thinking of you

Sometimes Late at night

I think about you on my train ride home

A long night at work

Leaning over the bar

Just to get more money

Men are all the same, really

But not you

And sometimes i think about you as

I listen to the girl sitting in front of me

As she sings to herself

Such a beautiful sound

She thinks nobody can hear

We get on at the same stop

Coming from different directions

Her loneliness echoing mine

Two complete strangers

But somehow both incomplete

And most of the time I think of you

When I smoke my last cigarette

Because I have nothing more to distract me now

Except for your joyful voice

Teasing me about cancer

A memory that will never leave

The cold February air

Chills my cheekbones and reddens my nose

As I wait on the platform

And I watch as the other girl walks past me this time

I watch as she steps off the platform

And onto the railing

And the people are yelling

The people are screaming

Everything is so loud

I shield my eyes

But it is already too late.

She’s gone.

Just like you.

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