make a difference

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Learn from the past.  Live in the present.  Look towards the future, make your mark.   
My voice! You heard me right. Elections are coming. I will vote to make my speech known. My voice!
It only takes a flicker to dispel darkness so  Strike your match That match will spark a chain of events A man alone may not change the future but can change the present
On a day that is hard look at the sky. Sometimes it makes me wonder, why? it makes me feel small: the whole universe it fills me with wonder: and I feel good
Life between words Images between Printed sentences Haunting the depths Of your cavernous mind Come alive
To be successful. To be happy. To have a job and make money. Those were my dreams. But now, I wonder, where would those get me? There will always be people who’ve failed
I am only one person What difference can I make? I am only one person But that's all it takes One person-- One goal To make the the world better as a whole
I am but one person But that does not make me insignificant. 
How can I make a difference with God's love?I hurt when others hurt,I feel what others feel.
How can you judge someone by what you don't know, You cant see their hurt or their struggle, you don't know their pain, each laugh is like a stab to the heart, why do you want to kill someone for being diffferent, they were born with it, made a c
If a child throws a fit in the store,  If a man drinks, drives, and wrecks,  If the rainforests are being depleted, 
Life Is What You Make of It   Life is what you make of it Not how much you fake it Not your dress or a stupid zit
If I were Almighty, A Universal Clockmaker, A Divine Puppet Master, Pulling the stings of the world behind the scenes,
Engineer, mathematician Computer programmer, statistician A job that makes money I can't put my knowledge to waste I wanted to be a teacher But for my intelligence that's not enough pay
Once, I wanted to be in a rock band, Jammin’ on the piano. In my made-up band, “The Treelimbs”   For a while, that dream stood, And I was encouraged to dream, But that’s not what I want to do.
"What do you want to do when you get older?"
Water you are life. You flow through Earth's veins, Transport us to the vast unknown, Whiten the cold, frozen ground and Darken the sky and let out a cry.   Earth, prisoner on watery shores.
Make a difference doing what you love work hard in return success no money school stress no career no difference  what do i love helping others need money for school
For hundreds of years blacks have died by whips and chains Its' 2013 and  blacks are still dying over whips and chains. Our heroes fought to make a change So why should'nt the new generation do the same
  The buzzing sounds of machines overwhelm our power of sound, mainstream rhythm is concealed. Birds that beautifully chirp, chirp, chirp
Where will we be When teh Skys turn black and everything we see turns to attack. There is no turning back.   The waters will rise as the lands fall. Birds cease to fly.
The many drops of rain Each splash forms a tiny circle Call that the spiral of human livelihood It expands so vastly with extreme celerity It's as if it expanded to the point
The world's an ignorant factory, the rich bought the winning hand The middle class distraught, the poor blamed more than not The government explaining that it is simply supply and demand
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