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For so long, I kept trying to defend you,  And I would always try to justify the things that you would do. Even though I knew it was true, I would always try to deny it,
Why am I being shamed for caring about you? You said I was the reason you were mentally unstable I was the reason you cried yourself to sleep You have it all wrong
Sometimes moving forward means that you have to leave things behind. You can't keep the things you have forever. Your favorite person now, could be your enemy in the next few years
I let them just walk right over me. You ignored me for several weeks. Look at the results. Why are you surprised?
I finally had a moment 2 catch up on take'n the time 2 really read, fully Your Words of encouragement. And 🤍. And strength. And belong'n. I would always peek @ Your message 2 tickle Me thru hard moments.
 Where does peace delight to dwell? Where love is green and calmSometimes the best people in lifecomes from outside: O my friendA day like this should never end The long labyrinth of the road willNot discourage you nor the dark valeof the past nei
Fireflies glow in the dark.   Lightning always strikes something.   Rain pours down.   Lightning and Rain like to speak to each other a lot.   
Field.   We are but children living in a field of dreams.   Waiting. Watching.   Trying to grasp one of the dreams that are always just out of reach. We are not the dreams.  
Field.   We are but children living in a field of dreams.   Waiting. Watching.   Trying to grasp one of the dreams that are always just out of reach. We are not the dreams.  
In life we face many trials, Some break us down and leave us in denial, But true friends are there to lift us up, And help us heal, with love and trust.
You say I'm quiet. Then you ask me a question. Do you expect sound?   I don't think you do. It doesn't matter anyway. I know you hear me.   You are my best friend.
An attempt to start a conversation.   Question is answered by her, and attempt is shut down.   She has so much fun with other people, talks with other people.   An attempt to be another person.
It won't go away. I am alone but surrounded, mentally and physically. The words won't go away. Why would she say that? Why would she break me like that? Do you really... no.
I write this from the park where football used to play. Where our songs used to sing . Where wooden guns used to shoot. But football played plays no more Songs sung sing no more Shots shot shoot no more
To the girl that broke my heart  by letting our friendship die   I will never block your number  Or forget the way your cry   
My love, my all My friend, my soul When I say I love you It is not a joke It's not a sad laughingstock
                                                            Ich werde alle Glocken läuten Für deinen Geburtstag Ich werde aus meinen Taschen
I will ring all the bells For your anniversary I will take out of my pockets Fancy and pretty exotic jewelries.  
Eu vou tocar todos os sinos Para o seu aniversário Eu vou tirar dos meus bolsos Joias extravagantes das belas enseadas.  
Trying to move up But i cant go no where Trying to breath and choking on air All these guys they have my number Blow me up day all night But they can't replace you none of them feel right
FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE If you want your love to last When all the dreams are past When excitement dies away And routine's here to stay
It's my friends It’s when they no longer wait for me It’s being moved to a different group It’s third wheeling in a relationship they don’t recognize
Broken promises and heartbreaks,  This friendship used to be sweet as cakes.  Things are not the same, they have changed,  What happened that caused us to be estranged? 
Broken promises and heartbreaks,  This friendship used to be sweet as cakes.  Things are not the same, they have changed,  What happened that caused us to be estranged? 
Broken promises and heartbreaks,  This friendship used to be sweet as cakes.  Things are not the same, they have changed,  What happened that caused us to be estranged? 
Men who are open with themselves about who they are. Not leaving one detail out. Not hiding under a face of fear or aggression. Able to give as much love to their male friends as
I will never see her againNever talk to her againand that is not okayIt never will be. I was so angryI didn’t want to say goodbyebut I had toso I showed up
The verb "hate" can never beMy darling, in my vocabularyI can only love you night and dayI can only think of you all day longI can only dream of you and I longFor your presence at midday
To the Taurus in my skies,
Insecurities.   I hate myself.   I hate the way I look.   I hate my face;   My jaw.
i'm the stray cat you've let inside your house.  you never intended for me to say, in fact,  you forget why i haven't been kicked out. you don't know me, i don't make myself easy to know.
  i met the devil last night she wore my face and had slinked on my body like a coat she looked like myself, though a few years younger
Do you even know me? Who am I to you? You act different around everyone else when I'm around Only when I'm around Are you ashamed? Embarrased? Abashed? Why?  
Happiness to me is like a warm chest filled with honey, nutmeg, and love. It dances barefoot through fields of grass without a care in the world, and a smile so bright.
Life was coming to see you on weekends When nights turned into dew drops on your car When the sun seemed to rise before we had the chance to say goodbye to the moon.   I miss the days of aimless wandering
  Why do I feel so separated from life, so separated from myself, my soul?   I feel like I'm alone, yet surrounded.  
An old personal narrative from the Composition 1 class I took back in 2018 during my first year in the Oakland ACE program. Uploading here for posterity*, since Google Drive seems to have mysteriously eaten quite a few of my documents.
Did you think it wouldn't hurt   These days seem to be getting slower I know were almost over Gotta fellin’ we're gonna be this week’s- Front page cover story
Walking in my life, I met one life, Of one man life. I like his life. He speak about Life, Example life of wife. I life his face, It shows his confidance, Speaking with evidance.
Hi.  How're you? What have you been up to? Cool.   Hey. What's up? I'm good. Nice.
I: I've admiration for you, as such! You: How much? I: A lot and beside. You: Why'd? I: Should I reveal? You: Yes please, don't conceal! I: Ok, then lend me your ear,
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It's weird the concept of time  and life  and love all unraveling in my head  being young  and confused  it's weird a year later i've taken a full circle and found myself 
I was a normal man before Then I joined the AM corps Night is day & day is night Junior is wrong & senior is right
Let's start over Take a step back Reconsider our choices You still care You still are there We might not be together We aren't really apart What if we take a step back We can reevaluate 
We are friends Always have been Even as we slowly grow apart We are friends Together forever Through thick Through thin Through mistakes Through achievements Through everything 
I am from the cold worries of winter, From that gnawing permanence  And the rejoice of warm spring. I am from the two venus violets. (Mulberry to Sunset Orange,
you were an unexpected.   we were never supposed to be actual friends. but mutally we fell, got back up, and tripped again.   you make me smile- even when it feels impossible.
You were the person who taught me how to enjoy life. You were the person whom I can be trusted. You were the person that I could always rely on. You were the person who showed me the true beauty of life.
Rich people are lucky… Because they have money and power, To buy everything they want. They can also buy you if they want to. You know what… I am the luckiest person in the world.
IN MY DREAM   The clothes hanging on my line Are not mine Where have I been Lost again In my dream A floating stream   None of the things belong to me Not that I can see
A shell of me how could this be  I am stronger than you you're tougher than me  a play on words but we were meant to meet  you have what I lack and I got your back 
Your light, soft yet blinding, Battles back demons. They are stronger than they once were. They remain close, Just outside the perimeter, Waiting for you to fade.
2 minutes, and I'll see you. I'm looking forward to it. We haven't spoken in a while. I hope you still think kindly of me.2 minutes, and the wind rushes by me. It signals your arrival. I barely recognize you walking toward me.
I frown and adjust my crown. My spirit shattered, but made no sound. Counting my blessings, but my soul is down. A sadness so deep, so profound. Losing weight by the minute, I'm already down 80 pounds.  
DREAM RHYME   Thinking of her Out of the blue Wondering where she is What she's about to do ....   I stop my work drop my pen My mind wanders to a time when ....
MY NATURAL HIGH   She's my natural high My red carpet ride To another world Alone with me ....   The wind       that ruffles her hair And the rain
You are the greatest secret kept from yourself. It is in hiding your Light that you become lost. It is in resisting the moment,
NIGHT WALK   I want to walk with you at night.  Where you walk alone in the morning light.  When the rising sun pushes away the moon. Where you walk six hours before noon ....   
LIKE A SUMMER BREEZE   Walking with a cane You came into my lane. Jumbled my ways My nights became days.   I’ve felt this breeze before I thought. For sure! 
MR. WOO   You flew your heart true In the sky aboveWith your last love. Mr. Woo ....   
REAR VIEW I think of my past. Because you are here at last. It becomes clearerIn life’s rear view mirror ....  
It still lingers, dispite the time flow Your sudden presence, dissipating the closing darkness, with your brilliant glow
OUT OF TOUCH    You're feeling bad  Out of touch .... aren't you girl?  Life has taken you on a whirl Don't let it steal your joy You're not in anyone's employ....  
i hope you find someone  you are content to just be with where not a word passes between you but you have never felt more heard  
YOU SAY   You say ... only time will tell.  I say ... I want to hear your heart's bell.  I don’t need you.   But my heart wants to.   My soul does not need you. 
BONNIE and CLYDE   The clock passed the covid curfew And I'm still with you. On stolen time  Trying to see new love rhyme.  We are Bonnie and Clyde Lovers on the hide.
there has been little that is  quite as freeing as running naked into the ocean under the light of the full moon
you were my true blue soul friend we had a bond deeper than any I had known before we laughed and cried we shared our secrets i trusted you with the deepest parts of my heart
ON A SWING   In the morning when the sun clicks on       and she gives a sighAt the last evening star dancing       in the pale blue skyThat's when I dream Of her and me On a swing.... 
LADY DAY   Let’s give all      to this flower of ours....We’ve been alive without love      for too many hours....With others      but always alone....With some sun 
ARTS GARAGE     I loved each moment   At Arts Garage   A blues music barrage   Then walking the street at large...        Your touch   Your smile   And for a little while  
LAY WITH LOVE   All I want to do Is make love to you With poetryWith musicAnd a caress or two  That boils your heart   A dreamy kiss  That melts like butter in sun
BEING MY REAL  What matters now is how I feel  and being my real.....   I am drifting on my boat and you're on shore  Waving to me.. shouting.. "give me more" 
Gypsy Queen. On me leanBe my Gypsy Lover....  The song you sing Makes love swing So play away To my heart each day And be my Gypsy lover....   To the wind I will sing:
MELTED KISS   That night We danced tight To the rhythms of the floor Wanting the band to play more At Club Colette  With the beach jet set....   It was so so right
TABLE 26   I must sayYou were lovely today With laughter of fun  I long the return of your sun And to play  With Your smile of wonder  And dance with you Untill dawn at six 
EVERY MOVE   I’m free to love. Let me be free. A free lover. To All of you.    If you need me Call my name. If you want me You can do the same.   
SHOOTING STAR   Shooting star Yet so farDancing on       the ocean breezeSoundless musicPlays on      let it burn with ease That's what it does.... 
YOU, ME and THE SEA   The wind carried the ocean’s voice to me she whispered:         “Come to me my lover         I hear you love another         Bring her to me
Why is it we feel the need to write about love? Myself especially. Look around you at the world. Look at the pain. Look at the suffering. Look in the places you never thought to look,
I have a late night McDonalds crew. I'm betting you wish you had one too. We go and we get ice cream and fries. I'll usually go for two apple pies. Three girls and a boy, well an honorary female.
I wonder, sometimes, if all my friends are forgetting me. If someday I will stop seeing them, stop hearing their voices, if one day they will simply  disappear from my life.
Girlfriend! Your man’s over here lookin like a real serial killah. How can I tell you this without havin to tell you every time his hand accidentally brushes my boob? ‘Cause as you well know, bitches hate the messenger.
My friend you are alone, In a seemingly darkened place. Eyes are weary of tears; Whose heart is bleeding could not ease.
Why did no one tell us of The wretched death of friendships In the years of our flowering youth, When all companionry seemed portentious Of tomorrow? No expiration Seemed to us inevitable, lurking
It was a cold and frosty day, When I began to drift away. Like the snowman melts in the glare,  I wanted to fade and lose every care. I slowly put my head below, I felt the water swirl and flow.
    we are not the same, but we do belong.  where we may not align, we fit.  we squeeze and stretch into one another.
It was cold in the car so I kept my hands under my legs to keep them warm When they spoke their voice trembled I stared out the window at the barren desert we called home
I have friends. those friends care about me. sometimes I need someone to talk to. I can talk to my friends when I need someone to listen to me. I am not merely seeking attention because of this.
The peace rose tenderly tended grows, In multiple seasons through out the year, It’s opening beauty dispels war’s fear. And tokens of friendship with a foe sows.   I grow the creamy hued rose in my heart,
The peace rose tenderly tended grows, In multiple seasons through out the year, It’s opening beauty dispels war’s fear. And tokens of friendship with a foe sows.   I grow the creamy hued rose in my heart,
quality time and physical touch my two love languages, forced to hide forced into a space six feet apart, five hundred miles and two computer screens away social distancing from my bedroom floor
Dear Maria, How can I forget you Maria,  Yes you who broke your wings so I could fly You left what’s yours for mine not to have flaws With you in a group Issa plus  Minus you, Alone i carry my cross
And here I am Writing my thoughts. My thoughts for you.
You know, I can see it in your face Your just a machine A slave to your desire You’re so black and blue Yesterday, you said you wanted this Today, you don’t want to live
It started out At the beginning of school Noticed you before And I knew you were cool Had to find out Couldn’t pass up a jewel Didn’t feel lust Like the regular fool Everyone said
Your smile is cherry stalks and Firefruit. It both burns and drunkens me with its smoky scent. Your heart is the floating embers that pass so close, it's alarming.  Your eyes look into mine,
What might have been, my loyal friend; what romance we might have shared. 'Love is friendship caught on fire,' or so this is what I've heard.
A friend is a star that twinkles in the starless night, It will always be there for you like a fearless knight,
A fresh page. The reinvention Of a long underappreciated discipline. Empty miles; A blank key; No cardinal in sight.
Best Friends   I feel your pain for not seeing me in months We aren't able to let the feeling fly till the day we see each other.  We are miles apart but through and through, 
Best Friends   I feel your pain for not seeing me in months We aren't able to let the feeling fly till the day we see each other.  We are miles apart but through and through, 
I don’t want to be this pretentious city girl Anymore. I thought I knew.   I could see a  Whole world around me - 
I’m a little too much of the same thing I run on the railway lines That roll as straight and narrow As the razor-sharp wire I Am constantly using as a tightrope
Where did that voice go?You remember it, right? The one that muttered Sharp, syrupy, perforating words After each compliment And about everyone else
High In the sky sat the moon. Perched on his throne of night.  In a sea of stars he lay, shining ever so bright. The Sun asked him how he did it. How could he stay awake for so long?
sitting next to mein almost every classthe girl with the blonde hair. although our friendship beganat the end of junior yearshe always influenced me,ever since the first day of school.
Gone again, You're not my friend, But then again were you ever?   Fake words, Wordless fights, Flighty little girls.   I messaged you with no reply, I waited to hear your voice.
Some stay and some leave. Some take your faith and others make you believe. Some like how you can be used, others like to heal your bruise. Some are like plastic and some are freaking fantastic. Some live close, while others are far away.
strange, the number of girls’ houses that i slept in, memorized. that still pop up in my dreams as part of malls or mansions or schools, somehow,
I We’re on a playscape Talking about dogs. We call each other about radio stations. Play strange games that only children could think of.  
In my dreams I am an eagle- I soar through the sky My wing’s edges catch the cloud’s edges Water collects on my feathers And the world stares up
You tell me you want to talk, but you don't mean it.   You tell me you're happy to see me, but you don't mean it.   You tell me I'm special, but you don't mean it.  
Wandering the earth with no purpose,   In search of fulfilling the empty glass,    Eyes full of determination to compose,  
Wandering the earth with no purpose,   In search of fulfilling the empty glass,    Eyes full of determination to compose,  
Acquaintances and Friends ... This Nonsense NEVER Ends ... !!!! Who WITHIN Your Crew ... Will Be There Til' The End ... ??? Who Are Those Who You Can TRUST ... ??? Who Will Make You Want To CUSS ... !?! ...
sage /sāj/ noun 1. a plant with green leaves that are primarily used for cooking, originating from southern europe and the mediterranean.
"Let's Just Be FRIENDS !" NOW Those Are Words ... That KNOCK Most Men ... !!! IF They Come ... From Their Girlfriend ... !!! But When We Men ... Hit Girls With Them ...
Silent scars, Drip from my viens Meaningless, intell given one A passion, a feeling That has yet to be unseen For your hands that touch me with love For you eyes that have a thousand words to say
I miss being comfortable with you do you miss that feeling too? I miss giggling until midnight with you do you miss the laughter too? I miss being young with you do you miss our childhood too?
The worst powerlessness is when  you watch someone you love fade from your fingertips  At first is just a few less conversations  Than no communication for a month  Months begin to pass by with nothing 
My day was shit Until you came up in conversation And then I went on about you My face lit up and I felt all sunny yellow inside Even my cheeks went strawberry pink
“The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” Albert Camus  
Love is everywhere It hides in coffee cups Stained with two lipstick colors Stows away in the trunk During car rides home Creeps up to your ear
Can we take a moment to just stop? Just stop. Stop and think. Think about people. The people in your life. How your life is with those people in them. How your life is without those people in them. 
Snakes are all around me. And, it becomes harder to know who to trust. I want a friend, but are you just using me? You say you'll change for me and you are.
Value your friendships,  hold them tight. Say you won't let go, in the night. Cultivate, grow them, give them light. Reach out to others with love, and things will be made right.
Surrounded by natural beauty, God’s greatest creation… In the absence of urban ruckus and cacophony… Crickets lull us to sleep, whippoorwills herald the dawn
Dear, I haven’t been in touch For a long time. Sorry. The last time I saw you Was in St. Christopher’s Place. It was a lovely evening... When I knocked that chair over. I am sorry.
Stevie, we were free, Stevie, you and me, On that golden day, Was it ’68?    The decade’s last few days, The whole wild world was crazed, But where we were was peace, For you and me at least.
I’ll always remember your kind loving heart, hoping fate will never tear us apart.   Looking back all those years, great love and everlasting tears.  
1,000 friends in a life time you could make. Unfortunately; most will turn out fake. Only a few will prove themselves true. As you do them, they care about you.
the feel of your hair while you rest your head on me should be a crime, it isn't fair   the look in your eyes while you tell me you're here to stay makes me want to ask if you'll be mine  
When I was a kid I collected bumblebees with a butterfly net, Because I heard they needed saving.
It is senior year and I am standing on the side of the road and I can hear a truck coming. I’ve spent my whole life telling people what they want to hear but nobody’s told me this one.
When I was a boy sometime ago I faced a problem and wanted to let go. I felt scared but wasn't sure where and I was not strong. I had little courage
"REBMEMER." Those are the 8 black letters tatooed on his chest. The eight letters that are actually "REMEMBER" backwards, So that every morning, when he wakes up on base,
What did I do To make you think it was okay To not only leave me out of your circle, But to make me feel so small, Like I don’t even matter to you?
Sitting next to my peers, Who have consistently filled my eyes with tears, Is a painful exposition into the realm of self-hate. I’m constantly thinking: “I deserve this, right?”
Here’s my two-weeks notice: I’m quitting our friendship. I’ve been killing myself For your approval Far too long.
I’ve always thought of heartbreak As something from failing romances, But I am learning with such a high stake: Heartbreak does not discriminate against acquaintances.
