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Snap   Staring into the aftermath She’s gone…he is gone
16 hours 22 min ago
I stay clean , I stay fly ,  I'm real , I stay high , shane me , can't blame you , 
16 hours 58 min ago
I'm a fighter ,  I'm a good mother ,  I'm a good listener ,  I'm loyal , I'm down to earth , 
17 hours 5 min ago
Sometimes I think I'm tripping , sometimes I feel as though I'm losing my mind ,  sometimes I be loosing , 
17 hours 12 min ago
I'm in rough times ,  my mind is spending ,  my heart is racing ,  my hands is shaking , 
18 hours 19 min ago
I brought this apon myself And allowed my heart to be weakened by words Now I'm defeated by actions.
19 hours 31 min ago
All my friends are  virtual online Arms-length fraternal,  distance sublime
19 hours 34 min ago
Are you digging a hole you will never crawl out of, a prison self-made by your hand
19 hours 53 min ago
Change the painOf what you feelYou keep it insideYou made it realTwenty times to get it
20 hours 34 min ago
You can’t think your way into a poem Or feel your way out of a verse
21 hours 14 min ago