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Wizard  Here comes a man, Eating a pizza out of a pan , He carries a wand , In his right hand , What is this ? ! Not a moment to miss ! I whipped out my camera, 
I’m a diva For pizza- Fast as a chee-tah To grab the last piece-uh. I say “bye-bye Felicia” To my poor little pizza. When I go see the Giza Or to Micronesia I bring me some pizza
  (Sing to the tune of B-I-N-G-O by Scout Songs)   There was a farmer, he had some food, and pizza was it’s name-o. P-I-Z-Z-A
You cant get it out your mind its chasing you down the isle the flatulant cloud that burst out of a terminating system oh boy!! isnt it a big one..   you wrinkle your nose but dont let them see
I wasn't supposed to be in this class. I never signed up for it.  I never wanted to do a project.  The teachers say that the project isn't manditory.
Roses are red Violets are blue I’m eating all the pizza I ordered for two.   Roses are red Pizza sauce is too I ordered an extra large And none of it is for you.  
This is for the times when nothing else seemed right. The dark times, when the fridge was empty and it was night. Oh the sadness, my tummy calls out! It screams and rumbles but does not shout.
Pizza's really yummy, Pizza's really great! But if you would truly ask me,  I'd rather have some steak. 
CheeseFor some unknown reason,Everyone believes that MarioEnjoys cheeseFar too much, most would say. No point asking whyNo one quietly (nor loudly) knows.
First I make the dough Then I perform some magic Greatness is acheived 
  I must confessYou made such a messCaptain RicksPick up those sticks
Man, pizza is just great Like its really really good Like nothing you could ever do would be like your first bite of pizza Except maybe a litter of puppies  Not eating the puppies, you monster
A pizza poem Half past midnight and I'm writing a pizza poem And a "funny one" at that This Isn't where I saw my night heading   An Ode to pizza My greasy friend
Their pedals burst the color of rejoicement And lighten any room. Anyone would be excited To watch even a dozen bloom.   High, tall, and proud Darling sunflowers grow. You have many uses
With a life on the sea Pirates hardly ever see The beautiful pie The Pizza pie! Anchovies, pineapples, mushrooms galore
Cold Pizza My pizza, so precious and delicious, The flavor that ignites me with hope and optimism The warmth that comforts and soothes my roaring hunger
Dear Diary,  “Another nice day,” to myself I said. But something is still missing! Day after day, I am filled with dread. I search, I wait, and I keep on listening.   No sign of my love has arrived.
Dear Pizza, Oh how your aroma is piquant From afar black brick radiates I see more colors than ever The waiting game causes such tremor Oh how your aroma is piquant   How precious such treasure
ooey gooey  toasty crunchy  pizza crust one slice is simply not enough I could eat the whole box  Dare I say I have eaten the whole box again  why did no one tell me I had sauce on my face?
I put my life in a pizza box and mailed it off to some Lonely night owl living in his mother's  Basement   I wrapped it with a nice cheese topping Bacon too, but no sausage
Last year I was at a funeral for my grandmother. My strong, polish grandmother Who grew up in Dachau concentration camp. We all wept, Me especially,
A hug and a kiss A handsome smile I wouldn't dare to miss An order of a large pizza and two Sierra Mist' This a date with a darling named Chris
you are mine sublime triangleyou aren’t equilateral a luscious isoscelesyour geometry’s perfectthe way pepperoni lays like isles in mozzarella seasunder a bread mantle please
Lost in the crisis of time and exsistance, fighting to keep motivation. Why stuggle? Effortless to let go. Effortless to cease.  Somewhere, in all the pain, I remember an old friend,
Usually, I tend to be rather somber. But there are certain things that awake me from my slumber. For one thing, the winter makes me feel alive; like there is no other time I would rather thrive.
To the one I cannot live without,  you make my days so much brighter, Without a doubt in mind,  you are life's little fighter. Pizza pizza pizza rocking everywhere.  Jk I love my man without a doubt, 
I make pizza everyday,
Sweet pepperoni I chew you in my lawn Damn, sauce on my shirt
I see your round face a wafting aroma towards you I want to pace and savor your colors richness of red and burnt sage flavors the golden gleam of your shine perfection and imperfection
the smell of cheese oh my oh my how much it makes me cheese  ;the sight of sauce  makes me scream yasss I can'e explain what it does to me It's like something overcomes me and I just want to grab one and eat
to write all the things that make me want to jump up  and twist and shout i would make a never ending list   you would be reading for days there would be repeats
to write all the things that make me want to jump up  and twist and shout i would make a never ending list   you would be reading for days there would be repeats
Ode To Pizza Fresh out of the oven, put in a box
“I love pizza,” you say to me. Do you really?  Perhaps you like The taste.  I am sure you’re grateful For it, because we have been at This competition all day long And we are now finally having
Taylor Talkative, weird, funny, cuddlier Daughter of Jim and Tammy Lover of Chinese, Pizza, Animals, and German Shepherds Who feels happy around animals, and at Warped Tour Sad at Funerals
read it once it's pepperoni read it again it's cheese but bite in and it's both poems are complex they aren't what they seem but they're delicious like a stuffed crust pizza
it’s where you live, sultry smiling and sorrowful, it’s where your son plays. it’s where I gone to officially lose my innocence cause someone like you didn’t want or understand me either
When you open the box, The smell of sizzling cheese Wafts through air. When you reach for the bottle, The temperature, So cool, Permeates to your hand. Ranch and Cheese pizza:
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