Beautiful Angel

Oh what would I possibly do

and who on earth would I be,

if for just one tiny moment

you were back here with me?


You left me here dear mother

when I was just tiny and meek,

and ever since that dark day

I've felt so helpless and weak.


I was only one month old

and knew nothing of this life,

but what I'd finally learn

would slash my soul with a knife.


This cruel world it can change

even the happiest of souls,

but sometimes it starts mending

your heart of all of it's holes.


Your face I can imagine

I can almost hear your laugh,

but there are no words of memory

from your alcoholic other half.


I know you've always been here

watching silently over me,

it's true I sense your presence

but was this really our destiny?


I just want to show to you

the person I strive to become,

the stuggles that I went through

and long battles I finally won.


I guess I will have to settle

for saying it here out loud,

I love you dear mother

and promise to make you proud!





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