Just One Sip


Darkness surrounds me.




My conscience just barely there.

The images still around me.



Dragging me down.

I didn't mean for it to go this far.

"It'll be okay,"

They said.

“Just one sip.”

That's all.

To be happy again.

I pushed away.

Crying out "I don't need this!"

So they lurked.

Watching my downward spiral.

Watching my struggle with class.

Watching my fallout with my once dear friends.

Watching my rejection.

Then once again they appeared.

This time with something;

A little stronger than beer.

“Just one sip.”

They said.

I heard the warnings before.

I would be someone else.

It’s detrimental to my health.

But this time I didn't care.

So I took “Just one sip.”

Then just another.

It tingled,

As poison slowly trickled down my throat.

That's the last thing I remember.

The next I knew,

I'm here.

Where is here?

In this dark abyss.

Who is lying next to me?

So pale,

So lifeless.

It comes back to me.

The ride.

The tree.

The cry.

The night wasn't supposed to end like this.

The sirens come closer.

“ Just one sip.” I mumbled.

They read me my rights.

“Just one sip.” I whimpered.

The handcuffs click.

“Just one sip.” I whispered.

It was just supposed to be “Just one sip.”


It is never “Just one sip.”


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