This hollow ache I swallow the sword of fondness I wait for it's closure to hit my stomach It is unforgiving It is tastless It is mine alone
You are no longer at my side. You are gone, the one who promised me you were here to stay.   I mourned in the weeds, damaged and broken. Strength lost. Sunlight producing no more color for me.
i wish summertime was more than just gentle breezes flowing through windows. a pool like an altar. no one to worship, though, where have you been.
from helping hands, and kind hearts, came a cautious question:      what happened to you? but how could i explain the assault on my brain?   dying  eyes stare vacant
I know that at some times, I cause you pain, or anger, and I wish I could say I tried to help, I'm sorry.  I know that lately things have changed, and we have moved on, but I would like to hold on.  I would like to stay the same as many years ago,
Learning to read, to write, to speak, I realized that school was just work every week,  It wasn't that hard, till after 6th, I realized middle school was no longer a myth, Not just one teacher, not there's 7,
A girl to love, that sounds like fun but sadly they go one by one That leaves me with a whine for stability someone to bring me tranquillity
1   Her eyes, they were not as bright as they used to be. 2   But even though she mostly wore black, her mind was a rainbow full of colors.
You’re stuck in my mind, Your old laugh, Your smile Things I can’t leave behind It’s impossible to say I’m happy
  When the world turns cold... You must remain bold... Stay true to your dreams, Even when rough as it seems... To your Father should you look -or in the words of his book,
Always there for me They're my second family My classmates and friends   
Once upon a time there was a sad little girlwho sat at the swings alonewaiting for someone to occupy the empty swing next to herso they'd swing togetherand she'd feel a little less lonely
... and I keep pondering over your 2 seconds   Who are you          and     Why do you bother to dissapoint me again? after so long?  
They tell us to be careful that life is hard, and cruel but I would never listen and now I look the fool.   They tell us people leave and I knew it to be true but some stay together forever
You were my soulmateMy other halfI trusted you enough to open up the fortress surrounding my heart.The locks were unlocked, the chains came down, and I opened the doorWelcoming you, encouraging you to look around
We met when we were eleven. We had a group of friends, but they all fell away one-by-one. We were the only two that stayed.   We spent our nights baking cakes together
She wonders why she feels this way; Living in the shadows of her pain. Why do they ignore her daily? Is this a sign her efforts are failing? Surely someone has answers for her;
There were always those small moments: The first time I drove myself to a friends The first time I told my mom I was going to be my friends’ DD
Valentines Day wasn’t great. I wasn’t in the best mental state. I liked a girl but I didn’t know she had a boyfriend I asked her out, that friendship was an end I was embarrassed. I was depressed.
The first senses of shyness and excitement mix together in an odd sort of cocktail      You try to hide your brewing intrigue and curiosity that come at you
Lovewhat is love?Is there really a definition for this simple four letter word? If I try to describe it maybe I would just sound absurd But here I go
A letter to humanity, With every new opening eye, I cry A new sigh, a new eye Born into this world Into the flames of splendor do we find ourselves to be
Dear Friendship, Why do you make me so happy? Why do you make me so confused? Why do you make me feel lost? Why so happy? Why so sad? Why so angry?
Death is sad. Death is beautiful. Death is gory. Hearts are broken. Love becomes extinct. It is inevitable. No one can hide from death. However, people can run toward it because running from it is the beginning of the end.
Wounds open for you Blood is shed Tears escape my eyes You don't care You just don't You gave up I haven't
Come live with me and be my love, I want to wear it like a glove; I will give you all that I am, My heart, my soul, with no exam.  
Honestly, I fell for you; I fell for you hard, like nothing else mattered. You were on my mind day and night and everything in between;
It was only grade school, when I had my first friend. Stuck together like white on rice She always treated me so nice Then one day, Another girl came along And we couldn’t bare to get along
I stood firm on the sands of time. Mind fresh, troubles having no rhyme. What did I have back then to lose? A new stage of life to bemuse. I speak of my first days of school. proceeding I knew not one rule.
Run as fast as your feet can tread When you get here I may be dead Use the force that God gave at birth Please use your endless mirth  
In daylight around my peers My stature and character becomes sharp as if it were a spear. But everyday has a night This is where my anxiety begins creating this dirty little sprite.
ALONE Hollow. That’s the fear I feel. The loneliness floods my chest like a Riptide. Human presence makes me feel
Walking,  Climbing,  Attaching myself to the rope.    Friends hold my hand,  they see my fear. They push me forward.    One step,  Two.  Don't look down.  Easy. 
Shuddering breaths, an exhale in each step Even for a text message, my breath trembles Planning out my goodbyes To a friend, once cherished
I sat by myself in the cafeteria of my new school when a girl came up to me and offered me friendship.    She was a social pariah and yet all I had.  I accepted the hand she held out to me... 
I sat by myself in the cafeteria of my new school when a girl came up to me and offered me friendship.    She was a social pariah and yet all I had.  I accepted the hand she held out to me... 
I have imagined his return More times than I have missed him More times than I can breathe More times than my heart has beat   I can’t inhale the idea
Every weekday is agony. Dread the time it takes to learn. Beg the clock to tick faster. Get on your knees and pray to a being that you’ll soon forsake.  
Oh Oviedo, Florida How I adore you I’ve never seen you But I know where you are   Jacquelyn and Amanda Talk of road trips heading West
If you were here right now, you’d know just what to say. Bring me up off the brink, cradle me in your words, and touch me with your dreams.
Alone in a crowded room, Searching for someone... anyone, I feel alone in this classroom, I see someone with a nice smile, My hope begins to bloom, The fear grows with each step,
I will be The Judge, You will be The Jury. I’ll believe in the happy never-afters and the long-forgotten fables. Rebut me as much as you like, Jury.
You call her Mini Spelt M-I-N-I She’s The tallest of the bunch While you’re the shortest She sees right over you You see right through her
I want to speak one more Language That everybody can easily speak Same as our food and the beverage If not, it means, we are weak  
it started so sweet, i actually thought you cared about me. but now i see these were things you wanted me to believe we were living in a fantasy, a world of make believe full of smiles and laughter,
Christmas: a tiny holy thingy blinking strings tie often streetpoles redded hands in boiling coffee not in mates palms smile holds a teeth holes sauced up by dentist.
Deep in the forest, where the black moths play Lies a species of creature that may not have existed today They call themselves, "Dreadlox" from a tale Far too old, a sort of pixie-like creature
I was never complete to you, the scattered mess of unspoken words and boiling emotions was far too much to piece together by your own hands.
the group chats and the group spats the meet-ups and the chill-outs the parties and the sleeping over stick and poke tattoos and eyebrow slits   this is what makes us friends this is what makes us feel
I keep seeing I keep…..seeing Your eyes Your smile Hearing The way you laugh Thinking of How you talk
I wake up each day, a new dawn,  a new beginning, filled with new possibilities  letting yesterday's failures fade and yet they stick to me like the sap from a tree. 
There’s a lot of silly silly thingsTo be talking about There’s a lot of willy nilly thingsThat seem shocking right nowSilly things
Precious to me is he who's friendship is geater in value than any metal.   He who suffers the pangs of loneliness, self-mutilation of failure, stings of two unrequited loves, labido's growling stomach,
I really miss the every second smiles, the feeling in my stomach when I laugh so hard it feels like I exercised for once. I miss you. The person who made me smile every second and laugh so hard  I almost pee. 
i feared you being a small fragile creature with doe eyes ready to tuck my tail and hide and you knew it   you let me know how off i-
A time ago — the details are a little fuzzy now — I ripped out my soul and placed it inside you so when you hurt I hurt; when you laughed I laughed;
De facto brother. Isolation and familial razors rip into my scalp and cleave my skull, and you, a stoic surgeon keeps the fractured plates
Everyone was missing Asleep or just gone Except for her
There I go   Looking again  
I would like to stay And tell you the way That I felt that night When I looked at my screen’s light As you typed; Hello And I said; Hi
The silver cord of friendship Runs all throughout one's life And strings together people: Their souls with all their strife - It weaves a precious fabric So delicate, unseen And as it's underlayment
Some nights I wake to the realization that I can’t remember what your voice sounds like. I can’t remember the curve of your lips
You were always struggling The one who was always in pain But you were the only one Who could make me feel okay   You were always indecisive
My friendship to you.Its a curious thing.We laugh and we talk.And sometimes we sing.
What Life Is All About   Don’t look into their eyes For they can’t possibly understand you The things that run through my mind make me feel so small inside
Heaven on earth Where dreams and memories are made, Time just fades It’s a gift to receive Peaceful and captivating Life’s motivating             It takes your breath away
Don’t be ashamed my dear, That you contracted HIV Most have taken that risk I would never think differently To hugs or sharing drinks
Has anyone gone Carol-ing lately?Have you bellowed out a tune?Laced with rhythms and bluesBeats that dance on their ownHave you rhymed your time?Redeeming the precious secondsOf a new day
Books put together a powerful message You can find words that make you sound impressive For me, a book would make my mood happy, or depressing The book would speak to me in a conveying way
Best friends you said  looked me deep into my eyes  straight into my soul i thought  best friends you said  over your shoulder  casually, easily  best friends you said 
I miss those mornings where everyone is called out for breakfast I miss those noons, where you're exhausted from school, work And you're forced to take a nap I miss those evenings where the power is on
When I wrote her love songs, you cried because they were “Just that good.” And I was falling and falling and falling.
My mama told me that friends come in all shapes and sizes. The people closest to you are variations of you; People who have qualities that you want to see in yourself.
We were friends (sort of) Your defiant blond hairs     bobbed         laughed at my jokes
I once met a man who introduced me to the different sides of love.  He dyed his hair a different color every other week and bound his chest so that no one would question his authority.  
Heart beating fast, Hand holding yours, We looked at the fireflies in the meadow.   It was like the stars had come down to dance around us. They twinkled and spun, and I watched it all in 
"I feel like I don't really know much about you," Spoken by three friends I have known for over two hundred days. Only a little over half a year is really no time at all though.
the gold and crimson spilled over the grass                         flowers bloom through the snow the sunset was one of the few beautiful things there                         a rural area
The soul yearns for a place to call its home Beside the hearth of friendship’s warm embrace Where candor rides the breeze like glitt’ring ash
    It started slow and subtle this friendship strong Quiet hellos went two years long Yet connection was there between the heart
I open the internet Go to your page Instantly re-read all the works You've recently done Commiting them all to memory Before you hide Them all away. Hide your true feelings 
We spend our days trying to be someone only to spend our nights realizing that we are only ourselves.   I find myself in this position too
Should have known you were lying through your teeth when you said "best friends means forever." You know, I can say it'll never get better- and I can never remember why we even enjoyed each other's
We all go the distanceJust to do what we must, And so we do what they want, So we may earn their trust.
I’m an ambitious man. A tool of destiny, a puppet of fate, transcending all of humanity. Cunning and charismatic, I seek
Light outside snapped and dipped around the old stone  and the clipped clean manicured lawn. i had to look up to meet your wild hurt gaze your fury at the top of the staircase above me 
The wind rustles the trees today the same as it did yesterday; I trust without willing so, that it will tomorrow. Her company I hope to keep, and practice the faith and love
I used to think    that all wood was still a tree,alive and strong    branches supple and willing to supportleaves, fruit,two little girls full of dreams.Within the cracksin the walls
You remember robbing those rich fucks- when we stole all their shit right outta their yard? And the police patrol car followed us    for nearly a mile. You know you were there for me and I never said
Aren't best friends supposed to be with you till the end? I thought that to myself as I watched them turn their back. Deceiving is what it's called. Maturity is what they lack. I gave so many, so many chances Yet,
How far down does my deepness go? Does it only extend to the end of my clothes? Is it the shoes that I wear? Or the car that I drive? Do I appreciate the gift of simply being alive?
Thy kindnesses are to me sweet As a barbed rose, which I grasp ungloved To learn that I was unloved  By thee was to my soul a frosty defeat   But my heart scarce can dwell in conceit
Oh look how the rose withers. Oh look how the petals fall. With time it begins to shrivel, Till time fine’ly makes its call.  
Learn to empathize, learn to write, learn to write your feelings out of spite Learn to laugh, learn to cry, learn to look through another pair of eyes Learn to fall, learn to stand,
A poem writen by my brother and I: Brother, how you push all my buttons, But I still love you, Sister, though you tease me, I still love you, Brother, how you aggrivate, But I still love you,
Friendship… What is its meaning? How does it last? Will it be short-lived or never die? So many questions to be answered, But when will they be answered? One question leads to another,
I vanished for a while Tried to get my shit together Then came all the cloudy weather Making me decide wether or not to come back But here I am And in the end I have my friends
the man with eyes eons older than his smile told me that we are different people all throughout our lives but we must never forget who we used to be  
why are you punishing me for not trying for finally giving up the charade when i was the only one playing the game anymore   you left me
Temporary completion, I took it so personally It was something I was craving for an eternity  I was so desperate. I craved something so real and profound
Faithful hound, long hast thou sat  Patiently, awaiting thy master's return By that lake for which thou art named Which my memory may no longer discern   Thou wert not mine own hound,
I was buzzed on your brain, Hearing your thoughts from far away. It's a wonder that your head can contain Notions of such a vast array.
I could get lost in the beatuy of your eyes Compare the, to the beatuy of nature Crystal blue lakes, perciuos gems I could say they remind me of home Of feeling safe Call your eyes bright as the stars
When I have lied to myself and others for so long, It is hard to see who is wrong, We could lie to ourselves like we always do, But since I have had so much more pain to go through,
No matter how bright the sun,  No matter how dark the night,  No matter how grey the clouds,  No matter how far the light,  I will always love you.    In the city or in the town, 
Rooms capture nothing Without wallpaper Coverless books Dangle bare Eroding the roots Of cotton-bound truths
It was a breath Of fresh air Taking off The words Of him Of her Of them And cloaking myself
We were the definition In front of neon lights Of what change was How one person Insecure Ugly Me
I guess I mistook The reasons I have you And the reasons you have me We aren’t meant to fall in love Now Or ever I’m meant to be
I am standing alone in a crowded room No one here to listen to my cries The cries of people that have come before me A man walks across the room
Burning You Sometimes, I want to just light you up, Burn you in your sleep. Burn you while you’re awake. It would be easy. I'd warm my heart with your flames.
Walls back up Don't hurt me again Do I let you in Let you win? You don't care And yet I do Let me stop Caring for you Walls up Guard too Protecting myself
“The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.” -Cherry Wine, Hozier   The wine-red honey courses through her elastic veins as it had for years and years,
You know not what you say, Nor how it brightens my day. You speak to me in mere jest, But my time you fill with zest. Don't misunderstand me; I'm not in love. I just enjoy friendly company
I fell for you when I was weak you were my sun and I was just a ray you lit up my life and forced me to speak I needed you, and you promised me you'd stay   I stared up at the sky, so open and blue
Too far, They don't know me Too close, They can hurt me   They can break me They can build me   But, where are they?
You make me feel butterflies You always make my day better You may annoy me at times, but nothing else feels more right You make me smile and it will never die You are always the first I think of
Dear Nik,   Do you remember me? Do you recognize me?   Sometimes I wonder If you still think about me The way that I
Dear Friend, Never could I have pictured, We would be here today With everything and nothing figured Not black or white, just gray.   Five years ago, we had everything,
Dear Future,
Dear Brisa, Beautiful is but a word to describe your inner beauty You handle me so well even when I am moody We met on a summer’s day, does that say Shakespeare?
It’s 4 PM here in Georgia, And I’m enjoying time with my friends We’re studying and laughing together, As we enjoy diversity through our peaceful lens.  
Dear [former] Best Friend,  I hope you've not forgotten memories of childhood fun and fantasies. Dear heart, do you remember we were sisters too? Who once shared hurts, laughter, secrets? It seems
It has been months The vultures take turns feeding on my flesh I dont know how after all of the harsh weather my remains are fresh   I dont know if i should be vulgar like this
Dear Mi Amor, All it took was a pie  And two little girls playing way up high Every day was a day our friendship grew And little by little we did too  Sunrise to Sunset
Dear fri(end).   There’s a reason why friend terminates with end.   It’s not always the sharp SLASH of a knife to my throat or a slick STAB in the back;
I miss her so And I want her to know That although she let me go
My love for the game isn’t as strong Although it used to be my everything It’s a place that I feel like I belong And I know I will miss it every spring  
Dear Best Friend When we laugh together until we're snorting and wheezing Looking crazy to anyone who glances at us Or when you smile at me without saying anything Those are the times when I want to say
We met in the wrong time We connected in the wrong time, We bonded in the wrong time, We hugged in the wrong time,
To my ex-best friend That tells everyone she doesn’t know what she did wrong; You built your confidence by standing on top of me,  Knowing that I wasn’t strong -- 
I’m a Teenager.  
Dear Daisy I think about kissing you I wonder if you think about it too We were waiting outside to go dancing I was high and
Dear Past and Present,        I write this letter in hopes that you will never write me one.        You braided my hair when I was in the seventh grade.
Dear clumsiness, I hated you for years. I dreaded your arrival, That would often leave me in tears.   Dear clumsiness,
Dear Her, I saw Her wrists.  I saw the scars. I have not forgiven myself for failing to save Her. I do not know how to refrain from losing Her again.
Dear Katherine, My friend. My love. My life.   It’s was a new year.  I was starting over.  Not sure who to trust.  Not sure where to go.    Then I saw you.  Recognized your face. 
You were a terrible friend. Words really cannot express how unpleasant it was to be friends with you.
Dear What You've Done in the Light   You know, I’m always the one Always, always, always the one To try and keep the dying embers of ‘us’ alive.   I always fail
Dear: Mooneyes I’m not head-over-heels for you anymore In fact, my sperrys have gotten stuck in the mud And the color, cerulean blue,
dear you, you make me so happy and warm you make me laugh until i snort and until i cry you tell me things that you don't normally talk about because of how they hurt you
Dear Mr. Blue Eyes, The vulnerability that you bring out in me is unheard of but it is a feeling I am slowly learning to love. There’s no way you don’t see the effect you have on me
Dear Death,   It's me again. I know we talk a lot these days. I'm back to ask the same thing as always. Please don't take her from me.   She's so young. She's so kind and sweet. She's talented and ambitious  And so very strong.    But she can't ke
I'm sorry. The things I said, the things I meant, for your pain, I must repent. I pushed you away, I put the blame, it was not your fault, I hid my shame. My bothered mind, my sleepless soul,
Looking up at careless stars Silky black stuff holding Mars Hands just touching Four eyes reaching Empty pit of tar  
You know, my friend, a better friend might care a little more-- An honest friend, a selfless friend, would want to help me soar.
You said " everything isnt meant for you to understand" But I understand that you will never be MY man I dont think  you know what you did to me You made me believe that i was going to be your everything
Dear Zhenna, I don’t want to do this, But what choice do I have? Where else would I go, If you’re the only friend I have?  
  You said you’d be better Ha, what a silly letter The words you wrote went away like a feather Make time for me no more There are way too many other things in store You tell me your worries no more
Dear Belle, Anytime I need a friend, you’re always there until the end Bedtime when I need to sleep, you lay your head on top of me
You are still my muse. When i don’t know what to write i turn to You. You are my fountain of youth; You replenish me. i’ll never forget what being in love with You felt like
To all my friends, I am quite jealous. To all my enemies,  I am quite jealous. For you, in contrast of me,  have a "best" friend you see,  who seems to make you quite zealous.   
