I Thought They were Lying

When I was younger and I heard people talk about heartbreak

and how much it hurt I thought they were lying.

I didn’t think heartache existed 

until it was 3AM and I couldn’t do anything

except stare at the ceiling and cry while I felt my chest caving in.

How could heartbreak be this unsuspecting 

nightmare , despite its evident definition.

It felt nothing like the physical pain 

I've encountered growing up 

with my bumps and bruises.

It felt far but close to an internal pain that echoed

through my mind, body, and soul

until it pried its way to the surface.

I'm older now and people talk about how heartbreak doesn't last forever 

and eventually the pain will pass.

I thought they were lying 

I didn't think this feeling would ever disappear

until it was 3AM and I couldn't do anything  

except stare at the ceiling and breath though the hollowness in my chest

and pray for all the feelings

any feeling,

to return.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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