The moonlight filters through the darkening trees
Within, a small girl on bended knee
Sobbing to the heavens for what has been taken
And mourning the loss of all forsaken
Rising up, she musters strength
To endure the year’s harshest length
Pushing her hair back and away from her face
She sets her shoulders, standing firmly in place
A punch to the face, he rocks back on his heels
Shocked by the pain he so strongly feels
She takes off running and doesn’t look back
And thus doesn’t realize the speed that she lacks
Wipe the tears
Drive off the fears
Live again another year
A wild grab, a tumble and fall
She hasn’t reached safety after all
With her choice she fast comes to grips
And without a glance behind lands a solid kick
Bleeding and furious, he clutches his nose
The girl scrambles away with her ripped clothes
No call for help, can’t give herself away
Once she gets free, that’s where she hopes to stay
He claimed he loved her, the cops were told
And had taken advantage as soon as alone
Escaped from the man, but not from her mind
Lost in the nightmare she herself does find
Wipe the tears
Drive off the fears
Live again another year
Never does she recover from this
A doctor’s note clenched tight in her fist
For a depressed schizophrenic not much can be done
She battles herself, enemy number one
So misunderstood, alone in a crowd
Moping around with a permanent scowl
She lives in fear that he’ll come for her
So she contrives herself to leave this world
They found her with the empty bottle of pills
What could they do? They’d known she was ill
Now she was free, from mind and man
And given the choice, she’d take them again
Wipe the tears
Drive off the fears
Remember her another year


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