Dear Friend,   You are a gift, a joy. I treasure you.   But sometimes, I remember that I am always the first to text.   I am the first to ask how you are,
Dear broken heart, The comfort of childhood friendships ripped away by the appeal of high school recklessness and self discovery. As you seem to find yourselves,
Oh, my friend, how much we’ve endured Moments of communion  When reality has been suspended far above our heads Solace in a single glance Stability in a counter balance The honest voice
Hello Lou, how are you? Are currently down, are you feeling blue? Are you counting the stars, searching for love, and aproval for the person that you are? Are you waiting for hope,
Dear TBD, I need some time.  But- You’ll ask why and I dont know how to tell you Its you.  Time.  That is the spell keeping me standing here.  But- I’m not sure how to fix this. 
Dear friend,   I love seeing you every morning.   Your presence makes me shutter.   I enjoy our small talk. It's nice.   Sometimes there's silence. It's nice.  
I love you Yes, I love you immensely but the inevitable is inevitable Everyone gets bored. People like you and me, get bored so easily. The most exciting people to me
Dear Mo,   If only I didn’t have to write this letter Or say these words Life would look a lot sweeter It would taste like the ripest mango we’ve ever shared   Yet here I am Here we are
What an interesting feat to recall What Hannah was composed of in January of 2017   What made her tick? What kept her going? Junior year was kicking her butt That memory remains
Dear Penelope   We have often discussed Our least favorite feelings I have always told you "Sadness," while you replied "Guilt," without hesitation   I never understood
I left a ghost, on the curb of a suburb at midnight.   We parted ways, and I mumbled goodbye.
Dear Mr. Woods, can you let me out without ever letting me go, Mr. Woods? The rain pours and weighs down your branches, now I'm soaked from head to toe, Mr. Woods.
astimerunsoutthereissomuchtosay beforeirunoutofbreath andbeforeirunoutoftime   likehowmuchyoumeantome howiwouldgiveeverythingforanothersecond buthowtheclockticksfastertogether  
Dear Loneliness,   I remember how you came into my life at the age of nine When all my friends stood together at the front of the lunch line  
    Letter Poem- Dear Best Friends   Hey! How have you guys been? I’m sorry we all couldn’t keep in touch.
Dear friend, You haven’t been speaking to me in a while It has gotten kind of hard without you You always made me smile   Remember that time you told me To cut off all my hair When I did it 
To the girl with the beautiful soul,  
To my Former Angel,  
Your mother eats her emotions in the first floor cafeteria Just down this hallway and to the left I collapse into the injured brown chair next to the bed
I will be here when you graduate I will be here on your wedding day And I might kill you if I am not a bridesmaid   I will be here when you pack and chant about how you are never coming back
Having a crush will typically usher lighthearted feelings Yet I dread the possibility of fading from your memory like a rose that withers a little too fast
I am in love with the way you speak,But more than that,I am in love with the way you think.How your train of thought twists and turns amongst quicksand,How you walk to Jupiter and back,
Dear Ex-best friend, While it has been months since we last spoke and an infinite amount left until we will speak again, it is time to get this off my chest.
Dear best friend,  I already love you. I'm in love with the way you smile when you look into the sky. I adore the little wrinkles your nose makes when you laugh. I love the melody of your voice.
The earth sits, bare. How it wishes for there to be One to bring water to the deserted field. Let the seeds of the beautiful flowers and trees Grow and grow until the bareness can no longer be seen.
My ears bleed from the tales of your insecurities Why am I being cursed for the patience of my maturity? You seem to have tied your tongue in annoyance Every word you spit a spoon full of poison,
Dear Katie, In the world we live in, words are all we know. Online, over text, there are an endless supply of words.  Words are how we met. The words of make-believe people at that. 
some days it feels like nothings gonna go as it should some days im too anxious to do the things i love the most some days i feel like an unwanted toy thrown to the side  
Let me tell you a story
Of her heavy mind that cried 
Every night to the moonlight
As she always questioned why.
Let me tell you a
Calming innocence, brought by the tide, born from the sea’s foam.   Breathing. Wandering. Befriending the rain.  
To my once best friend who made me laugh, and taught me things I never knew To my once best friend who  Gave me many fun things to do  To my once best friend who At one point, made me feel brand new 
He is a monster.His mouth widens to reveal three rows of teeth, and he is covered with blood.My blood.Even though he is hidden in the shadows, his pale skin shines through,Blinding me.When he walks into the light, his demon black eyes shift into a
Tomorrow we shall go- leave before the dawn spreads out and finds the shadows untouched by light
Dear friend,    I write because I’m angry. (And I hope you know it’s rare that I spend my frail brain power and the time I cannot spare on something silly, like a poem, but I see no other way
Dear Long Lost Friend,
An icy tingle bites the tips of my shaking fingers As I reach for you.  A cold glove surrounds my heart, and it lingers,   Brittles the delicate fresia of my figure.  You walk on a carpet of fallen scales; 
I was almost seven when my family lost our house and we were forced to move to a new town into another home, miles away from the one I was in since birth.
Dear Bec, I’m not sorry that our friendship ended I’m not sorry that you chose to erase my role in the book of your life
Words have power but have you forgotten That power comes with a price? You did not consider (that) as you wrought in Trouble; with a pen, be wise. You ruined us with that darned stylus,
Give me a hand For I cannot stand On my own two feet I am in too deep   Share me your land And together we will band I at my lead And you at your creed  
Where did you go my friend? You left me all alone in the cold Your reasons I cannot comprehend My feelings and thoughts I put on hold We had each other once again Old friends comforting our pain
My heart has special places for different people, like a mosaic made up of jagged yet beautiful pieces. Some have left behind kind, fond memories -some that feel like home, that make you want to stay.
“No one loves you like I do” The words that once seemed lovely Burrow into the crevices of my mind Right next to “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll never achieve anything”   “No one loves you like I do”
Like sisters we were inseparable I thought being best friends forever was inevitable Never thought we would end so catastrophic Until I learned that you were toxic   We deteriorated slowly
What do the words " I love you" mean? Those words represent a special bond One that these days, is rarely seen Words that should be taken to infinity and beyond   That should be like a symbiotic relationship
What do the words " I love you" mean? Those words represent a special bond One that these days, is rarely seen Words that should be taken to infinity and beyond   That should be like a symbiotic relationship
I love our small talk And the way you do your hair I love you Because of the dimples that appear on your face And your intelligence that matches my own I love the way you kiss my cheek
I've loved you all my life.   For the luminous teeth that reside in your mouth and for the bloody tongue that rests upon them.
To my one and only friend, It's the simplest thingsThat I appricieate the most.Thanks for the foodyou shared.The concern you show when I fall ill.The loveyou expressed when I douted our bond.The jokesyou tell to lift my spirits. The dance offsThe
You picked me up when she turned sour Your sweet friendship was the candy we consumed on Halloween Not given, but chosen and cherished We're like the same person Like two people in a crowd
i. sun: the light of all life. Ive had many suns in my life, people I thought would be the center of my universe forever. After the last person, I swore to myself I’d never put anyone there again.
The dress we saw hanging, shining, sparkling, fringe dangling. It reeled us in;  your money leaving. You wore it for a time, it's majestic lines falling, you danced, sang always enjoying.
It teaches you who you are And shows you what you’re becoming The foundation To healthy relationships So that you’re not left there stumbling There’s only one person I’ve ever fallen in love with
meeting him as a kid, cold and indifferent, but mostly confused and scared, i took him under my wing: isaac.   dull dead eyes, gray skin dotted with red sores,
  I love you You love me But I’m not you And you’re not me   That’s how it should be.   You are you
A white feather fell on me as I walk to my office. Once I enter the office, I felt a kiss on my cheek. I looked back quickly and saw nothing.   I resume to work without thinking or telling that to my boss,
The best and truest friends Get all the hard jobs   Like the buddy that takes your keys Because driving home in your condition Is more likely to put you in perdition Or the hospital
Two people.  Two very different people suddenly meet. One and the other see each other and finally make a conversation. It goes W E L L at least for one
Do you ever look up and watch the moon?Or sing in the shower, no matter the hour?Or look at the clouds in the sky at noon?Or wish that you had a super power?
A Toast to Friendship A toast to the friendships that have lasted And a toast to the ones that haven’t We all have met friendship in its many shapes and forms
Love you yet I feel I missed my shot  I told you again and again you laugh  But still I can't get you out of my thought  Heart restless searching for its other half  I told you again but then you walked out 
I always thought a mile was short, That I could run and run and never come back. I never knew I would meet you. You, almost two hundred and thirty-three miles away.  
Less sugar, More flavor, With a hint of lime, And salt. Therefore, Balance  of Life  and Love.
I made a promiselong agoin the riveras we rowed.I said to youI'd never cryand crossed my heartand hoped to die....We got olderas all do,and distance spread
Everyone wants to go to heaven But nobody wants to die Everybody wants to do But nobody wants to try   Everyone wants to love But nobody knows how As to love is to be one with another
I will never leave you, and I will always listen. But because I love you, I cannot always help. For I am only human, just as you are only human. We make mistakes. We fall, we cry, we mess up.
I don't love you. Not with butterflies or jitters or dreams or any of that shit.   I barely know you. Besides, love is not an assault on the body. My knees get strong when we talk,
Build me up, Even when I'm annoying. Care for me After I do something stupid. Understand when I need space. Surprise me. Envelop me with love.   I'll return the favour.  
Build me up, Even when I'm annoying. Care for me After I do something stupid. Understand when I need space. Surprise me. Envelop me with love.   I'll return the favour.  
Because I love you, I know you want someone else.And I want you to find them--you'll be happier then.I was an outline and instead of being my lover,Instead of being my color, you gave me the pen.    
I’m writing this poem about you Because I love you But everything you do for me Is because you love me   Thank you for being my friend Thank you for being there for me Thank you for being kind
You looked at me with those crystal blue eyes. You took my hand, You showed me the world, You made me feel loved. I laid down my heart and you said you didn’t want it. But because I love you,
Sweaty palms, winded breaths, I jolt awake, And unexpectedly you were there, without a moment to forsake. My eyelids were heavy as you sung smooth and lowly,
Aching, Screaming, Pounding Pain, Spin my world and Split my brain.   It hurts, It mars,
Because I Love You I am patientBecause I Love You I let you make your own decisionsBecause I Love You I will support you
Love is caring for someone, even if it isn’t reciprocated. Love is helping someone, even when it isn’t needed. Love is blessing someone, even though it isn’t known. Love is being friend with someone,
Delete! There goes the first group chat we ever started.  Delete! Look, it's the chat where you announced you weren't single for the hundredth time. Delete! In every chat you said that you loved me.
Today I fucked on a letter you wrote to me a long time ago What it means? I dont know. But you wrote about Our garden.
Remember When we first met Darkness like a cloud Suffocating me with a chain. A prisoner With an unknown sentence. You stepped in then, 12:19 // smile. You said "Hello"
There was a girl named Yoki who sat at the bench by the pond feeding the yellow and blue birds every morning.   There was a boy who would sit and watch her, longing to be her friend.
Because I want to make sure you are safe I ask you to text me when you get home with no harm Because I need you to communicate with me so when things happen there is no need to raise alarm
When we are young, we tend to believe Everything that people tell us. We do not form a sense of understanding; We let people let us
I am you and you are me. My best friend, you are something from a dream.   When you laugh, my heart smiles, When your heart aches, I would walk miles, to fight your fears,
I used to find the darkness in every sunrise.I knew nothing about love except the endless phone calls from him, the bruises on my neck, chapped lips and the taste of salt after sobs threatened to crack open m
Before, I was in love with a boy He kissed me when he wanted And reminded me how beautiful I was “Because I love you,” he would tell me
Because I love you, you do not need to be anything more Your quirks, routines, and pet peeves are all endearing
There was a girl With long blonde hair and freckles that kissed her cheeks And she didn't feel she belonged   There was a girl With short, red, banged hair She found the blonde girl
Everyday brings more and more trouble. Your words inspire fear and tears. But because I love you, I am here. When you tell me these things, my heart breaks and my soul crubles under the pressure. Because I love me, I am here.
I can feel you slipping through my fingers What we once had was so solid I could grip it. At times, it was all I could hold on to. Now - you are falling, falling, falling... Dripping away.
For thirteen years we've seen it all. Together we'd rise, Together we'd fall. I can see it in your eyes. Togehter we'd cry, Maybe, someday, together we'd die.   Your smile makes me laugh.
I don’t know where we go on our first date, Or why I say yes in the first place, Or how I ask to do it again.   But I do because I think you are special.    
Having male companions has its perks   when you're sixteen. Everybody had crushes on the group's only girl   but it was usually ignored. We could lend anything to each other:   MTG decks, sci-fi comics
There are these people that you call friends. You can list them down in the order of who you’ve known longest. Or maybe who you wish you could forget the fastest.   When it comes to friends,
To my dear friend When I am with you I don’t pretend   You are a blessing Between us is trust You stop me from stressing   There wasn’t much light But when you came into my life
As I'm lying in bed He'll touch me with gentle fingers, Carefully knitting together the tattered ends of my heart, The places where my soul has been frayed. There will be nights when I think the sun may never rise
I know you've hated me and I've hated you. I know I've upsetted you and you've upsetted me. yet, here we are. I start to laugh whenever they ask me: How're you guys still friends?
Dear Best Friend, The small smile that appeared on your face when someone acknowledged you or your loud laughter at the simplest joke... It was gone. You are gone.
i need to be saved but who’s there to help me and with all this sadness i cannot find the key i’ve been trying too hard
Time is ticking away and in the blink of an eye everything has changed. Those friends you once knew each on their own path so that when you meet it is "Hey long time no see."
To my best friend, You are quite possibly one of the most influential people in my life. We chose each other to call family. Since then, we've been there for each other.
the kind of love that i never knew i could feel someone caring about my wellbeing frequently checking in. someone who gives me strength to believe in myself. someone who saw my deepest secret carved in my skin, and didn't ignore it. that day you w
what an ocean created by emotionsfears, wantsneedsmixed all togetherunable to see or pick outwhich belongs to which fishswimming alongas if nothing is wrongwhat a foresta jungle
Before playing hide and seek We took a flash photograph in deep dusk The two of us, arms wrapped around each other Beaming as her sister snapped the shutter.   Returning to our campfire
You're the kind of levelhead I seek out for advice, You got that smooth thing going where you speak once, think twice. You keep your cool, even when my anger flares. You know how to build forts with rocks people throw,
We're stuck like glue because I love you.  When I need someone you're always there. You always see right through me when no one else can. Others will lie and hurt 
I will not use the knife dug into my back from you to turn around and return your woes when I have better things to do. 
We’ve been through so much Know each other so well You know who I am You can totally tell How broken my life is From previous partings
  healthy relationships they are really special things they can be in each new friendship that someone brings it might be hard to find one at first but once they’re found
Sometimes you discover a persona person you feel delightful withwith whom you get along easilyeasily you can determine what you areyou are yourself with themwith them everything is different
She was waiting For that one wish With faded memories Her mind exploded Nostalgia; the only feeling With, she was dealing Many wishes, but Not that person to say
                          BESTFRIEND     I used to sit down and think out loud why I was born On this unfair,unenjoyable world
If happiness were buried treasure  For you I'd search forever   Look through every wood Search as hard and long as I could   For that treasure if, no when found Would keep you safe and sound
Hope, are you a friend?Are you my worst foe?Around you my life bends,But you always let me go.I sit around hoping for some sun,In the middle of a thunderstorm,I hope for some fun,
He talk and talks and talks He will not stop moving his mouth All I want to do is go for a walk He insisted on going, I insisted he left But deep down inside my inner layer, I love him.
Once upon a time, A princess sat inside a tomb -a crystal coffin set by dwarves beneath the light of crescent moon-   They watched her blink her glassy eyes
It’s my burning passion an’ heart’s desire For you to fall in love with fire. I don’t expect you to understand; You’ve known only ruin from fire’s hand. You set its absence responsible for your frostbitten feet,
The wind picks up And our kites fly high Into the sky above But something's not right With the string of your kite It's so torn and shredded  I have no idea what happened
A lesson to all little boys: A girl's heart is not a toy Do not play tag, do not play catch Do not play a mix-and-match It is not for kick-the-can It is for a grown-up man Just be nice and shrewd and fair
Who deserves the respect out of hand, I wonder… The Youth, in an unknown world with few tools,
I wanted to thank people But was unable to explain What it means to have a friend To share life's joys and life's pains It's good to know our friendship Is one of endless devoting
I will not make you a promise That you will not feel blue Or shake with loss or cold Or always know what's true. I won't tell you it's easy That it'll always be okay And I cannot promise comfort
"The mind is a box And truth its key, A music box full of Unique melodies. It plays for those Who wish to hear, Its sorrows and woes Of many a year. You may also chance
Water: hazy green.   On the decaying dock I lay, My arms stretched out Until my fingertips dangle over the edges And the warm salty air rushes between them.
To the slaves of freedom.
     Once upon a time, in a concealed land where no man near to wander, a necromancer who settled in his compact cabin with worn out logs kept him protected from the outdoors. The man with no name had 
Killing time. trying to get people to understand me. but they can not. Just like i can not understand them. Every man is an island. seperated from all by the oceans of our skulls. trapped in our heads.
Don't let me fall, I'm already on the edgetrying to lean backwards,but the wind blew and blewI don't want to tumbleI don't want to loseBut I just can't help it,the wind is blowing me to you
don't let the fuse burn too shortdon't let it burn too fastcause when that fuse is at its endwell that'll be my last
I wish I was as creative as you. I wish I was as pretty as you. I wish I was as kind as you. I wish I was a little like you.   I wish I could sing like you. I wish I could write like you
Today I met a friend Someone Strong and funny and out going Someone small and frial. Someone faint of heart   I met someone knowledgeable  but that wasn't my friend
Back when we were all friends Back when nobody used to judge each other –  Because of popularity  Or current trends.  
You’re mysterious darkness Lined with humor Makes you truly one of a kind.   Your heart is kind
We're distant by miles, we're close in the end, the very same person that became my friend, I made mistakes in my life, getting injured was one, seeing you worry about me, would make 2, and that's no fun,
flakes are spiraling off the metal that used to be strong dependable   which didn’t matter until I needed a handhold
He’s taken the lead Left me in the dust I raised But he’s still looking at me, pulling me through instead The world he’s lived in, explosions of color and haze,
His hazel soft eyes were enticing, Flashing their way through her soul. The feel of the valve.. A sure way to tell..! She couldn't stop the gaze Locked in his cage... It was forever.
It seems I only wrote of winter And gloomy days of fall. My words would sting like splinters, And scratch me with their claws.   Now that I know this life, With springtime on my skin,
Subtle lust is one too sweet Smile creases makes our passion too divine While the gods play a tune to the beating of my heart But love and loss share a messy bed-
She doesn’t know the little things I do.How I wait up for her,The way I look at her,Or.. my feelings towards her.
