I Love You Darling ( Anti-Suicide)

Suicide isn't the answer.

Imagine this, you commit suicide in your bedroom on a school night. In the morning, your mother comes in to wake you up because you missed the bus and she finds you, dead. Her pride and joy, her hope for tomorrow, gone. Your father will run in because he hears your mother screaming at the top of her lungs, holding her dead child in her arms. He will call an ambulance, trying to say what happened in between his sobs. Your neighbors will watch as you get taken into the ambulance, never to return again. They will be horrified. By the time you get to the hospital, your aunts, uncles and grandparents already know. They all fall apart. Your uncle stops at the side of the thruway, and sits on the side of the road, crying. Your grandparents already weak hearts are breaking, who knows, they might get a heart attack from it and join you. Your principal has to walk into the classroom and tell the teachers and all your classmates. Even students that didn't know you will have their hearts broken. The quiet kid that sits in the back and has had a crush on you since the fourth grade breaks down and when he gets home, he starts to self harm. All your friends will fall to pieces. Even teachers will have their hearts broken. When your siblings get home from school and find out, they will never be the same for the rest of their lives. Til their dying day they will hate those who get to have a sister/brother because they lost theirs. Your Internet friends will notice you're gone and miss you, your follows or fans on a page or other social networking site will notice you're gone. Everyone will have their lives changed, no one that has ever breathed the same air as you will be the same again. Suicide is not the answer, it's a permanent thing. You'll never get to see when it gets better, and it will. Don't let something bring you down and make you lose yourself. Please.

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