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Out to sea we proceed Row, splash, row, splash, row, splash The paint brush sways like waves Churning water below Hues of deep blues and grays
Out to sea we proceed Row, splash, row, splash, row, splash The paint brush sways like waves Churning water below Hues of deep blues and grays
Out to sea we proceed Row, splash, row, splash, row, splash The paint brush sways like waves Churning water below Hues of deep blues and grays
Young Black America. Learn to abstain from the system before we become a chained victim. Yearn to be alive when we grow up not to be below every news feed.  
My dream is to become a pro wrestler To slam my opponents on the mat One, two, three, I win just like that I wanna be superior, the best in the ring Win the match, and hear the bell go, ding ding ding
i. Osmotic processes do not shield the irony  and yesterday when i returned from the bane of my existence and the meaning of medieval torture
A soldier; built with loyalty, built with dicipline, built with trust. Bang! Bang! A soldier; for the friends, for the family, for the country. Bang! Bang! A soldier; one of another, one of many, one of all.
Faces are covered Different costumes head to feet Knock knock! Trick or treat
So Zeus, you claim to be the man A man who has slain as many of  His enemies in the football field as  He do to the women who are “blessed” to sleep in his bed.
Knock, Knock, Knock The door opens to reveal strawberry, chocolate, coffee butterflies, flowers,  and the sun shining through  her long dress.   Knock, Knock, Knock Time to play with her,
Splash splash splash  Goes the children running through Splosh splosh splosh  Now it’s in their boots  Drip drip drip  A new one is born 
Raindrops Pooling on my windowsill Splish splash, splish splash A cool breeze Wind chimes twinkling and twirling Crickets chirping As the lightning bugs flutter about
Here is inland pride, And given bonks on the head, What is important?
tiptaptiptap fingers on the table rhythmless and bland, we cut off the cable. tiptaptiptap rain on the window erratic and soothing, we watched the world go. tiptaptiptap
They bark, They roar, They tweet, They squeak. These 2 legged, 4 legged, 8 legged friends Will be my influences until the end. They have taught me to be passionate.
There is none who fills me with quite as much awe As the kind and courageous flame: Malala. Here is a person whose actions inspire,
 Everybody is going through something.Trying and trying yet still stuck kind of dyingFrom all the painThe regrets.Remember experiences teach you.Raise you.Neither define you.So, tell me.What is the “better” version of you like?  Everybody deserves
Since I was a little girl,I asked myself,"Who do I look up to?"I believed the person I'd look up toWould be my teacher, Mrs. Garza:Mrs. Garza taught me everything I needed to know.
With five blows of a hammer, The Western Church was torn, And all across five hundred years, The argument was born.   Bam! No prophet spoke as Caesar, Indeed, nor did our Lord,
My stupid kike, you inspire me to write.How I hate the way you flap, sneer and snort,Invading my mind day and through the night,Always dreaming about the misreport.
CheeseFor some unknown reason,Everyone believes that MarioEnjoys cheeseFar too much, most would say. No point asking whyNo one quietly (nor loudly) knows.
Boom, boom The thumping of my heart comforting, Thump, thump The pulse reminder of hurting.   Crack! The heart slowly hating... Whoosh!  The soul quickly fading.  
“Bark,” said the cat, “Meow,” said the dog, I’ll be whatever you want me to be Because I love you, “Hitting you is my way of saying ‘I love you’,” said he, “Come here – Why are you acting so funny?”
A walk through Washington D.C. would be incomplete Without a stop at a trickling fountain - The object of a thousand dreams And pennies flicked up high, Like the work of our forefathers
Beep. A dozen roses. Beep. Sparkly red cards. Beep.  Heart-shaped box of chocolates. Beep-beep-beep. I rush to cut down the line. Rustle. Balloons that say "love."  Rustle.
2016, They year that started with a bang pop laugh And a warm embrace. It was a year that seemed full of
Surrounded with love Not a worry in the world Until one day, boom.
Tonight was never meant to end in a murderous fiasco of hate and pain.  I crouch by the bathroom sink in order to preserve what was left of my dignity and desperation. With each shriek of the gun I crouch lower, lower, lower until my tummy reaches
I’ve had a long day. I’m coming home. I kick off my shoes, Moaning and groaning.   Then I see you. My face lights up.   You run towards me. You jump on me. You lick my face.
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One chooses to discriminate One chooses to opinionate One chooses to judge One chooses not to budge One chooses to be rude One chooses to be creul One chooses to approve
Maybe I'm wrongBut I don't think police is lawful anymoreIt doesn't make any since how much lives are being claimedAnd that's a shame, it seems like the more we publicize,
Zoom! The bullet slid past his arm,  Boom!  His men collapsed to the ground. He trudged on through the sand like a starving scavenger snake.The American Flag shown over his weary arm.
The Mirror held a moving reflection without capture.   Vibrations in air that allowed ears to be full of rapture.   The sounds of her voice lying next to you.  
BY OGDEN NASH At midnight in the museum hall
Who knew saving the world required so much onomatopoeia?
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