pillow every single night,I watch you go to work and whisper I love you in your ear,
Beauty is . . .
She gets to the party around nine, or ten A familiar high school scene, getting high and drunk again Inevitably one of her friends' parents are out of town again
We hear a ding from the car, Red ribbons spray the cracked glass. Like a sewing machine on the fritz, It unravels quickly. The car has flipped. Five times tumbling down. Alive!
Cold air blows upon my pale face. Where am I? It's white its lonely What is this place? I rise to find im in a hospital bed. Braces on my arms cuts on my skin
You’re swaying and swerving Lurching, and slurring, And driving. Down old country roads, Through towns we don’t know, And you’re swerving. The radio’s blaring, and everyone sings.
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