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To those ready to leave, your coats are being washed It seems something's spilled on them and now you have to stay At least until I'm finished saying what I need to say
How ironic is it That the birth and the death Of someone is heralded in by a Cry?   A cry to free the lungs, A cry to pierce the heart, A cry to signal life, A cry to signal death.
Alone I sit in the dark, Cold, broken, torn apart. Shackled to a wall of fears, Tied down by my own tears. My voice stuck deep in my throat, I reach to grasps the words that choke,
Trying to cleanse the mind. Washing the blood off your hands. Attemping to forget what you said. Right before they commited suicide. You knowwhat you siad! You called him stupid and dumb,
we heave our last goodbye off chapped lips and this is played off as glamorous by our maintream media.
Suicide isn't the answer.
The sky was vivid blue, Practically too perfect to stare at, And the leaves had darkened to an emerald green.
I sit here painfully, painstakingly watching minutes fly past, too fast, but still too slow when I know you are on the other end of the line dying. I'm trying to get through. Now
Well forgive me for loving you What else was I suppose to do Sit there and watch you go  In and out with the oceans flow It was like a death bed just watching you  See your soul go sinking through
Here is my response to the suicide letter I wrote 15 years ago:                                                       Breathe. Your pain will not remain unnoticed. Flush the pills. Dump the vodka. Throw away the razors.
I'm the orginial.. Supposed to be the only. The proceding two are only burned images, carbon copies..learned defenses. Created without my permission. But I was here first and she forgot about me..
They say you make your best masterpieces when you ya self are in pieces
Courage is one thing that no one can ever take away from you. 
I know you think this can'
Sometimes Late at night I think about you on my train ride home A long night at work Leaning over the bar Just to get more money Men are all the same, really But not you
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The moonlight filters through the darkening trees Within, a small girl on bended knee Sobbing to the heavens for what has been taken And mourning the loss of all forsaken
I know that you won’t understand. I don’t think anyone will and that’s okay. I just have to release these thoughts from my mind. I am pretty. That’s what I should believe, right? Well, I don’t. People tell me that I’m not hefty, I’m not big.
Just another divorce Just another teenage pregnancy Just another death Just another drop-out Just another homocide Suicide Aborticide Massacre Just another war
I lay still Still I lay While they look down at me   I am dressed in satin. With my hair just so And a rose within my grasp   Their eyes do cry They cry from their eyes
We are defined Not by the hearts that beat within us
I see the serene water gently drifting by, As the sun shines bright where I lie, Peace is around all around where I see,  Yet there is a problem lingering with me, My heart feels frantic and tries to escape,
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