Uninvited Guests

I put the inanimate over my head, to protect my mind from gathering more unwanted thoughts

These thoughts fuel my eyelids as they become triggers my lashes ever so slightly pull

As my eyes close I feel them roll back into my head, and out of my pupils explodes silence that reverberates throughout my ear canal

This silence is a sound that deafens me like the ringing you hear after a bomb explodes

The quiet severed my veins and obliterated my brains

Fragments of my subconscious are sprawled inside the interior of my skull

My head becomes a place were there are no signs of human thoughts

It becomes a place where loathful, vengeful, and impossible brutes destroy the remains of my mortality 

A rope is fastened on one of my spinal vertebraes and tugged so my appearance becomes as ugly as the inside of my head

These demons ruined my facial apertures to make me look like one of them

I no longer have a conscience or even my own mind

This is because each of those little diabolical parasites gathered among themselves to murder the susceptible ghosts of my now dead being

Oh how weak I am...

To let these non-existent organisms control a mind much more powerful than their devious tricks

They are just shadows that emerge from my marrow as the moon grasps onto the stars

I let these demons defeat me, every night I withstand this torture

For when the night commences, and the sun graciously floats

Those gloomy shapeshifters return into the manifolds of darkness within the crevices of my skull

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