make a change

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(We are becoming the lost generation with each passing day. We are suppose to be the era to make a change. Got it all going for us, yet instead of love we are using hate.
poems for cash? poems to bash? land of the debt students who fret learn they say till one day you'll have sway teacher teacher land of the debt cheeks always wet
To our country's fathers I write,for my father and many others: My country or is it?Land of the free? Bullshit.This is no country to me.This is no land of the free.The 'free' here feel contained.
It's never too late  You must feel trapped  And feel like it's all faith  It's never too late  To change your life  And to make it all great  It's never too late  What you should do
I stand here My eyes burning My throat like sandpaper Under the sun Under the sky Under the influence of my mind I stand here   Thoughts wander and weave Under the sky
I am in my dorm room crying because I feel rejected. *Swish*  I am 15 years before sitting in the orphanage waiting for my new parents to come pick me up My birthmother rejected me and in her place I got a new mom and dad.
Take a jump out there, Let everything go and fall. Make the biggest splash!  
If a child throws a fit in the store,  If a man drinks, drives, and wrecks,  If the rainforests are being depleted, 
What would i do  what would i change would i change my apperance would i give my dad a raise no, i know what to do possibly give the starving people some food yes, thats exactly right
Time goes by, but everything stays the same. Reaching high, knowing we will get there. But when things can’t change, we’ll continue to fall. What we’re here for is not what we want but only despise.
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