You are my Everything

Knock, Knock, Knock

The door opens to reveal

strawberry, chocolate, coffee

butterflies, flowers, 

and the sun shining through 

her long dress.


Knock, Knock, Knock

Time to play with her,

Dolls on the floor and

laughter in the air.

Soccer, playgrounds, ice cream,

Walks, naps.


Knock, Knock, Knock

It’s time to celebrate!

Cake, piñata, tacos, 

Cousins, Family, Friends, 

Aunts, Uncles and



Knock, Knock, Knock

Change is here, an unwelcome visitor.

Sadness, weakness, denial,




Knock, Knock, Knock 

Confusion clouds the air.

What is here?
Not going back?

Disappearance, anger, sadness,



Knock, Knock, Knock

Thoughts come to me of you,

Your face, voice, laugh,

Unforgettable memories.


Knock, Knock, Knock 

She will always be my

Babysitter, partner in crime,

Back-up grandma, best friend

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