2016 suicide slam

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Oh devil heart how you cross my mind Angelic nature is yours to find My heart is closed to love, obtuse Above my heart my mind hangs a noose Blood red paintings stain my room
What a waste of talent, what a waste of life I watched them on the big screen, listen to them on the radio I talked to them in the halls, they are pros at hiding strife.
Look me in my eyes Do you see the pain? The pain I hide  Look at my smile Do you see the pain? The pain that I hide Im guessing you don't Because I am the clown of the circus
Imagination is key Life is not for me The thoughts flood in my head Telling me I am better off dead I listen to them as they creep Telling me I should sleep Forever is short they say
Everything started out at school, always saying she wasn't good enough Rumours spread, stories told that she somehow heard of Then the social network came, telling her to just give up So she lisened to the chatter
[ Found from an earlier date. ]  
Just like art, she is constantly evolving Each in-breath she takes brings more purity and clarity than there ever was. Her gentle eyelashes flutter as each drop of rain falls softly onto her cupid's brow
Natural disasters are spiking like a bed of nails Dead bodies dangle from the ceiling, falling from seasons like snowflakes No stories are the same Spread your wings, warrior
I am the vehicle that drives his daily thoughts To be the only one on his mind shouldn't I want? I drive for miles and miles, covering him in exhaust   I am the liquor that stains his hardened lips
I'm laying on my bedBeneath me is red on whiteAn arrow in my throatI didn't put up a fight
He's sitting all alone wondering why she left him hereWith nothing but am empty chest and endless guilt to bearHe wants to leave this stupid place
They tease me, ignore and often bore me They don’t see what has instore for me They talk to me like what they have said wont lore me Into their trap of therapy   I’m just a statistic, a suicide count
I put the inanimate over my head, to protect my mind from gathering more unwanted thoughts These thoughts fuel my eyelids as they become triggers my lashes ever so slightly pull
In the midst of a storm, lightning has crashed, piercing down the soft shell of an unsteady path The ocean's rivers bleed into falls as the red pool rises and lucid night calls
When I was younger and I heard people talk about heartbreak and how much it hurt I thought they were lying. I didn’t think heartache existed  until it was 3AM and I couldn’t do anything
She’s alone. Everyday she fears having no one. Dad’s gone Mom is sick And she..   She crawls out of bed every morning,
At thirteen I lost my reason to live, my sister, Virginia, became a stillborn My heart was torn in not two, but a hundred pieces A demon was created inside of my head I was told from others she deserved to die
As she drags a razor against her wrist, he lays in bed wondering if she'll stop herself in time. A soft sob escapes his lips Outside the door his mother flinches, knowing how much he's hurting
I wonder why I woke up this morning It must be because you sustain me I question my religion daily I find the world around me amazing The peace that I found is a mystory My old self is long gone it's history
I am soldier in this war called life I have to fight for my sanity and happiness I have will win some and lose some The wins feel great for a bit But the loses, well the hurt stays for what feels like forever
When Robbin Williams died,Suicide,My family sighed saying, that's just how things are sometimes.
I'm hurt. I'm hurt that my Dad left my family and I,  I'm hurt that he didn't get to finish teaching me the things he wanted me to know, I'm hurt that my parents argued that night,
beep.....beep Leave me be Let my mind roam free and let me escape this misery. Do not torture me anymore Allow me to escape these thoughts Stop my hands
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