The Leap of Regret

Imagination is key
Life is not for me
The thoughts flood in my head
Telling me I am better off dead
I listen to them as they creep
Telling me I should sleep
Forever is short they say
It will only feel like a night or day
So why should I sit in this madness
Which causes me to endure this sadness
When in the blink of an eye
I can make the pain die
But I'll kill the happiness as well
Sending me straight to Hell
But Death is not fair
Truthfully I do not care
If it means I will no longer weep
I will take this forever sleep
I say my goodbyes
I do not even cry
As I leap off that cliff
My body goes stiff
As I soar through the air
Without a single care
For I know that today
All the pain will go away
I feel happy as I fly
Feeling as free as a bird soaring through the sky
As I splatter on the ground
I think to myself I regret my decision now
Maybe I should have waited
I could have forgiven those I hated
And learn to ignore the pain
And learn to love life again

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My community



Suicide seems beautiful. It seems like this life is Hell and suicide is the beautiful gate to Heaven. But let me tell you something Heaven is for those who wait. Heaven is the reward for the people who put up with this Hell. You can't get your reward if you don't finish the task. I'm not saying that life is a bucket of sunshine, but I'm not saying it is a bottomless pit if darkness either. There will always be something to live for.

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