Blood is redAnd tears are blueMixe​​​d, deep in her heartLies a purple bruiseI've spent way too longThinking of youSo much, that it's started to vanish
She is always there for me when I need her the most, She always gives me what I need, and to her I toast. What you did to me, ya she already knows, So be prepared for the show.  
If you get too intimate with your best friend There might come up two paths Each one is more dangerous than the other You have to choose Whether the most secure and safe Or take a risk and name you as a couple
I wonder if you think of me During the time in between When I saw you then And I see you again.   Do I linger in your consciousness Like you have settled into mine.
I want to break through your walls
Who are you?
smoking a cigarette is like feeling like you're getting away with something.   a strange collegiate spoke so softly,
When your skin has been torn from your bones,And your life ripped apart,You have no choice but to part With the ways of old.Or continue on the same path,And refuse to fit the given mold.You can uproot the world with all your wrath,Lashing out with
What do you do When you believed in something for so long And it crashed and burned But days bring it back to you In different form? How can you embrace again  What you loved
Sometimes the brightest star The one carrying the most promise And the object of your love and hope                         f                              a                                    l
Friendship starts whenever we are together, It holds us tight so that we may never be broken, Even when the moon rises and the sun sets you are still here my dear friend,
What took me so long to find out? I'm holding you down, You outta line; You been running your mouth. Like I wasn't around, Been taking you in, Helped yo trifling.. out.
"How can you not see all the great things I see about you?" I ask.  The question itself is semi-ironic because I feel so blinded with what I must be missing or else she wouldn't hate herself
To shine at noon’s break, is nothing to pride.Because in light all shines, in rays all glow,And blue contrasts those who surf in its tide. But night attracts those, who endure its woes,And wander in black towards places unknown;Who pray to their G
My passport was my ticket, As I climbed aboard the plane. Guitar across my shoulder, Adventure in my veins.   The world has been my hometown, In the year I just walked through,
 It was love at first sightI felt the my heart skip a beat when I saw him My body began to tingle when he hugged me tight His smile His eyes His laugh Everything made my world stopped  I saw him at his best I saw him at his worst I supported him I
She was like a seed drowned in dirt. Her home was as dry as a desert. She was small and frail, almost an introvert.
This year was harder than the rest Had trouble with some classes, but I tried my best. I will never forget the friends I made, Grades will be forgotten, but the memories will never fade.
January was lovely Crisp and cool and clear December was so dreary Shrouded in mist and fear   I can’t recall what happened
Nothing could break us apart. We'd been friends for ten years.   I never knew a friendship could hurt, but it did, more than anything.   Your words twisted in my head
Hey, remember the days, Food displays and September birthdays, Serving paper noodles and meatball mâchés? Our creations were unparalleled, Unmatched, nonpareil.
The day finally came The one when you have to say “see you in a few months”   Normally, it would be “see you tomorrow” Except she’s moving an hour away And you’re going 645 miles north  
  2016 was a bad year they say. I disagree, in an odd sort of way Things were bad, and people died But 2016 was the year I learned not to hide
Maybe one night when we are together it will be 3 a.m. and the walls will ricochet laughter and we will not be able to stop until our stomachs hurt and our vision blurs.   Because in this past year
Looking at me, People assume I'm a healthy, happy girl.   Invisible illnesses are forgotten when disability is brought up.   This poem isn't about my genetic disorder, or the surgeries,
For Satori: The Strangeness You Gave Me   When I went in search of the root my blind fingernails scraping through the rot I found the strangeness you gave me It was wrapped in newsprint
Love can transform. Trust can create or break. Friends can be fake.   She was a friend  and now a foe. The lies, the plays. It was a joke to spread my woes.   Psycho she was-
Love can transform. Trust can create or break. Friends can be fake.   She was a friend and now a foe. The lies, the plays. It was a joke to spread my woes.   Psycho she was-
Elementary days, drama was not a factor,I met the love of my life and a best friend that wouldn't tell,My secrets, my crushes, my dreams, and my lifestyle,Pinky promises were meant to last forever.
I sit on my bed and stare at my wall,wondering where it all went wrong.The minutes go slow and the air is stiff with silence I can't help but wonder where you are, if you're okay, how you're doing.You left me behind and continued your life while I
A toast to the New Year, the three of us here, The three muskateers, and together we are strong, Our bond is forever, our cause greater when we belong Brace, for winter is upon us, anticipate the loss,
It’s been a long time coming But we’re finally okay We know we deserved this sooner But we’ll take what we can get   But just as all the pieces seem to fall right into place
I knew a boy who liked to paint, each piece a tessselation, a labyrinth of color and jagged edges. Some so loud I cowered, hands over ears, others hushed like petals on a flower falling.
I think I slept through the first half of this year – I can barely remember the way my hands fiddled waiting for college acceptances. At my senior prom, I slow-danced with my crush. He told me he was joining the army
Whats a brother? not not a man composed of the same flesh and blood But a man who'll stand right next to you and get the job done He'll be there for the ups and down He'll be there for you whether you smile of frown
I pass by eight doors on the way to my dorm room Each one holds someone unknown and daunting In an action full of fear and hope, I leave my door open.   As I slowly unpack, the unthinkable happens
The thing I like about ancient friendship is It will last and appear  No matter what drugs  Or broken hearts get involved  When it's organic  It knows when to nurture your life  When to show up 
 I stand here as today becomes yesterday, things that are become things that were. And the closest of friends’ drift away,
Night Stars, Happy Scars, Little Regrets.
One after another they race through my mind   I’m sorry Are you okay Do you want to talk   None of them fit
So much has transpired in under 365 days.    My life seemed to change every 24 hours.    On the third month, I grew in age by 1 year.  
Like children, they danced. And I danced with them. There was rain, but we danced within it. And nobody was there to stop us. Even if they were, they wouldn’t have. No—they couldn’t.
Criticized constantly by your dad Always comparing you to your brother, He tears you down and makes you sad
judah The problem was never that i didn’t love you enough the problem was that i i have always loved you too fiercely
They say light and darkness clash Obviously they haven’t met us before, I do stupid stunts but I’ll never crash
In every direction she turned, she saw couples. Couples kissing Couples who called each other cute nicknames People who just loved one another.   She wanted that; to feel loved.
I met a dryad Who came and went as he pleased Through the forest, through the grasses, through the trees.  I slowly got to know him
We've been friends for almost forever I think about all the fun times we've had together the four of us grew up knowing each other best I took all of this as a true friendship test  
Her mom called my mom. "Would Payton like to come over today?" she asked.  Of course I would. Why wouldn't I? Two fourth graders. One friendship. No worries. Yet.  
My person The calm before the storm The hope in the eye of the hurricane The rains of happiness at the end My person The shine of a beautiful morning The breeze of a calm afternoon
If I sat down beside you would you be mad? It seems everything I do dissapoints you. I don't mean to make you cry, I don't mean to make you sad. But every litte thing I do, dissapoints you.  
Your friend, my friend... Friends again Who else could share... Our fears, tears, smiles, kisses, memories? Painful time when ours is not No heart, no mind, could replace
I can't remember feeling so incomplete... Time and distance are a void... Where there was you. Loneliness, a mind possessed of itself Groping in twilight revelation
Strangers meet, merge their lives Shadows fade... Time revives the highs of life Dreams renew, nightmares die Two hearts may find that life provides... A refuge from their strife
You once had so much faith in me,a flower you said you wouldn’t let wilt
.A flower you thought for sure would, without proper nurture
.You watered me words, 
and trimmed my thorns
 tended my soil, gave me sun
 and placed me in your quaint little g
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I love you with effort, but I'm grateful. I'm so grateful to you.
The sun rises before I do. It sends rays to coax me from my covers, but only captures morning dew.   The night still has me in its hold,
Life can be overwhelming. (No, let me restate that) Life can be Condescendingly, Overbearing with its Unrelenting,
Ty and Me.Instantly connected.No matter how scary life may have been,We stick through to the end.Just Ty and Me.
Hope is a raindrop,That cuts through the air,With purpose and pride. Splash. Hope is the ground,That waits patiently,For the magic that lies beneath. Shh... Hope is a root,That silently reaches out,To help others grow. Swish. Hope is my motivation
It's another one of those days When I'm ready to lock myself down and let the tears pour from my eyes due to the many reasons School Money College
Always with me in need Warnings they give take heed Live, laugh, learn and love Their smiles like a dove They provide help and encouragement Their words like a dent
I love the way your weight feels when you lean on me; And when you twitch, And when you cry, I'll hold you close, And stay awake, To kiss your head & protect you from your monsters.
With Her, Faces, names, places, All the world spins past, On a colorful carousel   Within grasp, But She is next to me I don't care for anyone else She's here They're not.  
I always looked to the future sadly Quickly two years seemed to pass me I survived, here I am, I am happy. I talk more now, to them, my dear friends
Mutual understandings that flow together,                 Unparalleled feeling of belonging, And the unending thrill of adventure                 Are the abundant fruits to friendship’s calling.
If I am lost in a storm of doubts or a cloud of fear, call Lindsey. If I cannot find the will to go on, get Maggie. If I am in need of light or laughter, text Isabelle or Michelle.
Whether my body is tired or it is fully awake, Whether grief and guilt weigh me down or joy keeps me as light as a feather, I still find needed comfort with you, my friend. You keep things simple,
Happiness isn't found in objects. it's discovered in people. A smile and a good gesture makes my life more happy. Texting with emojis and funny pictures and dumb jokes causes my happiness.
A soft little kitten My finger he has bitten Yet I simply grin. I hold him tenderly Hoping he'll purr to me Sleeping under my chin.   Striped oranger face and white paws
Feeling good means sitting in a room with Rachel On our laptops and drinking diet coke One Direction playing in the background Going to Planet Sub later for dinner Feeling good is being with your best friend
Slouching They already know Head down They already know Talking slow They already know No matter what I say They will know I am having a bad day   They take me
My eyes are closed The sun is out Though I’m still enclosed I can hear them shout   I look out to the rising sun
I keep coming back to you even after all the shit you've put me through I try to stay away and guard myself but I can't, and I won't you're poisonous to my health now things get worse
Trekking to the world's edge With a good sister and friend To see what lies around corner, To peek around the sandy bend. Ambling in the stretch Where earth and water are one,
Her. My story of love, But certainly not my love story. Her laugh, of course, contagious. I mean, what else could it be. A friend. The kind you promise to never let go off,
When the world is in its softest sleep, we are awake.   We are roaring down the highway past city lights and nostalgic meadows. We roll down the windows, and a heavy petrichor fills the bitter cold air.
I had never had a best friend I couldn't ever understand the concept friends that were the "best" were the ones that left and that was something I just..couldn't.   So I let go of the thought
Alone, I could sit for an eternity, afraid, shallow, and weak. Quite, I could last a century, a poet without a word to speak. Lost, I could feel with no memory of the years, month or week  
I always know you'll answer, no matter how late I call. Cause you always listen, to my problems all in all. And I look forward, to seeing you everyday Make school and work fun, as if it was play.
You speak words at me, but words mean little. You tell me things I don't want to hear, things that break me down. You tell me things I only dreamed of hearing,
The feeling of having no one to run to, The loneliness that plagues the hell of my mind. It causes the reddest blood of a violent hue Because rage that provokes the color blind.
trigger touch  to end a life  throw a punch  or grab a knife  but why tell me why? is it so you feel alive? or is it because you hate goodbyes? well look me, look  into my eyes
Your fluffy body wiggles as you meet me, On all fours you see the world so differently, Your tail wags whenever I throw a ball, and wait for me when I come home, I would not know how to be happy without you,
The Greatest Trick   By Joshua Patterson, A.K.A. The Kronikler      
Trust is like a piece of glass Shiny and new with class May be fragile And could cause a battle   Once Cracked, It can never again be exact
I have this feeling deep inside, not quite like or appreciate. I open my mouth to call it love, but then I pause, I hesitate.   I test the words: "I love you!" They echo, cold, empty.
The air is thick, stifling My heart sinking Stagnating, then exploding Filling my mind with a million senseless thoughts Somewhere amidst the chaos
In my dream, My friend knew his time was coming. This 26 year old young man He had just visited the hospital for a checkup And the doctor had diagnosed him with a disease
We live, laugh and love We've been hurt, alone, rejected and betrayed You will encounter these in your life. You will become weak, and you will also feel down But you can't exempt yourself from these things. Why?
The knife in our backs The memories revived I see it all When he plunged it in my soul.   How cruel was he,  Listening to me complain As the soul I was allegiant to 
I sat myself down and Talked around The points Like usual.   Suddenly I burst from My seat and I  Collapsed in a heap As the inferno of complexity  
I hold her hand as her world liquifies through her eyes, I listen as she narrates the lies, Recreates their lows and highs. How time flies, Only yesterday he said, "Surprise" Proposing to her, that was so wise.
Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community  daily.   We saw the life stealing bullets in Orlando, but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets in our words.   My parents taught me about their lives.
For Cindy   She is the mysterious mesmerizing moon Sitting silently in sorrowful solitude She is encased in darkness
Back when I was an addict, I had this friend who, No matter how hard he tried to act, Who, Was never indirect, Who, Always had something negative to say, And one day he said,
I think of how you prefered the night. You liked it because the streets were sound and hardly anyone was around. It could be just us no distraction from the midday attractions.
Distant I look back at you fondly I have loved and hated you We been apart for so long I thought I missed you but I didn’t
I was riddled with anxiety on the fist day, Unsure of who to speak to, or what to say. I was afraid of the world, and the people around, Unsure of my place, I was lost, afraid to be found.
Outlandish tasks Scribbled passionately One: To meet the infamous Ms. Oprah Winfrey. As a puppy waits for Owner to return,
I saw you from a distance Your face familiar.  We spoke of love and loss  Mutual friendships.  The conversation got deeper The weather grew dim I saught refuge in your home 
The meadow comes awake at the end of the day Lighting up the sky bright fireflies That summer breeze puts me at ease Campfire life with friends by my side Hey eh oh, oo ah Hey eh oh, oo ah
You should be sorry. Sorry for cheating. Sorry for being a bad friend. Sorry for being bitter. Sorry for lying. But not sorry for existing. I'm already sorry for that.
Stop acting like he abused you. You're the one who calls him worthless every single day. Quit acting like you're all he has. We all know his friends and family love him very much.
You're not who you used to be.   You know that. I know you do. But you also don't know who you used to be.   You were never strong-willed and you were never really happy.  
Every year,  There's that one person you always stick to. And drop them once they go to a college, or somewhere else. If you love them, why can't you put a little more effort? Put a little effort in me too. 
On the days you don’t feel appreciated Just know that we are here To guide you through the thunderstorms And comfort you out of fear  
It wasn't really the words Rather, the art
I love you, I really do But you know we can not be. We are too afraid to face reality. We have been to close for far too long, And found our spot of comfort. We will never move beyond that,
fresh tears on your shoulder the sound of trampoline springs knowing every word to the entire Justin Bieber album little japanese restaurants no one else can find
Green like the plains. I love the way with which you gaze. You're the being that my heart craves. My passion for you glows like a fiery blaze, And Under this love I am your slave.   Gray like the wolf.
I saw blue book in the storeyesterday, but I did not pick it up.  I was preoccupied with another and did not want to read two things at once. My first book was short and filled with lots of hookups.  
A spark It connects Not like love But something Just as special Strings slowly Reach out And start To tie Into knots Lots and lots Until soon All you see
When I see you I smile I realize how happy I am inside To have you as a friend You were always so kind until the end Smiling, laughing and having fun We always did throughout the run
I remember when I first talked to him. He was awkward, he was polite, he was grammatically correct. I didn’t think we’d have that click. He’s the one I go to when I feel alone, when everything is caving in and making it hard for me to breathe.
I still question what is my own reflection?   Looking into a steamed mirror Staring not at my outward reflection Looking toward myself to find. To find, my reflections from inside.  
Look here, Look there, Look everywhere I can't stop thinking of what I do Everytime, I overthink It's not easy to over protect to over analyze to over guess I'm tired of being afraid
Everyone says its not my faultBecause there’s nothing I could do  And yet of course, just by default I blame myself and not you  You’re like a bird with a broken wing You’re so fragile and misguided  You would always turn to me in spring But now l
True friendship is a beautiful work of art The miracle of friendship dwells in the heart   They lift up your mood when you're feeling down
Remember that time you said that you cared? Yep - me neither.  Everything you do and say is a lie covered up with smiles and laughs. Do you think that changes anything?
I will love you  Till the day I die You can't stop me Don't even try   I will love you No matter what you do Till the end of time I will be true   I will love you 
Friendship is not enough; even those I consider closest are blind to my depths. On their own, my walls don’t break down to reveal the coarse gravel of my wounds. My features are not eroding naturally:
A note sounds Harsh and beautiful Light falls around a room Dust floats in the air A piano stands by the window  
I love my friends. They're always there for me when I need them,          A fucking lie; they're useless,                   terribly frivolous rats, who never stop to consider-- 
A girl walks up to the gates of a new school, her yellow dress sways in the breeze as her parents call farewell. The school stands looming above her Laughter of other children surround her
Many have heroes;I have one too.Her name is Amber Rose.Each day finds her with something new. From 4-H to highland dancing,This girl does it all.She is my best friend,For help, its her I first call.
i have to tell you,  thanks again. thank you for listening, for being a friend for being there although you really weren't. for keeping me distracted, for the innocence, and for actually
I told you I loved you But you thought I was untrue Then you lost your composure And that’s how I knew our friendship was over
you woke up from a dream that felt too untrue because it was a feeling that was too  farnew for you you hopped out of your cherry red bed and out to do things you had to attend to
A word was never uttered from your mouth But apologies was spoken from mine A group of friends hung around you all the time While I had no one to confort me when I cried You stole my heart
Standing here, surrounded by my belongings I wonder: If the fires blazed high And my room was to touch its lights What would I take with me?
Take this moment and lock it in this heart-shaped locket. It's anatomical, because she's logical, less philosophical than me. I'm this heart, she's all head. She said, "We balance on edge
Two men, one island. A single fruit on the trees. Friends until the end.
A friend of similar age can be the best choice if stranded on an island   There for you for longer than many family members, especially if they're older Able to relate Able to bond Able to have fights:
as much as i hate to admit it, i need you. at least, to : remind me of my occasional but only figurative madness. remind me i am capable of all things, am worthy of so much more
He smells like Old Spice and Degree And a hint of something I can’t quite describe He adjusts his glasses and shakes his head When I say something silly With a smirk on his face
(To My Dearest Friend) If I lay here, would time slip away? Would the sun shine brighter than any other normal day? Sometimes I do pray to see you again to repay All the wrong things that I say
Did you get home okay? Little things like this show you care You are always there, even when you are not. Just a call away even in spirit A gift from God even though sometimes we fight like hell.
No matter, What air I breathe or what sea I see I will always need a companion with me No matter, If where I stand is little town or city grand I will always need someone at hand  
If I had the chance to be alone for the rest of my life, I would not take it. My heart is infused with another, and it beats for two.   Two does not mean infant, baby, embryo; Two means
It was in early August when you first passed me by- A whisper of a voice floating on the winds. The harmonic notes danced through the  empty space and captured my soul,
10 Things I Wish I Could've Told You... but never did.  
With our telescope we stole looks at the stars, sliding on pine needles stabbing softly into our backs but it was the night that stole us.  
