Red Ribbon

We hear a ding
from the car,
Red ribbons
spray the cracked glass.
Like a sewing machine
on the fritz,
It unravels
The car has flipped.
Five times tumbling down.
she has a way of doing things.
Showing herself.
The body,
an ivory sculpture,
Is where the ribbons unravel.
It clutches to the skin
from beneath its surface.
The car’s radio
Playing broken words.
Playing our favorite song.
Skip. Repeat.
We clutch.
We scream.
The ribbon unravels
from out of weathervanes.
Spraying from the almost corpse.
The glove department
Light flickers
And then goes,
The car flipped
Five times
Tumbling down.
We are all cocooned
In red ribbon.
Fragile little things
Saying “this side up”.
What happens
When you flip the box?
She has a funny way
Of showing herself.


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