1st Born

I'm the orginial..

Supposed to be the only.

The proceding two are only burned images, carbon copies..learned defenses. Created without my permission.

But I was here first and she forgot about me..

Maybe its because we came out of order...

I was never allowed to mentally be a child and i'll be damned if i've ever felt like somebody's daughter.

I never felt what it felt like to not have somebody exploit her..I mean..


See..its difficult when you split yourself into three and all of them gets ignored...but me?

i take the hits, I take the abuse..

I'm the first line of defense when someone cocks, aims and shoots..

I was here.

I've been here.


I was here before Sai, I was here before Jaz...

but..when it comes to the moutains in life I'm the only one that'll last..

I'm cocky.

Imma be the one who outshines and takes my spot back..

The other two are cool but outta all the feelings I have they lack em...and I don't wanna launch an attack but, I will not be forgotten.

The scars I carry hold the blood of 1000 survivors, the tears I cry are deep enough for a million divers..I'm putting my foot down..

I'm exasperated by the corners of my frown...


Just don't forget about me..


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