Young Black America

Young Black America.

Learn to abstain from the system before we become a chained victim.

Yearn to be alive when we grow up not to be below every news feed.


Young Black America.

White man kill a Black man, justice never fulfilled.

Black man kill a white man, blood will be spilled.

As we dodge the difficult barriers. 

Tribulations become scarier.


Young Black America.

69, the average lifespan of a Black man as if their life’s are like a burning candle. 

“Bang” another Black life taken. Mother shaken. Beloved ones heart akin. Another killed in a case of a mistaken allegation.


Young Black America.

From the cradle to the grave.                                    
All the fallen soldiers, blood spilt like Emmett Till. Feeling they won’t see tomorrow like the time they’re living on is borrowed.

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Our world
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