A dozen roses.


Sparkly red cards.


Heart-shaped box of chocolates.


I rush to cut down the line.


Balloons that say "love." 


Bags with gifts and sparkly tissue paper.


I hurry past them to class.

Paycheck and straight A's

I don't have what they do.

Cause my life's a mess

And love is stress

So long as I don't have a clue.

I don't understand it. 

Is love a text in the morning

Or a boy greeting you in the hallway

Is it chocolate gifts

Or soft lips

Or dancing in the rain?

If it is I'd rather not

I've seen it fail an awful lot

With broken hearts 

Never the same.

Two weeks

And it's over

The next day.

What love should last?

I think back on my past

How mom and dad 

Loved me each day.

Mom and Dad.

19 years.

And every week a date.

Still in love like on day one.


They show me each day

And live by a Book

That tells me what is what

And how to go about this life.

I've found this Book to say:

"Love is patient."

"Love is kind."

"It does not envy."

"It is not self-seeking."

"Love never fails."


Love never fails.

Love is patient.

So some days are harder than the rest

No flowers

No chocolates

No lovers to cheer me on.

But I give each my personal best

And wait for the day 

When I discover love

In its time.

I'll find the love that 

Is the truest

The love that is patient.

The love that is kind.

And the love that never fails.



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My family
My community
Our world
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