New Atmosphere

“Bark,” said the cat,

“Meow,” said the dog,

I’ll be whatever you want me to be

Because I love you,

“Hitting you is my way of saying ‘I love you’,” said he,

“Come here – Why are you acting so funny?”

This love – fractured and dreadful –

Became something to fear, a reason to run,

“Stop!” said she. “No,” answered he,

“I do this because I love you” –

Bitter, lonely nights and hot, clustered tears

“I don’t want love anymore – not his at least,”

She whispered as she cried herself to sleep -

Years went by

And lessons were learned

That there is more to love

And that it can be sweet and free

With no cost to be paid

In any such way,

Physical, mental or emotional –

Not treated as an animal

Obeying commands

Or fearing a simple touch or glance –

It is warm like sun rays on cold fingers

It is trust that stands firm

It is forgiveness that is better than bandages…

It is everything “he” is not –

Scars will heal

Yet always present, a reminder,

A remembrance to the constant fight

Of all those dark nights

For hope shall rise with the sun

The book shall close as another opens,

A new story is being written

Of love – unconditional, unwavering and forever certain –

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