Suddenly I notice you stand by the signpost after three years, I stand on the other side of the road without greeting to you. You see me and wave your hand, I feel something has changed while you smile.  
I remain a silhouette A shadow behind an unrequited love The dweller of the mysterious apartment,Several floors above the cheaters and false loversThis is how they treat the poet
People are always pushingPush me downPush me outAnd sometimes even away
What do I need? What do I want? What is a need?   Something important? Something vital? Something?   I need food I need shelter I need...   Friends?
What do I need? What do I want? What is a need?   Something important? Something vital? Something?   I need food I need shelter I need...   Friends?
My sister is called Tanya I don't think I can live without her She gives me advice Especially when I feel I'm under I support her She supports me I can't imagine life without
Change. Change. Change. The concept is so new. Yet I know you like an old friend. The kind of old friend that is always doing what she thinks is for the best. The kind that eventually gives up.
Unnatural selection   We are deemed unfit Unsuited for the environment That’s it She screams I quit
  Valuable in my Eyes   The artistic sky Paints a picture of freedom For lone gulls to fly.   On this island, “Perfect” can’t even describe the happiness that These warm currents bring.
Getting close to Her redefined life's whole meaning, how I knew it. Her persistence made me inclined to let Her help me through it.   Being with her makes me feel safe
Humans are creatures of communication and of isolation. Like a mixture or light and darkness, a perfect shade of grey. Other people give us purpose and thoughts, without one or the other, we perish.
Let me try to explain, this is not what I mean: 
If I were stranded in the seas It would sure do a number on my knees Though I wouldn't consent I would quickly augment My situation as I please.   To bring a friend known all lifelong
I'm not great at school- Never have been So when it came time to look at colleges we were never sure I'd make it in  And that was always okay with me I already hated school even before I had to pay for it
I fall on my knees picking up my papers, not wanting to lose another in case it’s important. I am shoved back down this time hitting my head against the fountain. Pitying myself and wondering what offense I made
If there is one person whom I know I cannot live without It is my best friend, Chynna, That is without a doubt.   She was the first person who loved me Including all of my flaws,
Cursin' like a sailorIt's okay, right, avail herCommanding the ship so stronglyyou thought you finally had it off mebullets keep bouncing off me like a trampoline, except this one isn't so fun, you see?  
In the most extreme and dire conditions- Whether it be marooned on the shores of a deserted island, or standing along the fault of mother nature’s disastrous earthquake crumbling,
I’ve been alone before.It’s harder than it seeems. There is one way tofight the loneliness. All I Needis my sister. She is my best-friend,always there.Understands me.Makes me laugh.
Music plays in the backgroundFamiliar faces gathered aroundThe smack of the cue ballEchoes through the hallsSmiles and laughter with bad jokesSomeone spews their drink and almost chokes
The real question stands betwixt "live" and "survive" The latter just lifeblood, the former to thrive Any man can say he needs nought but food And cares not what the term "to live" includes  
All I need in life is all that I am, I will travel with my memories alone, I don’t need luxuries, I need no celebrities. I will travel with just my memories, and the one I love,
My dear sweet friend I love you so With you there was nothing to fear We have been through hell Even though we both wanted to yell You keep your cool never wanting me to shed a tear
Come on ol' buddy ol' pal  We said we don't go anywhere with 'spooky', or 'haunted' or 'forbidden' or 'cursed' in the title. But this isn't so bad. Like stop shaking buddy- Oh wait that's me.  
I don't need a big mansion Nor a lot of money I don't need fancy clothes Nor a brand new car I don't need fame Nor the glory of it All I need is love Whether it's family A soulmate
Never. Never give up on me. I'm like a tree, budding in my love for thee First, I will not know For my limbs had not yet been free From their canopy of leaves Then when I do, I'll be uncertain,
And he dipped his hand In her dying sea And filled it with a galaxy Straight from his heart Undying, overflowing-ly
And in her sorrow, he brought joy In her emptiness, he spun life In her darkness, he called the sun In her heart, he rebuked her demons.
I know not your life's tale,You speak not of your youthBut our friendship is not staleAnd it's not lacking in truth ,  
Hide the scars draw a heart on your armtake a pictureadd a filterkiss her scars "stay strong, love"  
Dear child, why do you hurt all the time? Don't you see that your life brings joy to mine?   Dear friend, won't you please smile at me? Seeing your dimples is all that I need.  
Depression is an abusive relationship One that starts out small and slow You don't notice at first But you're slowly isolated From all the people and things that Might be able to help
Every time I press sendI feel relievedThat someone is thereWilling to talk toMe.  
Dear Kiersten, I hope heaven isn't just full of angels. I hope there are abundant ladybugs, majestic horses, and cuddly dogs. I pray heaven is filled with beauty and song!
I hate how nothing good ever matters to people, never counts. You’re a straight A student, but have a D in one class: that’s what colleges will ponder on. 
Laying alone on the gritty, ecru sand the grains dance about your eyelashes, teasing knowing you're envious of their dance partner. The dunes sigh as the wind sifts through and carries 
What is friendship? Friendship is love It is caring Friendship is being tough When your friends have lost their bearings It is lending a hand
I watch as she says she loves him The way he loves isn't love Why can't she see  He beats her when she does something wrong She says she'll leave him But it's not true
My dear, it's quite alright to be anoxic I promise you, I truly understand When feelings get so strong as to be toxic I swear to you, I'm here to lend a hand.
Fifth grade, awkward phase Braces, glasses, middle school days Lunch room talks about nonsense Little did I know, One of those conversations, would have the greatest consequence
Friends are so specialNo one can replace themThe best relationship in the worldNever try to break themBecause you will get nothing but RegretThey make you laughThey make you cryThey make you stupid
I remember the last night I spent in the hospital Sitting on my windowsill like I was on top of the world, When really the world was on top of me And yet, I couldn’t cry  
Beauty: From Me to You Dear lover, I wish you could see the beauty in yourself The constant radiating aurora No you don’t need any Sephora
I never thought that I would have a friend like you You make me feel complete I’m surprised we get along Because we are so different We pick each other up
Is this really friendship Do you actually care If I were to disappear would it have an effect on you Am I even important to you
At first I thought I was in love with you But now I realized my mistake Why love someone who will never love you back I have finally let it go
One million stars surround me appearing to burn infinitely warming my cold exterior warm hues filled with light captivating my mind and sight painting my blackened sky one by one, the shimmers fade
green apple tiles are leaving a red check pattern on my calves, on the sides of my thighs.   it’s two in the morning and the smell of cleaning fluid from when Deb cleaned the dorm
I do not need the hair on my head the skin on my back or sheets on my bed   I do not need the food that I eat the water I drink or the shoes on my feet   I do not need
  Friends can be mean                                                   friends can be more Friends can be nice                                                     more than just friends
There is a girl With eyes so bright You forget that they're brown There is a girl So full of laughter You forget all she's been through There is a girl So changed, so different
Hush my dear Shed no tear Keep it all inside   Turn your head As I go to bed And utter not a sound   Love has no respect for me Waste not your devout sympathy
      I often spend many a sleepless night, Wondering if I could make things right. I know of your hatred of me,
Prancing around Lillies marked the destination of a new place. Inside of a cave I dropped my bag on concrete steps and sat ontop of a hill from the wooden old house. Washed away by the wind were roses, sunflowers, and rabbits.
long ago we knew each other now we are nothing but strangers how did our friendship end we were two peas in a pod separated at the stem
Best friends are angels,That God sent along.They always stay beside you,Whenever things go wrong.
If I am not beautiful, Will you care to see What lies far inside of me? If my skin is not tan, Will you care for my mind? Speak up young student! Are you creatively blind?
All the lights we can not see, All the music we can not hear, All the memories we can not remember Are the shadows of a life unpursued. Are ripples in a pond with no reflection.  
I could see your due wisdom Transcending your physical age As you spoke these words to me: “You must learn to be with yourself Before you can care for another.”   I wish I had known in that moment
You said I am like that feeling you get from letting go of a balloon, and watching it drift until it’s color vanishes. At first, it crushed me that you compared me
I once had a friend. I told her the truth. The truth was mixed and gossip spread. I once had a friend. I told her a lie. The lie spread faster. I once had a friend. I told them what i did. I no longer have a friend.
Our meeting? How could I possibly describe it? In tones and words and emotions so fleeting That the memories of it would cry out for injustice Because its beauty isn't a thing
you were there for me, you were there for my mother you were there for your nine grandchildren, you were there for your brother
Ever since we was kids  That brigh sunny Day that almost screeemed somwthing goo was going to Happen Thar's when i met you Ever since then two peas in a pod we was but i'd been 
Twin size bed.  Cracked and chipped away ceiling paint.  I remember the taste of tears in my mouth.  Growing up with a broken heart; A girl that never got her mother's love. Life wasn't worth living for me.
I know your hurting, I know your in pain. Watching you hurt has no gain. Just want you to know, I'm here through thick and thin. And if you need it, I have a shoulder to lend.
The words don’t come easily for me When I write about you. You’re this patch of sunlight On a cold, wet day. I’m thinking, “Thank you”
IncomparableMysticalMagical It is so UnattainableEnlightening DeluxeIn every way Keeping the actions of the brokenAt bayIt is like walking into an open field 
I open my eyesCrystal waters and white sand surround meThe soft wind sings and soothes me  
Like lightning rips through the sky and pieces itself back together thus the communication was.   Being severed and patched over and over. Each time the sound of  thunder roaring 
when I think of happiness I think of us   stuffed inside a car, talking all at once, singing along at the top of our lungs with the windows rolled down. 
I have many friends on this earth And as we grow older We begin to seperate And as we seperate We begin to resemble fireworks We rise We shine
I HATE that I remember random facts about you Like what your laugh sounds like Your favorite food Your drink of choice I HATE that the memories we made have yet to vanish I HATE what has become of us
Laughter drips from our mouths, like honey, sweetening  the room   The sporadic rise and fall of my chest
Remember that Friday night when we drove my little sister’s silver Impala to Little Clear Lake on winding gravel roads
Pludering towards the shores  the hurricane rises higher, each wave more fierce then that last.  The sea green water churns  and those on land fear the damage it may do,
I am invisible. I am an invisible friend. I am words that go unheard. I am sitting in the very front of you STILL unseen!   I am a lost voice in a sea of conversations.
No sense in giving when you never get back,  It's hard when your heart's always under attack,  So you give and give until you crack, 
Family will always be there for each other Family will always have each others back These statements have bound feet
In a graveyard, you’ll find there’s a girl. An angel from another world. She built her walls, she made her stone, the concrete angel had a home-
By the kinsmen of tomorrow and the men who are present The women shall shine with radiance and thus we shall march As love blossoms in spring and amnesia comes in the winter  
Alone upon the wreckage, Broken hearts on either side, The dark distorted crater, Where my last hope came and died.   The darkness all around me, Not cut through by the light, My solo isolation,
You think I'm heaven, I think I'm hell.   But you were my misery, And I'm why you fell.   We've fought and we've healed, But every start has an end.   This road is no longer,
He created no problems as others did to her   she believed him giving her number, sharing her personal problems, sent pictures of hers   her family, their new car
I called a thousand times last night But you were never there I wore my voice out crying But I know that you don't care What happened to the kingdom We built from blood and ash
I have yet to feel his presence on my life since I was a child, I have yet to see the power that he held over me in my times of need and happiness,  have yet to see what and how his mind influenced mine through the arid days of summer to the frigi
The shadows of horsemen on leather steeds draw near; With the sounds of gallops in the heavy thick fog; These faceless reins have come to ride you into an unknown fear; Out in the distance, cries and screams fade away; There is no noise to hear, b
I am looking at the wall. Too high to jump, Too dense to walk through, Easy to go around. But I can't make myself go around the wall. I let myself stare telling me, "You won't ever get past this."
I was shy. Always would deny,  Hanging out with friends. Time went by, This hurt me in the end. I eventually opened back up, Leaving self-consciousness behind. I found happiness,
there was a boy whose uncle
Picture the summer of 2014. Driving on the freeway. Walking along the beach. Blasting music with the windows down.   Is this going to be a typical California summer? Not in the slightest.  
Are you mine? Will you be mine? I'm here all the time Watching tele Drinking wine Could you be mine? That'd be fine We'd have a grand time Running around Throwing dimes
When I hold you in my eyes The sight of you sends my heart away To a land, of love and lust and space  Such words are enough to make me weak   In you, my dreams and desires rest
They say the best thing about memories is making them,
I remeber day one, when you walked in the room without your usual kick to your step. You told me you were moving into the city and away from our nowhere town.
Mock Not sat with Talk Not Friends till the end   One had little to say The other said nothing to offend   Side by side they sat day by day
today i imagine you alive again your green eyes chasing the world i imagine you–really alive again
School is back again this year, time to get your act in gear.
Sheathing my sinister swords , her broken wings 
When I look at her, I wanna tell her that her eyes remind me of home  and her touch sends me to heaven  and I never even knew what heaven was till I met her.
I am The forlorn eagle of A once proud convocation. An adulation is hardly in place For my station,
You smile at me, When there's no one better to smile at.   You sit with me, when there's only one empty seat.   You laugh with me, when there are no other jokes.  
He told me he could feel that i was special from the moment he met me,before that moment i had always just assumedthat there'd be parts of me no one could see.
Tangles of gold fall perfectly, To frame an unparalleled complexion, A thornless rose somehow overlooked, She anticipates rejection   Permanent scratches engraved deep in her ivory,
Regret never tasted so sweetas when learning to regret not meetingsooner in love, sooner in life.  
Wake up early --  10 in the morn. Outside your house I beep the horn.
That little girl over there. The one with the book, Her face hidden by hair. Look at her. Can you see it? It's the scar, it's the missing meal. It's the mark of a misfit. Can you see past her tears?
I am from croquettas de jamon, From guava and cheese. I am from sandy beaches heated by the bright, burning sun (Beating, glistening, warming my skin, tasting like freedom)
thimbles tacks and tiny things sewing
Words are funny, sometimes.   It used to be that "awesome" and "awful" meant much the same thing. The kind of thing that, well--  
I loved your every feature your every aesthetic
He, She, and Everything in Between
I could imagine us all alone Hand in hand, just me and you
I can see it now. My best friend will sit beside me in her chair, rocking as we laugh about past mistakes, screaming at children to get off the lawn. She has never had a boyfriend, as if she recognizes
Sun-damaged hair bouncing between my tired eyes, the flapping of my stretched skin with every stride,
When skies grow gray And smiles fade away, I know they will be there.   As tears stream down Enough for me to drown, They will give me their care   Friends create smiles
My sister is the person most awesome. She makes me laugh all day, every day. With her nothing but laughter can come. She is hilarious in every single way.   My sister is funny, crazy and kind.
Here is what is incredibly and unbelievably awesome, my best friends. But when it comes to my friends awesome doesn’t quite get the job done. Its words like extraordinary, remarkable, and astonishing that describe my friends.
I love to pet dogs, With their hairy paws, Stick bone or ball, They love in their jaws.   Have been at our side, For thousand of years, Accompanying tears,
There once was a group of friends, The rules… yeah, they would bends; Awkward and silly, They’d laugh wily nilly, But that is not where this poem ends…   The first is a girl named Hannah;
A smile means the world, Someone Made It Lovely to Exist,   And kindness comes in never-ending waves,
Encapsulate the music  
It’s been
Message seen 3:04 am, September 15.
And the universe,   We are told,   Was born from gases and implosions   Energy chaotic and uncontrollable   Collided as atoms  
I stay here and I wait. But why? for what? You don't care. I get what I am to you, I never leave. I'm loyal, I'm a good person.  So you take advantage of that so you go away and expect me to be here when you get back. 
Many are aware  That snowflakes are lone of a kind.  But countless would spare 
Without Her I would be alone,Without Her I would be lost,
It is quiet here. Beyond the noise of the boy stumbling up the stairs clambering for his keys after another night of being twenty-one, past the sounds down the hall of a movie played obnoxiously loud,
When my breath won't stop shaking, and the walls are closing in,  my breath will catch,  and I can't find a grin, when my hands start to tremble, 
Like uncut hair Feelings tend to stay Until suddenly, one day They finally go away  
                                                                               Stars of Solace It has always intrigued me that you found solace in the stars, To become wonderfully lost in the peaceful bliss of the universe,
I hate the world, I hate my friends, I have no more love,
  I don't believe in them Especially when people play the roles I'm sleep, thinking I’m dreaming them   I met a boy and asked him what he thought of our relationship
Someone to talk to when in distress,
  Oh! My down and dark friend!
 I remember altogether underneath the weather, hopes, dreams shining like sun beams.  you know what it means I don’t and it seems So filled with passion and the will for action we thought for sure that you would have some traction.
A little more nice and kind, But it seems you were evil while I was blind,
We've become night owls, although, seperately, we all have always been. Now we just share the night together. At nine, we are quiet, unsure of what to say, of how to get the conversation going,
I know you're scared right now and I don't blame you at all. What you do is brave. It takes all the strength I know is building up inside you. Don't try to hide it, don't bullshit me.
“she’s my person, she makes my life so honorably awesome.
One day you’re going to find yourself
Messed up That is the first word that comes to mind  When I think of myself My parents are divorced My father is never around unless it benefits him My mother cares for me as much as any loving mother could
"do i need anyone?" i asked. did i?   
"Would you be like the others?", I pondered. It began with art and a hint of hesitancy. This was my thing. Our thing. And now you are here to share it. With us. One of the most magical days of my life
you aremy placewithoutmadnesseven withall theearthquakesanddisasterson theinsideandoutsideyoufeel likethe wayhome
there were peoplein your lifewhosaved youfrom drowningand you have tothank themfordoing everythingthey couldthere are otherswho willslap youright
Roses are red Violets are blue There's never been a friend like you!
click click click click click i can hear the second hand on my left hand watch it clicks with a rhythm  that makes me feel at peace click   offline
Tssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.   Silence. That sound is a lover of the wind breathes essence of fire
I never thought I'd meet people like them we were c
Soon we'll be seeing each other again my friend ,with every touch you'll come nearBraided tears in a lump of clay .Please be patient,please be patient!
You got a message from  Former Best Friend.
Are you lyin' to me
And you did it again.  Ladies, gentlemen, she did it again. 
Sometimes I scare myself
Blue is a stillness with which you are familiar. Blue is the cold wind, quietly reminding you of the weather. Blue is the sound of the snow falling all around you so quiet that you could easily forget it yet so loud you want to keep listening.
We drank our cups of lemonade From the highest of tree tops The school week is buried deep inside Our brains have seemed to pop   We laid outside for hours With no knowledge in our minds
Today was harder than most week days Though I cannot tell you why My lack of sleep combined with school work Made me want to cry   I expected you to hide from me  In my sad and fallen state
Friends are like trees
There are a thousand things I want to scream at you make you understand the pain you put me through: The bullet in my head and  the crevice in my heart.   You said you loved me,
Me and You
A year ago, this room would have been empty. He would have been confined to his room Confined to his own thoughts obscuring the emptiness. Maybe more than a year had passed.   
