His Lovers

So Zeus, you claim to be the man

A man who has slain as many of 

His enemies in the football field as 

He do to the women who are “blessed” to sleep in his bed.

But how many of those women even wanted to 

Be in your bed? 


How many of them did you corner?

How many of them did you trapped in 

That damn frat party by slipping in a spell

Or two that made them dream of 

Geese, bulls, and golden showers 

While you STRIKE

While you steal their pride, their dignity, 

Their sense of security.


And Hera, you claim to be a feminist, a protector of women.

Here you are silently cheering for your rapist.

Here you are doing your best to silence your fellow women with you

Projecting all of your jealousy and pain from betrayal 

Onto them because you are not a peacock but a chicken.



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