She Smiles.

She’s alone.

Everyday she fears having no one.

Dad’s gone

Mom is sick

And she..


She crawls out of bed every morning,

Walks to school,

And at school, she smiles.

Friendly as ever, and just smiles.

You’d never expect anything other than a perfect girl.

A perfect life.


Leaving school she smiles.

Approaching her home,

Walking through the door,

She smiles.

“Hey momma.” she says with a grin

And strolls to her room.


She makes her way to her mirror

And she just looks.

Staring deeply.

No emotion.

Observing everything.

And she soon feels.


She feels the hurt.

The hateful words.

And all she can think; useless.

She fills the tub for a soak.

Sliding in, closing the curtain, and letting time pass.

Too much time.


She was alone.

Everyday she feared having no one.

Dad was never there

Mom was always sick

And she..


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