You're Not Innocent

Everything started out at school, always saying she wasn't good enough

Rumours spread, stories told that she somehow heard of

Then the social network came, telling her to just give up

So she lisened to the chatter

It started out with a razor when she was shaving her legs

It soon got to a knife when no one was around

Always wearing jumpers and long sleeves, it soon got to suicide attempts

They pushed her too far that she jumped over the edge

How do you feel now she's gone? 

Her family wondering why and now she's watching you move on

Look at what your words have done

Well maybe next time, you won't let it get that far

You'll shut your mouth because you know what the consequences are

It's blood on your hands, I hope you realize now

You've killed her yourself

You can try, cry and plead

But you're not innocent

It's too late

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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