Who am I I am me and she is she I am my sista girl’s best friend Down with her to the bitter endI love her no matter what and pass no judgment 
Eyes torn, eyes bright; reaching  Hands clasped, outstretched; speaking. They tell my story, they lived my days: of teary-eyed nights but persistent days, spent studying, searching, for the ones who helped me see,
At fourteen life is confusing A rushing river of emotions we dont understand Alyson, you'll be okay. At fourteen life is hard Especially when you think you're in love.
I suffocat
I have this theory  If only we could fall asleep in each other's arms,  I am certain we would dream peacefully together;  Perfectly harmonized.  Our hearts would thump softly and steadily; 
In your eyes, their alone, out the light that guides you steps. Bier by what u see. Nothing more. In your red and fresh mouth kiss, and my thirst is not quenched, that every kiss would, drink whole your soul.
Dangling of a cliff, Fifty feet in the air Holding on to your rope- You can’t make me let go
Assigned to a table to be quietly seated Attempting to, for a slight moment, be an ordinary, tranquil student His face concentrated on the slim technology placed in front of him
Music is my voice Lyrics are my words A mermaids rejoice  In a broken world  My infectious laughter pollutes the air Jumping in imagination With love and hope everywhere Creating inspiration
To let go  Is not to forget, To let go Is to accept. Don't let go of the memories you have, Don't dread on things you could've had. Let go of the things that made you weak,
  It'd be nice to have someone always by your side, Through the good, the bad, the love, the cries, It'd be nice to never feel lonely, To have someone to make you like you're their only,
You see a world of black and white I see a world full of color Where you see a river too wide to cross I find the bridge to go over But we both have eyes to see And ears to hear
My voice has been undermined for so long, it's time to remi
Dear Diary, Today I was pushed to the ground,
You wake up, weary from living these 85 years Your spine anchors you down, you struggle simply to get out of bed Your body has betrayed you; it demands glasses to see, canes to walk, aids to hear
 I look at you with my hidden eyes Your smile lights up the world Blue, green, and gray crystals In my heart, butterflies twirled I did not see it coming   At first mere acquaintances
By My Friend,   I was new and you offered me a seat on the bus. Outside of a circle, you said, “Come join us.”   I hardly knew you, yet I confessed “My mental health is a bit of a mess.”  
He said he likes her She secretly likes him   He has many things in common with her  She is only the friend   He confesses and gets rejected She is there to comfort him
Extinguish my desire; it burns bright because I fuel the flames. Please, put out this fire heated by my passion for you.   Look past my scars; don't mind my scratches. Nothing here is marred;
Everyday i wake up walking down long hallways its a place in my head i fly to escape maybe I'm an activist but i cant add this  list of reasons why i cant breathe  my future haunt me my past torture me 
Quiet, they say.
I am beautiful Something I'll never change The way I look in the mirror How my eyes catch everyone's attention How I can make everyone laugh When I don't even wanna smile I know all the right words
Yet me walk in your shoes so I can soften them up so your feet don't touch the hard ground you step on.
I'm awkward, I'm silent, I don't try to get to know others' and when I try to fake my emotions, some of my friends don't buy it. I really wear my emotions on my sleeves,
when i first met him i thought that he would fight off my demons, but it turns out that i just needed a friend to have my back so that i could save myself.
Our friendship is a strong wall Through the storm and through the pain Still our friendship will remain Whether we’re together or 100 miles apart We’ll always be close within our hearts
You're the mac to my cheese, the bread to my butter You're the seaweed to my sushi, there'll never be another We're the burger with fixings, ice cream with all the toppins
All my life I was told to cover Who I am How I speak, act, look I was told to cover my indviduality I was told to follow a set of rules Conform to the world's idea of me But I shine through
When we're pushed down, it is by one who has the same Bruises on their knees. When we're being made a fool,
My place is stained with you I look to my left and it's where we laughed I look to the right and it's where we loved The chair that I sat in as you broke the news The bed I lay on as I listened to you
Baby steps, I keep thinking Baby steps. Take deep breaths and make baby steps Delicate baby's breath Those soft white blooms are how I characterize This renaissance This cheery light perfume
Dedicated to a dear friend named Sandra Hong, whose life was tragically lost and taken away from us too soon in October 2013.
Sometimes I think about that long summer day with my golden skin and that natural hair I was too comfortable in and I thank myself for allowing me to be free even if it was just me and a mirror in an unconditioned room.
Burning cheeks Warm froth on the tips of eyelids Lips quiver and teeth clench   Tears dry on puffs of red skin Nose yearns for air Throat swells   Broken lenses 
You are so perfect... Why didn't God make me that way?
I'm bout that B, town coming coming down
    Middle school, 7th grade.  When you think you have everything in the bag, something changes. It gets taken away, out of know where. 
That new fish in the sea, That new ant in the colony, That new cattle-grazer on the ranch, The new kid in school. Bring ‘em to me,
She is a songbird Outside my window. She polishes my spring mornings With her soft serenades.   When the cold slips back in, Her and her songs fly far away.
It is cold, and I am lonely like an indigent beggar in the borough of Manhattan where the rich and the poor live in their ghost worlds.   I yell at the wind and it roars back.
Pulling  An ever-retreating journey Into the caves of my imagination I am pretentious And cold Withdrawn from the modern world   The jeans You once adored
I'm a name and a face, who feels out of place I'm insane in the brain, "Maybe it should be replaced" Is what they say, when they're are jealous. When they see whats inside, the fun adventures I have in my mind.
I am the late night talks with you,
  Knowing he is doing this Makes my body go numb I have no thoughts, or fists  Just sit around and hum   Try to make peace at mind
The days of days that you were there,
When it really comes to it, I look away in the hallway.
Art, Abandoned and angry. Alleys and attackers. Alone, Alone, Alone.   Art, Abandoned and angry. Avalanches and alligators. Alone, Alone, Alone.  
These Castle Walls are stronger then they look. I don't  have the power to break them down, not as it took to raise them up. I don't want to destroy this beautiful master piece. Whoever built this, must have alot to worry about .
Mirror Talk   For a while I’ve been saying what I don’t truly know I thought I made myself A long time ago Looking in a reflection Hoping my thoughts won’t worsen
What is attraction? Don't know yet.. Flowers I like all,  Yet don't drag my mind, Rose a flower I like the most, Draws my heart and soul, Was it odour or look touched my heart,
All was in vain We knew it Our hearts have fractured But only I am pierced  by the shards Now words are exchanged You didn’t know how you spoke Through the emptiness of your eyes
Why must we sustain ourselves and reframe ourselves to bes the perfect image of what others defines as perfect?
Monday through Friday I race the sun awake. Shower, makeup, give my hair a shake. I dress for an interview, yet it’s my every day apparel.
People are buzzing, Here I sit, alone. No one talks to me
Are you telling yourself that you need to change? Why, are people causing you pain? Saying you want to be part of the"in-crowd," Don't, instead just scream out loud, be proud. Do people tease about your looks?
   Friendship is the art of forgetting oneself totally, all selfish needs and wants and getting to know the
Alexis. That is my name.  Many know it. Few get to know me past it.  Shy, quiet, smart is all they see.  Though one cannot blame them. Those three are all they are allowed to percieve. 
One day.
As pretty as a white rose
It's not how I look, Or how I walk. It's how I react, When something's gone wrong.   As life goes on, There will be up's and down's. I try to survive, With the least amount of frowns.
I am me  You are you We are different in more ways than seem true  You are not perfect, and neither am I, You are thin, and I am wide.  But while all of this is true,
Nostalgia hit me like a wave of nausea And it ain't goin' away So I thought I'd call just to remind ya Of the good old days Don't you miss 'em, oh I really miss 'em I really miss you, too  
Searching for the right thing to say To somehow make your pain go away There’s not much that I can do So I’ll just be here for you   You don’t deserve this  
It sucks being the ugly, quiet, rude, sarcastic, emotionally unstable friend with the attention span of a goldfish.
Sometimes it’s lonely, Being the one left behind, Blocked off from reality, No longer part of life,   No one really looks, Deep within, See the soul reflected,
How strangely the world works You have everything you've wanted Yet you still feel alone In a room of your closest friends Why is that so?   How desire touches each soul
I want you to know me, But the part of me I want to show Isn’t what everyone else can see. I can’t be quantified by what I do Or who I spend my time with.   You can’t analyze me
Circumstances may neglect you No matter how people Bring you down to feeble And let your self-esteem low and blue   Only fools burn bridges Of one’s failures and foes
As the sunset and the stars begin to shine the only thing crosses my mind is WHY
The burden of the night princess is often hard to bear. She often lies awake at night for something that’s not there.
La mia fiducia che tu trovi Già era andata quando domandasti Svanita, perché la nascosi   "Quale c'è per nascondere?" Non hai guadagnata delle amicizie Fino a che tu mi abbia conosciuto bene.  
We live in a world where people hold grudges People hold onto their own opinions, there are no budges From forgetting to return a phone call
I'm suffocating I’m drowning My cells collapsing I’m being dispersed Becoming air I am almost nothing
It may not actually be a jar, Nor does it contain almonds anymore, But instead it holds notes from old friends: Memories immortalized onto scrap pieces of paper.  
I can see that you are broken Liek a vase that's fallen off the shelf and was stuck back together with the biggest pieces There are small cracks in you waiting to be filled with what you once were
Friends They are the unity that brings together as one Boy or girl, they are there for us when we need them the most Each unique in their own way
“Perhaps this is the end of the line.”
Echanging a smile, High fiving when we pass in the hall. Predicting what you'll say next And laughing until our sides hurt. You're my best friend, And I love you! What would I do without you?
Friendship The word crushed and smothered and erased Leaving me on the floor gasping and confused So lonely and untrusting of myself Until a star came out of the darkness Shining and swadling me in warmth
Repair the broken bridges. Overlook all the offenses. Build durable bonds of friendship That will last through thick and thin.
Tell me truly: Is she broken, Who can put her friends back together? Is she naive, Who can see light where there is darkness? Is she insane Who cares only for others, never herself?
He first saw her from across the room and he knew in that moment he would be her groom with butterflies in his stomach he drew near but had no clue she too felt an exciting yet nervous fear
I was alone. And everything around me was in black and white. When I found Optimism, she cleared the sky and splashed it with blue. When I found Trustworthy,
Two years ago I had to climb the same wall Only thicker this time And right now I am torn between Climbing it Or watching it stand strong Regardless of what lies behind If I do climb it
we met through chance what were the odds that, of all the people, we fell into each other's arms giggling? online,
Time seems fluid.            You and I are just floating through. Time stretches on and on,             Until the day has ended               And the darkness is surrounding. The rising sun
Seven o'clock I walk Into the doors of my high school, my black high school Where People do whatever it takes to be considered cool I walk into the bathroom choking from the smoke Uhg I hate this school I complain daily
Can we go back, back in time, where you said your name and i said mine? I remember your beauty, it was like a pain in my eyes! I never seen someone as vivid as a day in the sky!
For Hunter, Priscille, Any, Taylor, Clarissa, David, and Summer Bridge 2014  
She is ready to start over  Ready for a new day
When nobody's home
My friend is a rainbow When the tears pour, he’s there His presence is a promise for better times He makes me glow He listens to all of my fears Being there…well it makes me feel fine.
A true friend is hard to find
when you smile, i smile. We smile together. my favoite is to wach you smile. i love to hear you laugh, i adore when We do it together   i love being the cause of your smile i work to draw it out
You don't know meI'm not the person you think I am
I have a little sister. She's 4'10 and has dirty blonde hair that goes past her ears She has blue eyes that look stormy grey a lot of times.
How did I end up all alone? On this island smiling Yet we were all on the same ship Did I get off too quick? Am I just too advanced? I just decided to put my life in his hands  
When I see her, I can’t help but smile. 
You cross my mind everyday But the pain is too much to bear I wonder if you think of me Or if you even care
The news rang in my ears I didn't know how to accept it "She's brain dead" I hear it over and over A constant reminder I can still see your face Hear your voice Promising me I'll be okay
all i ever am is sorry. the words float around my skull day and night, "I'm sorry." sorry when the back seats are squished because I'm taking up room sorry when I'm talking too loud, too much
I was one in the dark, you know? Following a pace Destruction was its face Tall and Slim Dark and Grim Too much to care.   The light Was too fair   My itchy ears
I hope it was easy for you to cease my tumoil I hope it was easy for you to mend my heart I hope it was easy for you to gladden me
So I, just woke up and really hate what I'm feeling.
What Is Love?
I miss you dear friend Why did you have to go and change? I miss the old you, I wish you felt the same.
your whole life reads like a tragedy and you couldn't care less the time of day   but please if you just hold on to me you'll see there's more than sad things to say  
When you ask “How was camp this year?” my mind freezes. 
The reason I don't share my feelings because when someone listen the 1st time  it just a matter of time when no one will listen at all
I don’t know you anymore. Yes, I know your name. But I don’t know you. I know who you use to be. We talked about everything under the sun back then.
Lovers hold hands So instead let’s hold feet Hands can let go But feet chain us free We’ll walk about town on our Blistered black hands But we’ll never stray far; our ankles Made friends
three-thousand miles away on a barren planet where kaleidoscope skies paint murals of the aliens. a town where all your friends’ families are also yours, unchained doors down every street.
Stop. Hold tight. I’m terribly lost. Your eyes slay everything. Too deep, dark, haunted, hunted. Recharge this battery, just sit close. You mounted my heart on the wall.
I’d found a little bluebird, And mother said how nice,
1 month. 1 year. 10 years. 100 years. They come and go. They make you laugh about the smallest things. They are like family but not blood-related. You exchange secrets among each other.
I'm not the type to hold grudges But I do have something to say There's just too many things unsaid That I must get out of the way   I remember when I met you You were innocent and kind
written April 2008  
written February 2008  
written February 2008  
written January 2008  
  I cannot begin to imagine What comes within this baggage Friendship! What a slippy, messy slope?!! A non-romantic relationship Where two hearts begin to elope
Held back by our own limitations,so we start on our medications.Arguments fought through litigations,never considering the implications.  
Too long You've been gone for far too long Our laughter should be in my ears again Our frivolous hearts, once again clever Trudging through the mud
We are both a litte messed up, a little dead in the head. We both have messed up lives that no one seems to care about, but can we care about eachother's? I help you, and you help me.
I'm in Bergen County and who do I see?/It's a girl driving past in her Mazda 3/I stop and ask myself: "How can it be?"/"This girl went out of her way for me."/Liana, you know you're my number one/When I'm with you, I'm always having fun/I look an
“today i die"  
You are the wind that pulls sails in never ending tempests. You are the smile that spreads across my face like red wine on a white tablecloth. You are the light that illuminates
Through the crack in the wall, a streak of light spills on the ground.
Close my eyes Remember the days Innocence Was like golden rays   All the years Our friendship was bright Nowadays It's bright as the night   Close my eyes  
What will it take for you to see that I just want to be. A friend, not a lover, cause I know you have another. Understand ? or is that to hard to comprehend, that a guy can just be. I just want to be.
Miles and miles and miles to go These last few weeks have been quite the show.   Just a lost girl trying to escape  Lost in the world the size of a grape.   
I open my eyes to a world that's grey. The colors have all blended and blurred, And the sounds are a harsh contrast To the dull and vast horizon.  This is my Every Day, So I look for the beauty 
Last Day   I remember the last day. The last day when I had to leave and you had to stay.
I am protective. I run into crimson blood battles, And cloud rimmed frays, For the right person. I climb towers of insecurities, And bravely dive into uncertainty, Rage, my gravity, Only
We were two minds into oneYour fight was mineMy tears shed through your eyesWe believed that our strings would never be cutUntil I shredded it to peices and walked away
People aren't the same. If they were, The world would be lame. Skin Color, It don't matter to me brother. & personality, Its all reality. To me, anyone can be my friend,
Home from work is the time to sleep,
I can still remember those late night phones calls text for no reason and bumps in the hallway like no one could see us.
Friendship is truely hard. it can be like moving through a jar of lard personalities tend to clash and friendship turns to mach   Its never the right time even if it was you'd call "Mine"
You were there for me from the start We hold lots of memories in our heart There was a time we did everything together There was a time we said friends forever Soon things started to change
Maybe I shouldn't hate you, for what you did wrong. Maybe I shoudn't be hurt,
Friends, there for you through good times and bad Sometimes they are the family you ever had. Friends come and go like the wind, Some help you in the midst of your sin.  
All the world about me crumbles
These often dark and dreary roads I walk
Floral prints and straw hats Sips of lemonade and a gentle scent of daisies Mix nicely with the cool spring breeze   It has just rained So grass sticks to the bottom of our feet
In a nearby field, there lives a rose, as wild a creature as an unbridled stallion, an old friend of mine.
The Best By Derick Gentner I’m not the best Nor the greatest I try and I usually fail
I miss it all very much. 
I spent my days picking up seashells Running away from the rising waves So the chill of ice water would not make my feet go numb So I waited patiently for each low tide
First Both of our hearts shattered Yours in a firework, mine in a void As we bent to gather your pieces I could feel mine crumbling   Then I tried to bind your heart together
Everyone's got a canvas
  I see you two everywhere
I get it. We grow up. Or maybe we grow out... We grow out of clothes and shoes, Maybe we can grow out of friendships. I didn't want to. I knitted my heart ten times bigger than I
I sing of manipulation of old friends, for the replacment of new acquaintances. When you're taken for granted, when you're friendship has become a chore, a burden even.
Da-dum. Da-dum.
My best friend, inseparable sisters Yeah, that was us. Laughter resonating, together to the days end Sharing secrets, sharing stories, sharing memories Sleepovers and movies, playful gossip
One and only friend sometimes by my side.  
Tick Tock
  we're an odd band of misfits, not much else to say
How could you claim to have always been there  When you left and our friendship disappeared And then when I need you, you are elsewhere? And before I know it, we're in despair 
You keep the past in your back pocket Just close enough, where you might catch it You scrape your knee on the pavement  You look down and you hate it  But I think that the blood might just sober you up   
Your whole being is incredible. I hope you know that; Sometimes you put yourself down, but I still think the sun shines from your ass and We've been together for years. It's unbelievable You're a new person everytime I see you, so forgiving and...
I feel the sunshine kiss my face like an old friend Like a coffee shop meeting After a long time apart. The warmth brushes past my face in faint traces Of smiles and laughter and past graces
Behavior is a result of environment and time. I was not born apologizing every time I spoke up. I was a little girl who ran into life like there was no time to worry,
  Your hands are covered in frost
  I took the green from my eye, And found you beautiful.   Like watching the sky, Every blink a sunset.   You study me like a canvas, Golden hand on a pale cheek.  
We grew up and old like vines, growing along the same trellis our stories weaving together in a heap of curling photographs and triggering memories crossing back over the same twenty or thirty times we saved each other.
                                        Stitch-1 she should have thought before she did! Stitch-10 she should have thought before she said what she did! Stitch-20 she should have thought before she turned them all!
What don't you get Why can't you see That there's nothing in this for me No matter how hard you shove me away No matter how much you plead and beg  I'm never going away
White boy Prowls the halls as though they pertained to him, assuming the worst and expecting the least, his mold deceives Everyone. Unknowing that his interior has deteriorated by
Advice given me when I am in trial Whether through example Or egregious error Or candid words You are the explanation for my ability to reach for success.
