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 I know,                                                                          I lived a hopeless life
22 hours 11 min ago
Do you wish we never met? cause then we wouldn't feel like this and we wouldn't be where we are now  
22 hours 18 min ago
  baby what's the word for when I forget something?                              oh yeah my life
22 hours 33 min ago
  I had a tough childhood. My limits prescribed were narrow, I did not dare to find
22 hours 52 min ago
Loving you brings the fear of losing youAnd yet, with you I am at my happiest
1 day 2 hours ago
Toxic are the surrounding breathable air  The days go by and the pain becomes difficult to bare
1 day 3 hours ago
Never force people to love you back just because you're having that feeling for them. Be contented
1 day 3 hours ago
Every human makes a choice when the world throws them strife.
1 day 4 hours ago
Rejection and Judgment... Man Aren't They Sumthin'... ?!? Judges of Art Who APPARENTLY...
1 day 4 hours ago
  True devotion is born in sacrifice, by birth in harmonic beauties vice. The fire that cooks and burns,
1 day 6 hours ago