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The difference between a hug and a homicide is intentions. Like handshakes and broken wrists or fist bumps and fist fights. If the right intentions are there anything can happen.
Recess: Ms. Livingston's third grade class. Ms. Emily, a recess aid, smiled as she watched- Collin, Lily, and Bryson are playing on the monkey bars together. One boy, Jason, played alone nearby.
Our skin meshed,By our tendons underneath,We were so grateful,Until you needed more than we, One by heart,Three by the feet,Your elbows now tug against my cheeks,Trying to rip through the sheath,And make your run for the prince,Your passions flow
im really rather fond of drivingof moving, while not moving muchof possessing the power to annihilatebut using it for meandering about andgoing to mcdonalds
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was one of my very first poems I ever wrote, please bear with me as it is not all that great.        
I am not the violent type, no ? Can you not see? I see her last breath in her flat chest as she heaves.
In the field, on your toes, eyes always open.Blink, you're dead.
Mother died today, although we didn't know it.Missing,she went missing, and it wasn't until the next daythat her body was found.
The assault rifle bursts Punctured the pristine façade of each and every Window, door, and walls or the vehicle of life Piercing the veil of false security that we all live behind
Lying to the ones I love and dying in silence. Covering the carpet with blood. Switched over to autopilot. I speak and laugh day by day, but, the outlier on a graph, I'm always wallowing in pain.
Death, murder, heartache, incarceration The very things teens attempt to avoid Texting and driving The very thing that can lead to it all
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