Recipe for Disaster


United States
42° 14' 51.3096" N, 83° 49' 33.9168" W

She gets to the party around nine, or ten
A familiar high school scene, getting high and drunk again
Inevitably one of her friends' parents are out of town again
They left their son to take care of the house, or maybe to sleep at a friend's place
Whatever it was, their trust was misplaced
He calls a couple friends to come hang out, drink a couple beers and crash on the couch
Inevitably, word gets out, it spreads around, party at an empty house
Keep it down, nosy neighbors live all around and a noisy house will lead to mom and dad finding out

This guy she's talking to tips her off, a rager, a banger, she should come check it out
His plan falls into place, nothing evil, just at last his chance to get some ass
They drink glass after glass until both their eyes are bright red, both their nerves dead
Finally he says the words that lingered in his head, "Want to go to bed?"
Before they can, his homie finds him and says, "You wanna roll a blunt instead?"

This he can't pass up, he loves to get fucked up, plus a chance to show off, he says "Hell yes"
Only one problem, they have no wraps, so inevitably they have to hit up 7/11 real fast
"You wanna roll with, smoke a spliff?"
She wanted to impress him too, so inevitably she goes with the two
He fumbles for his keys, "You good dude?"
"Please, I do this all the time" and away they drive
Inevitably, the three---


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