Unseeing Eyes

As she drags a razor against her wrist,

he lays in bed wondering if she'll stop herself in time.

A soft sob escapes his lips

Outside the door his mother flinches, knowing how much he's hurting

The girl, across town, raises her head to catch her reflection.

Eyes once so beautiful see nothing,

not the blood

not the pain she causes

not the girl her boyfriend loves


Across town, he raises a gun to his head and looks himself in the mirror

eyes once so handsome see nothing.

not the boy his girlfriend loves

not he the pain he will soon cause

not the blood about to be spilt.


As she stands over his cold body,

with his unseeing eyes

she thinks to herself

why didn't he stop himself in time?!

A soft sob escapes her lips

At her side, her father flinches, knowing how much she's hurting


With unseeing eyes

She looks at the boy she loved and pulls a knife from her pocket

and makes one final cut



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