Cheez and the Plumber

For some unknown reason,
Everyone believes that Mario
Enjoys cheese
Far too much, most would say.

No point asking why
No one quietly (nor loudly) knows.

Soon , harvest season
Will arrive; Mario will
Seek out the Cheez
Upon which tothrive

Much to the
of literally everyone else
In Toad Town

Cheez, please??

he cried all day long
He said it so often
He made it a song

Give me cheez, pleez
Where is it, 'uigi?

He never found it
Bowser had kidnapped the Cheez

and Mario was like
and ran over all the spaces instead of going through the levels

"Cheez!!" shouted the stout man in red.
BOOM final room he is in

as Bowser started to laugh
He realized
The floor--
It was gone

And Mario finally got his Cheez

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