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And Then I Met You.   I could never understand the love stories, When the love birds always thought of each other, Or how the girls' pictured everything with that one guy,
I'm a grown-up now.  And I do grown-up things. Like pay my taxes, cry at night, And wear engagement rings.   And I'm a grown-up now. So I only watch the news, I drown unfamiliar feelings,
  “How are you gonna pay for college?” they say. “There’s just no way.”  “But look at your cousin who’s a traveling nurse.” “She carries millions of dollars in her purse.”
solutions dropped at your door,again and a gain,Not 2 even the score, Only 2 encourage obedience to Caesars Law,Bullish words doth I receive incline,I share my eyes n heart to the higher hills,
Fort Ticonderoga 1775   Blue Saxophone Tied like a yellow bus I peel and quake And surround myself
He's seen her on her brightest days, And in her darkest hours, But still she never will believe That all his thoughts were "ours."
He thought she was beautiful, He saw light in her eyes, But she thought all he told Were nothing but lies.
Beings with reverse tongues One with purity And another without love, Whose hands hold strings And with their own decree Pull them manipulating, Selfish bastards using others To create a false love  A false comfort of a lover Spouting lies that cr
Dear Mrs. _____,   You think because I’m quite I have no voice. You confuse my shy demeanor for submission. You confuse my respect for cowardice. You were wrong.
How do you see what you see? Nothing you describe, describes me Who do you think of, When lookin' at me?   What is this woman's name? I want to give her my blessings You're too good for me
You got me thinking Of what’s out there and what’s inside You got me thinking Of how we came to be alive You got me thinking Of whether we contain a soul You got me thinking
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