In my feelings   I want to scream.  I want to cry.  I want to yell at the sky.    It hurts.  Why does it hurt me  and not affect you?  
-what does it mean to love something so strong? -dont you see? -when love is there the pain is gone -and I just cant believe, that you.... -are not here with me... -but its ok...
i shouldn't be able to ask for your companionship, or your puppy-dog loyalty but i do. i shouldn't be able to ask for your humor, or your day-brightening anecdotes but i do.
I went to school today.Isn't that what you wanted?You told me I shouldn't hide myself away in my bedroom and to instead make friends with the world.But when I walked into the classroom
I kind of hate staying up just with you. It's not like I have very much I could do. I sit here just waiting and thinking and such, but the longest I wait is the longest too much.  
When I told her I didn't want to be friends anymore-That I was done with it (and her)-She cried.She begged.She asked why.And I tried to explain…But my founded reasoning fell onto deaf,
There was no point in saving that part of the garden, for it was long gone. The flowers, dead and dry, no longer vibrant with color, laid stiffly parallel to the ground. The soil, too, was devoid of nutrients.
I have a brown skin friend.
I am a revolving door People crash into me In tears they ask me to move. People ignore my dirty glass. They never wipe tears from my face. I am a revolving door.
(…for AJ) It took a thousand men to get him to the Mic And Mike, he stood on the table dancing for joy Though it would have been better if he had danced To his heartbeats seconds before the men conquered.
Oh where has the time gone? The days have flown by   We had times of joy- We laughed together And we had fun   We had times of sorrow- We cried together 
so treacherous is thismusic and its blissso hopeful was II would never trysomething to shareis always theresomething to fearis always herewhy tell if we knowit's been a show
Dear Love: How have you been? I remember when, We first talked; It’s been a while since then. And I hope we’re still friends, We got some issues, but let’s mend the fences.
If Hickies were band aids thenLying naked in your arms Would be my therapy And your kisses could stitch me up
I know your fears, And sense you tears, I know your dreams, And sense your smile gleam.   Although you share with me What others will not see, I am silenced by your brushing hand,
I know your fears, I sense your tears, I know your dreams, And sense your smile gleam.   Although you share with me What others will not see, I am silenced by your brushing hand,
I say to my friend:  “Dude, I just got a vinyl of one of my favorite bands, Cage the Elephant!  It’s awesome and clear yellow; I can’t wait to listen!”
Not Sexy but Handsome Not Perfect but Redeemed How confused am I? About who he seems.    Heart for God But a big new agey. Smokes and Swears Yet loves God And deeply cares. 
                                                                I worry that the heartbeats will no longer be beats but soft thumps  
I.         Our bond was of a different kindbut now I feel it fading. We used to dream up worlds together,sing songs of different eras, of times pastand cultures
When she sparks another debate Spitting numbers and figures Into my face Raising her voice louder and louder to drown out mine
What I learned from my cat:
Dear friends, dear friends,
People I trust and depend on  The family on the outside
The best memories we have, are the ones we've made here, they've helped us live life, and we need to keep them near.
A brunette and a blonde Sitting on a swing Feet dirty from the wet lawn Dresses soiled from the spring   Joy filled their vulnerable hearts
You walked away from life, from friends, family. For why? For a love that never came true, for a love that was broken hearted. Can you say it was worth it?
My best friend is like a moon,
Likes my self not my statuses
I look back, to the days that we were the closest of friends. We both acquired new friends, and we sooner or later drifted apart. Now you won't say a simple "hey", or an easygoing "goodbye". I wonder,
That moment when you’re deep In thoughtful conversation
They keep telling me it'll turn out okay I try to believe 'em every time they say, "I know it's been hard but it'll get better" They want me to move on but all I do is remember
I do not see your physical body Your physicality is beautiful beyond measure Your personality eminates frequencies of joy beyond conception Your character stands tall with virtue and honesty
My Friend,   I hold your face with gentle hands, gazing into
  You tell me to state my mind when I am quiet.   You force me to share my thoughts on the daily things.   But when it comes time to voice what I believe
An overwhelming year I graduate highschool then I enter college, indescribable fear I'm leaving my dear friends behind as I encounter new ones All these thoughts invade my mind, art in my head, the Renaissance
  Friendship you’re a vessel that can sail calm and remain intact. Friendship you showed me how to be mutual, caring and respectful for one another.
A change so exciting, so different, so new New Friends and Old Friends becoming few Parties, Football games, Laughs, The Insane
A beautiful rose; Bred in forest, Found in budding   A blooming rose; The mountain smiled down, Cradled the petals with love   A withering rose; Doused with poison,
I remember a time Seems like yesterday When things were different, Less complicated. Barbie dolls strew across a yellow quilt Fairytales played to life in the backyard Picnic lunches
and they say sphere keeps spinning, shit'll reach the fan and catch some airplay, moments are tarnished missing tossed bouquets, then deemed stray, then eyes wander in disbelief,
There was a time where ive been thought it all, Up and down the streets were graffiti up the wall, On my own from the age of five, Some way some how i had to find a way to survive,
Sweetness stings my tongue and they call it a poison,  
I'm not o
when i tell you my heart is breaking and my wrists are shattering under the fists of a mental illness. just. listen.'s time that we part     Here now I leave along with your troubles So you may stay happy as you've always been   More than you now are the memories precious
  All the people surrounding you Reaching deeper and deeper into your heart As your relationship grows You're best friends    Yet those people who you call best friends
Don't judge those people, They all have their own stories. Why can't you hear them?   Look at their faces, Are they sad beneath their smiles?  Listen to their thoughts.  
As the stars shine in the night sky, 
If I could I would; I would take it all back. Clarify exactly what I meant. How I truly felt. I would of never shown any weakness. I would of never been so open.
You are a star. Not a bright, burning ball of gas somewhere so far away in the atmosphere that we can only see a small speck. Not an actor, or singer, or dancer, or some other famous person that is famous only for being famous.
You were my bestfriend  I thought you'd stay til the end but you left me just like the rest  I guess I couldn't pass your test I wish I could talk to you today  Because I didn't have to pretend to be okay
Work Work W                 O                                 R                                                 K That all you do, But what about me? We are the children of the world,
there was a time when i sat in her kitchen. i ate cookie dough straight out of the bowl. and She did too i explored every topic of conversation. and at the end of the night,
remember when I first said hi? we were smiling in a stinky middle school band room, a layer of spit over the carpet and our words   because first hellos are never sincere.
If I could change one thing I would change the petty people. The ones that smile and chat And then stab you in the back. These falsified people Who treat others like dirt, Should all meet each other
I saw the way you looked at me, with need in your eyes Desperate for me to come towards you, and to feel your flesh against mine Every day that's what I've done, and what I had plan to do
I am from music,  from white and black. I am from the performing arts. I am from the swelling lungs  of asthma.   I am from the 15 years of friendship,
Freinds keeps us sane in this world. They were faithfull durng childhood, unplanned. They kept us away from famiy dinner tables. The rules of friendship should be rewritten.
When I’m on the white sand shore in the world of my muse, I could swear that it is during the death of night that the world is most alive.  
Names called out in the hall, Tears-streaming-down, How can this be right? Under pressure from everyone, school, parents, friends…and now this Back-and-forth-back-and-forth;
Slippery green leaves
I turn after crossing the great expanse As memories return this lovely trance Of moments passed in platonic romance I miss that past and your beautiful glance.   That planet beyond is where I belong
I saw it first and then you second.   I heard the words I heard you speak them in anger and maybe even sadness and I know you never meant them but I also know that you wouldnt take them back
I can't chase my demons, they've tied me too far down.   God would not forgive me, I don't deserve his crown.   What if I walked into the ocean? If I mysteriously drowned.  
Chance and chance again, I call upon a question where I knew a friend, Before the trials and tribulations began, We had no end,   You were there through thick and thin, High and low,
I used to think that I knew you. That I could call you my friend. But now too much has happened, things must come to an end.
I say, "we're a lot alike." You say, "we're the same fucking person." And I smile as I love you,  wondering if this is what it might feel like  to love myself. 
The tiny pink pads of your feet putter against my skin like distracted fingertips drumming out a playful tune --- consistent, assuring ---- leaving paw prints on my heart in the sweetest of ways.   
Some people refuse to acknowledge the limitlessness of their beauty. An indicator of this type of person is the recalcitrance of their shackled acquisition 
Through all the lies and treachery Do you not think I deserve to know? You, who I entrust my hope upon And you, whom I talk to ever so often Tell me Before I find out from someone else Tell me
I found her in the bathroom,with silent tears, facing the wall.We hadn't been back a week, but it didn't matter.Dried eyes walked out:Teasing again."Leave her alone!"Glaring, they went to class.
My dearest friend..... When you come,
Do you see her?I promise she is thereYou can't touch herYou can't hear herBut she is there Can you feel her?She is simple covered
This is the end to what I thought would be forever
You Lied You Lead Me on Man I thought I could trust you Tought there was a reason you asked if I liked you If I wanted to meet up I thought maybe just maybe you to Then you put me on the spot
What can I say to make you see? That you’re not alone and don’t have to be That I know you’ll do fantastically It’s inside you
How many years has it been? Since I’ve known you And watched you grow   How many months has it been?
A strange idea that’s never crossed my mind before     I need help    I need someone    I can’t do this alone   But there’s no one out there waiting for me      No companions
You were taken too soon my friend And I sit here and wonder  Why your life had to end Like the rolling of thunder    My one regret is not responding In the month of November
If you’ll take my hand,
I still remember the day that I first saw you You where standing on the opposite side of the hallway You where short, so you stood out a little bit You laughed and had no conscious of me staring
When I first learned that no one could ever love me more than mea world of happiness previously unseen was discoveredbecause somewhere along the line of aging and scrutiny and timeI was taught to despise myself 
Some days I get so tempted. Just want to call out your name, put this message in a bottle and send it your direction. Hope you find it in the sand as you walk along R beach.
I feel that I've been blessed
To change or not to change that is the question. . .
If I could change the World It would be for the Better No more hurt ,no more pain, No more war, or breakups No more crying, No more Death People would see who they are Girls would like themselves
"Drive west," they tell me And so I leave Making my way through hills covered with windmills Deserted deserts And Half-forgotten forests
Your face is soft and sullen, gashes pouring on your face, bruises painted on your eyelids,  and I think you may be dying   Your eyes are so wide, so green,
                   Who are they, not something you'd expect someone to ask about the people they voluntarily hang around everyday.                    Who am I, more importantly are their minds pondering the same loose question?
Any time Any place I hear music Beneath the surface My brains jingle with Fast and Furious clips Flashbacks of my life Triggering happiness, sadness By lyrics or tempo
How can beauty be such a talent?
Why are you lonely?You are beautiful and niceI will be your friendI am here for youWhen you feel like gray clouds andWhen you need sunshine
A hello here, A handshake there, A hug here, A greeting all around   I float amongst my piers, Socializing from clique to clique to satisfy But I am never truly satisfied  
Best friend turned traitor Who is truth and who is a hater So much love you dedicated Just left, discarded and desecrated No longer could you tolerate it So gone, the ones who left you empty and desiccated
That text that you sent was so convincing with the dots, Fragile like flower pots but dangerous like gun shots. It made me think -- about how I wanted you in the past,
If I would change a person I would change them to be non-judgemental, kind, and fair and I hope everyone will see. Because not everyone is perfect. They're tall, fat, and thin,
For many years we were planted in this soil together. We grew from seeds to saplings, our roots entangled.  Now there are thick forests separating us,  and I have been replanted into such foreign ground. 
I'm a teapotwarm and boilingboiling so much that my top is poundingpounding me until I can no longer feel the burning sensationthis rapid raceand unwilling face looks at menot wanting to touch me
  The hustle and bustle of the city Fills you ears, eyes and nose. You see the chains of cars inching forward Slowly – one at a time. You smell the putrid odor of sewage
Snow trickles down, a blizzard coming near yet tell me to brave the icy air
  Chink, chink, chink; the overhead lights illuminate the arena. Her feet pat, pat, the ground as we enter the canter.
Do you remember The first day we met? Complete strangers, but you always smiled at me. Do you remember How close we became on the first week? You always told me jokes and made me laugh.  
She believed in you, and you let her down. When she was finally smiling, you made her frown.
A harsh day at work A depressing night at my dwelling But no matter what I may quirk Her smile is the only thing that’s selling   Her smile lights up the room It lights up the day
You know me better than anyone You love me more than all My jealousy towards the second son
If I could talk to you, I would tell you how hard its been without you here.
  I don’t realize how lucky I am to have you sometimes. A relationship like this is one people wish for for a lifetime. You walked into my life like it was nothing.
I can hear you scream my name from the shoreline of my watery grave but I can't answer your call because I'm drowning in the darkness and I can't see your hand but even if I could
You would be the thickest chapterCited on the dedication page, tooFeatured throughout my table of contents, your name-the most proverbial word in my glossary
Bullies aren't born, they're made, So now there's a movement to foil it
I know that God could not have created a better match for me, over time you’ve grown to become the best friends I could have ever asked for, the best friends I could ever need
Confident words spoken at night The rush of telling a secret As the mask is ripped away Breath escapes The heart skips a beat
I've decided that your butterflies 
Hello beautiful,I'll write you letters in blood.Intestines and organs.I'll play you songs on a single stringAnd sourly sing along.I'll make a book of ideas.Then never show them off.Hello beautiful,
I miss the way the summer air filled my lungs.
"Breathe in as I light it, I know it seems counter-intuitive."
I see you day in and day out In the halls or on the town We wave and say hello And even “chill” or “hang” a bit You’re someone I call my friend So this you should never forget,
My best friend knows me And everything that is going on.
Memories are they good or bad? We always say one has to make memories. Going out with our friends. Late nights doing things that we can't remember with the people that we won't forget.
Saying goodbye is never easyIt always comes sooner than we intendThey make our insides uneasyBecause we don't know when the missing will stop and decend
Sydney sees herself shrinking shy faded I see Sydney shining Incongruous juxtaposition but untied in that temple She sits a goddess sunny throne snakes of gold Sydney sees herself
There are days I wish I could move My own mountains Days I wish I could fix Broken bones and tattered clothes With my own force of will And invisible strength But I can’t
It started as a ray, Which you drew On a piece of lined paper, As a sole point going In an infinite direction. You decide to turn it into a segment, With you and I as the endpoints.
Musically driven,Your passion spoke to meIn so many ways that I didn’t seeHow much you were sufferingAnd trying to say goodbye. 
Yesterday it was I like you a lot I'll never leave your side. I'll be here for you no matter what. Today its who are you? I don't know you.
Gaze at the sky I am grounded I cannot fly Then I am astounded It is a bird It is a plane My focus undeterred From what does not touch terrain I follow the trail
We click into socketsBut our bones know betterAnd keep us from being spaghetti dinner.
If you really cared you'd wonder: where'd I been? How I was doing? Just what the hell happened that I dropped off the side of the earth?   
Five years ago, She sketched her name on the wall and no one wrote next to it.  She drew a somber heart, outlined in disgrace, colored with hope and left it to dry on its own. The next year,
We grow up wanting to leave a stamp on this universe. We are told very young,  we can become are dreams if we wish it. And through it all, we create a mind set of this reward in the end.
This is not a ode to love in the verity that you may think. I do not dream of what the feeling of your lips would be on mine, or if our bodies would fit perfectly together.
Once, one day, I had nothing to do, So I decided to talk to you. I couldn't have imagined, I couldn't have known, That this was the beginning of a friendship anew.  
Going Our Separate Ways My eyes begin to water As I crave your warm embrace Missing you is like a deadly sin It breaks my heart
how much more grateful can i be for all the things you’ve done for me? the times that seemed like i drove you crazy with all of my problems, but i was too lazy to try to solve them on my own two feet 
Here's an oath to one another!
Do not say goodbye, please hear me out first; I love you, and know that I’m on your side You say it’s done and it couldn’t get worse While you reflect on the tears you have cried.  
I may not be dumb, But that does not mean I’m smart. I’m old enough now To take care of my own heart. So that’s what I had thought, Then I chose the wrong guy.
My computer is evil watch and see.
Simple silence The words fade All in a mask A giant charade  
some days we are both ghosts,for we see unlike trees.the earth falls asleepand still I spin the globeblue and grey-greenflickers of light and shadowlike a stargazer trappedin life.
As kids, we are brave if we go down the slide if we try a new food if we jump off the high dive if we don't cry when mom leaves on the first day of school.  As middle schoolers, we are brave
  Friends for almost ten years 
friends, parents, teachers,  all seem to have only one thing to say to a child desperately seeking advice: "just be yourself!" it becomes the core theme of children's shows on disney or nickelodeon
I told myself that I’d rely on you forever.
  Picking up the pieces along the way,
When he saw her across the room there was nothing her could say, Her eyes were as bright as day, He left awhile ago and now she watches the bay, The sky always looking so gray.   She always looks to the sky,
Why does the word “hurt” hurt her a lot?
She hung up the phone and a tear fell from her eye Her voice rang sadly at her last goodbye No more long nights together living their youth Reality hit hard, voicing the hard truth  
I wish I would of known this before, to save myself from your door. But we all have lessons to learn, even if we get a minor burn. Like Martin Luther King, I gave you my rights and everything.
I’m done. I am so done. I give up. I don’t know what else I can do.   …it has to end here. All the scheming                      Betraying                                 “Misunderstanding”
I don't know what to think You say one thing and do another Why me? I'm scared I'm lost You took all my energy from me Who are you? What have you become? Thought we were friends
I asked my dear friend 
Twenty years from now I'm gonna look back And remember  YOU were that one person
Return to Me We met at the auction block,  I dressed in chains, you in your prime.  Again we met when the snowdrop came to bloom It was in the cotton fields you took my hands 
The letter S caresses the chest, Kryptonite is your Achilles heel, You fly through the sky always lending a helping hand. While the name may be mythical, The idea is purely realistic.
To me you are an angle in disguise You are full of intuition, intelligence and wisdom Always helping through good times and bad times You are there when I need you now I have to be there for you
Dear little, red, scarf, I made you. I spent minutes, That turned into hours. Hours, that turned into days, Creating you, Making you, Knitting you.  
What drew you out into the shadow, Alone at the midnight hour?
I see the bruises on your arm I see the townsfolk has caused you harm   I see those chains bound to your ankles and wrists This windowless dungeon I wonder who could think of this?  
Sometimes I'm talking to everybody when I say why, why, why? And somtimes I'm talking to no one at all because I don't want your mellow-toned condolences.   I'm scared I don't feel enough, but
It takes two for it to be true.You get butterflies when you do.It makes you do things you thought you’d never do.It’s an emotion it’s a feeling.That special someone that makes you giggle.
I tend to attract annoying people Those annoying people then become my friends I care for them I care about what they care about They tell me their secrets I tell them mine Then they become my family
Back then you were just a stranger
Puffy eyes; sleep deprived.
Trust is like a currency or a golden ticket. Giving it to that special someone, So they will stay and be your friend. Trust is something will live for and strive from.
