Relationship Problems

Maybe I'm wrong
But I don't think police is lawful anymore
It doesn't make any since how much lives are being claimed
And that's a shame, it seems like the more we publicize,
The more we are traumatized by the raw killings that are going on
And believe me they are not dramatized
However, it's not that that bothers me
It when these murderers walk free
Free from killing humans with melanin in the skin same as me
You would think the police would be a universal problem
Seems to me not because all them lives we have lost are some kind of
Shade of the moon when it's new
Yes they look like me and you
But we still cannot solve them
Relationship problems we have with the cops
If you stop and think when we have a problem they want us to call them...
How are we suppose to call somebody who we can't trust that when they come they won't have the gun pointed at us
Telling us to drop the toy gun, in an open gun state
And at any rate bow down to the ground waiting for the metal to go around our hands
Let me repeat, but the real version this time
My trust is already iffy with the cops and then they came with the gun pointed at me
Told me to drop the toy gun, in an open gun state
Then at any rate BOW....... Down to the ground I go before I even had a chance
As the light fade from my eyes and my great soul slowly dies away
I wonder how was I, a 12 year old boy with a toy gun in an open gun state,
A real threat to society anyway
It not like I had the intentions of Zimmerman or Roof
A boy receives his food
Doesn't want to be rude
Introduces himself with a hi
But all you hear is give me all your money now!
Confusion slaps him on the face
As your mouth sprays mace in his face
Trying to wash the irritation out of his eyes
He just sit there and cries
Cries because knows that it's lies
The fabricated robbery that took place in their minds
Was so bad that they had to shrink his pride down to bulls eye.
What have I done to you.
I know bullets doesn't have names on it
But I bet it's painted black
And we as a people lack the protection by the law
And it's sad cause I think I'm watching saw
You know the bloody massacre of blacks in America, it's crazy
Maybe the government is lazy
Or too busy wasting wealth trying to protect us from foreign threats
While this country is losing its people to itself
We've died and got painted welps on our backs for this country
One day we will be respect and Uncle Sam wouldn't be scared of us
So the slogan is renewed black live matter but NOT in America.

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