Falling down, falling down And then those words saved me. When I was at home and all alone I looked for an escape So I'd hide and wait, I'd hide and wait And then your voice saved me.
Passive verbs will do just fine Unless of course, you wish to be kind Original characters are just great Unless of course, they arrive too late Use my names, or two, or three Unless of course, they belong to me
You’ve been there for me through the good times and bad I know I’m able to count on you to always be there when I’m sad  
As a young girl sat perched upon her bed,
I don't think I care anymore,at least - not today.Today I could be the life within timid embers, old and forgotten, and still feel meaningful. As I am surely put out by hergargantuanGothicboots,
Every year; You'll grow one year older. You'll be more mature; And you'll be much bolder.   There is a special time; In every person's life; To experience something new;
Hold me down, Like an anchor You keep me at bay, Save me from the dark waves That try to pull me under Secret caves, You're the light that directs Me to the safehaven,
Blond, blue eyed beauty, Your hair sparkles in the sun, Like fairy dust to wings,   You walk, Eyes watch, Hearts of boys all skip a beat, Your heart as pure as gold.  
Who knew that the three greatest people would be met at the back of a bus at the end of the world?   Who knew
I needed a Friend when I was dying inside I needed a friend when my grandfather passed I need a friend who doesn't care about themselves
time can't rewind, though i really wish it could, if i could change the past, i most certainly would.   we used to be close, actually best friends, but drugs came into the picture,
he shoots me in the heart and i begin to fall off the cliff i’m scared i fight it but then i let go, i let it happen and enjoy the fresh air the breeze i’ve never felt before
      Everyone must live their own life and endure their own personal struggles; however, such trials can be lightened or eased with the support of a special companion.
Prove to me that you're still there, And prove to me that you still care.It's hard to put faith in what you can't see, But let's just keep this between you and me.Sometimes I have to question myself, 
Looking back to the times, We laughed so hard.Can't you just seeHow perfect you are? The ideas we share, The words exchanged, And when we mess up, Each taking our blame.
For a friend I've since lost, this was his challenge to me: "Write me a poem in five minutes. Free verse, but I like rhymes. I dare you to make it fit me to a T, make it totally and completely me." And so, I did.
     When i was younger i was a loner. I know its hard to beleive but its true. In Elementary school i was anobody. Thankfully i met someone who had just moved in the my school. Her name was Nancy. She became popular instatntly.
I know you do really mean it.And I can feel it in your touch. But I can't take a compliment.I'm used to the downs, not the ups.
You ask me to stay, Yet push me away.But I want to know, So I just can't let go.One day you'll realize, All the bad was lies.You're perfect to me, One day I'll make you see.
Ripped seams, New try. One dream, Hang tight.
Hoping I'd find love, Couldn't see how it'd be you... The others that broke my heart... Somehow I know this is true.. Since the time we danced, The first time kissed, The first time we met,
I don't think I could ever explain, Everything I'd like to say. I don't think that you could see, Everything you mean to me. Most of all, I don't think you understand, Just how in love with you I am.
The way you leave me breathless, I knew this form the start. So here's to us, saying, Until Death do us part.
Fleeting glances, Silent passes, Your eyes locked on mine. Sway to the left, Just out of breath, All for the very first time. Sway to the right, Feelings, don't fight, 
Can you pay tribute to love itself? Loyalty, passion, curiousity, Love. It can't be seen, can't be touched. An abstract concept we Love so much.
Together we're like fire, And you need to be mine. It's like apart we're still alive, But the fire burns inside. And I know you feel the same as I, And now I'm starting not to fight...
Never take what you have for granted, As one day soon, you may not have it. I wish I'd known this when I was with you, Because now our moments are precious and few.
One year ago right now, Their hearts were still beating, Their lungs, still breathing. But one year ago today, Two precious lives were taken away. Midnight, September Seventeenth.
I'm in no hurry, Let's take it slow, I really do love you, Just so you know...
  I hate how you never escape my mind.   Every song reminds me of you.   I can’t quite erase you from my life.   You’re there no matter what I do.  
  I knew it would kill me if I accidentally fell.   So when I did, I swore I’d never tell.   I suppose the only words left now are Oh Well.  
I promise I will love you, With all of my heart, I swear I'll be with you forever, Until death do us part.
  Everything you’ve made me feel,   None of that’s in the past.   Everything I feel for you,   That’s something that’ll last.   Someday you’ll move on,  
  Riding for miles, Your perfect smiles,   Silent conversations, Innocent flirtations,   The hot, sunny days, They passed me in a daze,   Mindless texts, Not knowing what comes next,  
Sometimes we disagree, But that’s okay. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re always there, You’ve helped me grow, And you always know what to say,
Roses are red, State tests make me blue. Does any one else hate them? I SURE DO!          
Love... A dangerous game for two... I know I should ignore it... But I'd give it all up for you...
Lies I Believed, Over a period of time... VERY DANGEROUS. Everyone should avoid                (AT ALL COSTS!)
Your eyes, your smile, your hand in mine, Your laugh, your serious face, secrets that've bound us over time. Your jokes, your craziness, your special kind of mess, Your swears, your promises, the things we've confessed.
The art of the heart, Love grows because you make it. My heart's been through tough trial and error, So be careful, it's easy to break it.
To love you is to need you, To need you is to want you, To want you is to not have you, So I guess that's where I stand with you...
To love you is to need you, To need you is to want you, To want you is to not have you, So I guess that's where I stand with you...
It was less than a week ago, You told me you were mine, It’s time to face the truth… I know you lied. No matter how I try to deny it, I’ll always know it’s true. I guess I should’ve known,
If you love me, I hope you’ll tell me, If you don’t, I hope you won’t. Because I’d rather think you do, Than know for sure you don’t.
When I said my life was perfect, I actually might’ve lied. I lied again when I told you, That I was entirely fine.   I lied when I told you, When I said I’d be okay, I also lied when I insisted,
When you said I had you, I think you might’ve lied. You don’t realize how much I know, But I know what you tried to hide. You made me fold away my conscience, You were a temporary fix to the pain,
If I gave you my hand, Would you take it and lock your fingers in mine? If I gave you my time, Would you take it and Make it last a lifetime? If I gave you my love,
We finally confessed, To each other, our love, Since then I realized, You're more than I've ever dreamed of.  
Something happened the very first time I had with you, You melted my world and I felt something true. And everyone around me thinks I'm going crazy... But I don't care because I love you baby.
Who are you in the eyes of me? What a silly question to ask; can't you see? If it only could be answered so clear and simply, But I don't think you'd understand how much you mean to me. 
As everyone's rushing around the streets, I'll sit back, relax, and kick up my feet. I've no need to spend money on stuff, I already have what you're getting for Christmas, love.
I wish I could say we'll be together forever. (But that can't happen, we both know.) I want to say the kinks will work themselves out. (But we both know they won't.) I love you more than life itself.
With each day, You're given 86,400 seconds. It's up to you, To make the best of it.
You felt the same way all along, We are in love. This is everything and more, Than I've ever dreamed of.    
I've had a few broken hearts, And I know those few are only the start. Loved without holding back, And ended up using tape to stay intact. Wished upon a shooting star,
I've watched you play the girls, But this time you've sworn your love to me. Do you really have a soft side? Or am I just the same? You talk with them a week or two, And you walk away without shame.
A good poem will always start from the heart, And the heart doesn't have auto correct. So just pick up your pen, put it to paper, You'd be amazed at the words you collect.  
The day I don't have to lie, Will be the day we'll tell the truth. When they finally see eye to eye, I won't have to worry about losing you. But for now I'll just keep wishing. Saying I don't want to lie.
If today were my last, I'd know I gave it my all, And I'm okay with that. If today were my last, I'd smile with my last good bye, And I'd have no regrets. If today were my last,
If I died today, Would you wish you had've told me? Would you regret what you didn't say? Or would you even think of me? Would you wish you had've been nicer? Would regret playing your games?
Middle school can be so tough,  Friends can so mean,   Love can be so.. ugh.   It's not worth it, that's how it'll seem.   But you'll live without holding back,   You'll wish on some shooting stars,  
I feel your hands around my waist, My heart beats at a steady pace. Laying on me, I feel your eyes, It's like a bunch of butterflies inside.
It's in his kiss,   With his lips,   His blue eyes,   As they met mine
I've loved like I should, But lived how I shouldn't, Acted like every day was my last, Loved like most wouldn't. I've hidden my share of secrets, Erased every bit of doubt,
Memories held, Never to be told, Between the two of us, This'll never get old. Constantly running, Covering us. This must be how it feels, How it feels to be in love.
We took a chance, We took our shot, I hope this plan works out. But foolproof? It's not... We'll keep our secret, It's under lock and key, There's no one to confide in,
Since the first time we danced, The first time kissed, The first time we met, I've wanted us to be it...
Hoping I'd find love, Couldn't see how it'd be you... The others that broke my heart... Somehow I know this is true..
Forget the regrets, Ignore the truth, No matter the price, I'll run to you. This'll end in disaster, I'm no good for you, I still don't care, I'll run to you. When I start coming undone,
Love me like there's no tomorrow, And when something goes wrong, Slowly gently, let me go, With the words of our sweet song.
I could never ask for anything more... You and Me. And when the rain begins to pour... Just Kiss me. And when you have to walk out my door... Just Miss me. And when we're together, just being bored...
I never thought I'd hear you say it. "I love you..." I never thought I'd be saying it back... "I'll always love you, too..."
The stakes are high, The water's rough, The things we'll do... What we'll do for love...
We know this isn't right, But we choose to be wrong. We're supposed to go with the flow, But we're writing our own love song.
I miss that soft silence, As we both breathe in. I just hope that one day soon, I'll get to hear that silence again.
We know we're a little bit crazy, And probably not meant to be, But it'll take more to make us see, We're off the walls, just slightly, But we can make this easy, Because now it's just you and me.
I've never felt so close, With you I can be me, I've never felt so secure, If only we could really be...
More stories of you, Start to fall into place, They say you're amazing, They don't even know your name...
A secret held between us, Easier for you to overlook, The only way to spill for me, Is the ink on the notebook...
Only a few more years, It'll all fall into place, Give me one more moment, And I promise we'll run away. Just one little secret, And love you I may, I can't promise I'll keep it,
Just a kiss on the lips, Waiting for you to pull away, I never wanted it to end. Yeah, that was the day...
I toss and I turn, When I try to sleep at night, This time it's all your fault... You've brought my senses to a new height... 
It's like a millon shining stars spelling out your name, From the moment I said I hated you.. I love how somewhere in between, That changed to an I love you...
You swore to me you hated me, I swore my hate for you... I had my fingers crossed behind my back, Now I know you were lying too.
  We Love,   We Cherish.    We Hate,   We Perish.  
My heart is in your hands now, Please handle it with care. If you're not ready to care for it, Gently put it down and leave it there.
If I left, would you chase after me? If I cried would you be there for me? If I died, would you shed tears for me? And if I said I love you,  Would you say you love me,  too?
I'm a reader,   I'm a writer,   I'm a lover,   I'm a fighter.
Let's make today last as long as we can, For all we know, it may never happen again. Like it's the last time we'll live, we'll touch, Like it's the last time we'll kiss, the last time we'll love.
I'm a strong girl.   I keep it all in line.   Even if I'm not okay,   I manage to mumble the words "I'm fine."   They ask me if I'd lie to them,   Of course I'd never tell.
After two long years, Came to short days, I hope they're right, About true love always finding a way...
Weekends gone and days passed, I know you'll be there until the very last, By my side or miles away, I know we'll always be okay.
Your dark eyes get me, as the world fades away, please, hold me closer, and kiss me in the rain.
It's just wrong enough, Enough to feel right. We smile at each other, as our hands intertwine.
Together, We can do anything. Apart, I have no escape from pain.
Watching you, Watching me, Waiting for, Us to be.
My footsteps. They mark the schools, The trace my home, But best of all, They're next to yours.
Meeting you was fate, an act of destiny. Being your friends was choice, The right one, I think. But loving you? That was beyond my control. But hey, I'm not complaining.
They're crazy; they lie. But who cares what they say? They're full of themselves and jealous, We know it'll be okay.
Soem people think I don't see it. But I promise them I do. When I stick to one boy for a really long time..... I just really love you...
The memory of love is bittersweet, Though the love itself was insane. I used to think of it as perfect, Now all I find is pain...
Love is blind, as it tries to make life great. But life is too freaked out, Too crazy to see straight...
My hands are shaking cold... I love you. Your hands aren't meant for me to hold... You said you did too. I sincerely swore that I'd be true... I believed your lies. Somehow I still love you...
Yesterday night we went out to wander, Still just children, chasing after love. We ran around, hoping for, That sweet feeling so unheard of. We laugh at the stars and the shapes they make,
Somehow you brought my walls down, Never failing to make me smile, I hope I didn't make a mistake, Letting you sit down and stay a while.
Just another girl, All the same, Ordinary and simple, Just a different name. In love she may be, In love with you, But would she write, A poem? For You?
Now helplessly in love, The first chance she got, The hurt she'd found before, She quickly forgot. She'd made a mistake, The negatives return, It ripped her to bits, As her eyes began to burn.
We fell too quickly, Hard and swiftly, A mistake we made, Now watch it fade.
The faces pass and the places change, Often I feel I'm all that stays the same. But after stepping back and looking out, I realized I've not got anything to worry about.
Do the words still matter? Are they worth saying to you? It's easier to keep quiet, Hiding all feelings from you. Remembering the past, When it did matter to you, When I should've kept quiet,
That girl in the mirror, Isn't what she seems, But I CAN promise you this, That girl is me. That girl in the mirror, Is who she is. She isn't everything, But she is His.
Held down with love, Trapped by you, You stole my heart, I love you. I thought I was just a shadow, On a dull grey wall, Now I know the truth, Now I know I was wrong.
The rain is quickly falling, And I don't know what to do, Time is slowly passing, I wish I was still a part of you. I regret the words I didn't say, The things I never told you.
On the front porch steps, We shared a smile. In the moment we shared, We hugged a while. You pulled me in close, We smiled again, I like you a lot... You're more than a friend.
And so when you're trapped, When you're lost off in space, It seems there's no one that's left, I'll be calling your name.
From you I can't run, From you I can't hide, I just can't believe, What you make me feel inside, From you I can't flee, From you I can't be, I just want to believe, That you are the one for me.
You're like the raindrops,   you fell from the sky,   You opened my heart,   You melted good bye.
Oh yes,  I will confess,  I am yours.
You're something that I so badly want, You're something that I can't not need, You are what I have to have, You're the someone that's meant for me. Something that we want.... Something that we need....
You put your hand in mine. I can touch the sky. You look into my eyes... All the pain quickly dies. I belong to you, as you do to me. Just a year ago I'd never have believed.
I'll always be the one that loves you and always cares, And anytime you need me, I promise I'll be there, I'll keep you safe, keep you warm. I'll never let you go because you are the one.
I used to feel as if my heart could never love another, And now with you I feel like we're meant for each other. There's nothing I wouldn't do, boy, you know you drive me crazy.
I know I love you, I know you love me, too. It's as simple as you and me. As simple as "We're meant to be."  
On binders and bookshelves, My hands and jeans, too, On pages and papers, I'll write of you.     On a strip of duct tape, Across the top of my shoe, On all my school folders,
I'm wishing on a shooting star, Wishing it could take us far, Wishing we could only be, Us. You, and me.   You're wishing on a shooting star, Wishing it could be less hard, Wishing it was easy,
They swear it happened overnight, But we both know the truth.   We know just how long it's been,   Two years going, me and you.       They swear it'll never last.  
you know you're in love when... you see each other, and you just blush. a blush leads to a smile, a smile causes a giggle, a giggle to a laugh, a laugh becomes a hug, a hug to a kiss,
Love is a war, you just can't win. Give up on fighting it... Just give in.
You've had me hooked for a while now, You've got my walls coming quickly down, You make me smile, I want you to stay, What can I say, when you make me feel this way? Every time you hold me close,
He's the only thing that keeps me wishing, And hoping, needing, and wanting. He's the same kinda crazy that makes me think, Think about everything I want "us" to mean.
I know there could be heartbreak. That crossed my mind a little to late. I'm busy thinking of your soft hands, the expectation of your sweet kiss, And of course what we'd become, What we would make of this.
Memory after memory, time after time. It shouldn't have taken quite so long, So long to call you mine. The chances I've taken, All the risks you took. The possibility of us being mistaken,
Every little, lost dream, Every little everything. Never did I stop to think. You were where they were leading me. They've lead me straight to where you are, Taking me evey where we'll be,
You've got my heart beat runnin' high, make me feel like I can touch the sky. You give me that look, your amazing eyes, My heart takes over, goes into overdrive...
I played along like it was nothing, a crush that wouldn't last. I never knew you felt the same, we could've skipped the pain of the past. I denied the accusations, But I knew I loved you from the start.
Side by side, Or miles apart, It's always you, That's in my heart. Day to day, Year after year, It's always been you, That I hold so near. Time after time, Friend after Friend,
Life. isn't always about Love. isn't always Pefect. doesn't always mean Flawless. doesn't always mean Right. sometimes leads you Left. is the path less Taken.
Life. It's a journey. Journey. It's made worthwhile by love. Love. It began with a friendship. Friendship. It's a strong bond. Bond. Time together that you enjoy. Enjoy.
It's not what you did, it's that you didn't tell me that you and your boyfriend have been doing the dirty best friends from eight grade on, do you even care? I can't believe that you left me so unaware.   
You amaze me every day. And I still get butterflies when you call. I'm so happy to be your baby. I'd never think of leaving you at all. I haven't felt so free 'til I felt the love you've given me.
How are you still here? Jon, how are you still here through all my pain and all my tears, through all of the fears I've laid out right before you? I delved into my heart and rambled on
It’s late and all I can think about is you. Why did you do it? Why did you let such horrible people change you? Who am I to judge you for doing it? How can I act like I'm mad at you?
The sky may get clouded for eternity. The sea may dry in an instant. The world could blow up in a moment of seconds. Anything could happen but I would never lose the love I fell for you.
  Much good will come to those who wait; for those who cannot cleanse their slate. A shattered heart, the broken ones new life awaits; it can be done. The joy that seems so far away;
Oh the thrill! The joy, the laughter! The searing happiness of a friendship renewed. What seemed like years  of yearning and pain finally pay off in a  simple, smiling, heart-wrenching
My head is taunted By the ghosts of best friendships past. There are no late night conversations, or nights illuminated only by the T.V.’s light, or “Call me anytime, I’ll always be there.” No inside jokes
I wish I knew how to communicate That I want to go slow, But instead I’m walking home Alone. We can’t talk without it feeling awkward. Well, to me it is. I know we’ve talked about it,
Best Friends the term thrown out so blindly, If you would like to know the real meaning, I'll present it to you kindly. Being Best friends isn't just a sweet and new trend, it is much much more... it will have no end.
Dear teachers, I tried to fix my life broken from harsh words that were said under your nose  by miss perfect miss 4.0 miss captain of the sports team miss daddy is the school board chair
Seven billion I'll never meet all of them I'm glad I met you
Ohh, but a laugh.As precious as a flower.'Tis not what's in a name.'Tis what is in a laugh with an open hand beside it.     (March 20, 2012)